I don't remember buying that

Jun 12, 2017

    1. Have you ever Found bjd item(s) hiding around your place you didn't remember buying?
      What was it?
      How did you feel when you found it?
      Were you still able to use it for your doll?
    2. Not so much forgot I bought it, as much as forgot I still had it. I tend to buy and sell a LOT! So when I find something weather in a storage bin or in a sale bin it can surprise me it's still here. The few things this has happened with I was at least able to try on a doll.
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    3. I'm pretty good about remembering what I have bought--- keeping track of where I put it that is the hard part for me... :sweat The things I usually forget about buying is fabric;;;

      Whenever I find missing items I'm really happy. While I'm usually able to use the item for my dolls, sometimes if I've fallen out of love with the style I'll sell it instead.
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    4. I just had a bandana/scarf/ascot thing arrive in the mail I'd forgotten I bought. It's cute, and very well made, but no longer goes with my plan for either doll. I thought it was my eyes when I got it so it really threw me for a loop. I stared at it for a solid 5 minutes before remembering when I had, in fact, actually bought it myself while conscious and sober. I'm gonna keep it though. Obviously I had a plan for it when I paid, maybe it will come back to me!
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    5. Oh gosh, yes. Mostly things I bought that didn't work out--wrong size, wrong color, not quite as shown, etc.--that get tucked away in the doll closet and forgotten. Just the other day I found myself staring at two white wigs still new in their packaging, trying to remember where they came from and which doll I bought them for. :lol:

      Sometimes when I go digging in the doll closet it feels like past me bought current me a gift and tucked it away. All these little surprises, many of which are quite nice--even if they were failures then, there's a good chance they'll find a use now!
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    6. For some reason, I am locked out of my account on Tata's Paradise, so every time I order, I have to order as a guest, which means I can't go back and look at my order. They usually take a month to arrive, so by the time it gets here, it's sort of a surprise for me. It's not so much that I forgot I bought something, but that I forgot the details of what I got!
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    7. This past month I found 7 bjds I forgot I purchased back in 2015 from dollzone. I'm really shocked that these purchases were overlooked and placed in the back of my closet. These dolls will still fit into my plans, I just have to find the time and money needed to get everything together.
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    8. I'm usually really good at remembering what I've ordered, received and still have. There is an exception.

      Long long ago in a galaxy far away known as my living room, my roommate and I decided to consolidate our wigs into one large tub. Fast forward a year or several, and the wig collection was out of control so we decided to go through them and pick out the ones we were willing to give up. It was about half, maybe. Of that half, half of them neither of us remember buying or having at all.
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    9. I recently bought a box to sort out all the bjd shoes thinking it'll be enough to have some space left for new ones. It did not ^^
    10. Not so much with doll items, but quite often with things like thread, glue...I once bought a package of pretty expensive glue which I often use. I hate having an idea on a bank holiday and being able to start due to lack of supplies.

      One week later I opened a randon drawer and what did I found...yes, another package of that exact glue. That was not such a big deal, as I use it up anyway. But it is not a single case...I really should sort my supplies.
    11. I sometimes buy things and when the arrive in the mail I forget that I bought it :')
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    12. :doh:doh:doh:doh:doh:doh:doh:doh:doh

      But a nice, fun surprise.
    13. I don't really forget that I bought things, but sometimes I do wonder what I was thinking. :lol:

      @spyder88 that must have been like Christmas!
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    14. ALL the TIME. I put things in that mythical 'safe place' or in the back of a drawer, then totally forget about it. That's why, whenever I'm setting up a new photo shoot diorama, I look in ALL the places I stash doll stuff. I also really try to only put doll stuff in certain places.
      I just found a bag of clothes - of MINE - that I'd put in a basket to sort & never did LOL
    15. I've never forgot I bought something, I'm too uptight to forget about what I've spent! But there have been few instances of where it was, WHY did I buy that? What was I thinking? Still haven't a clue.
    16. Whaaaat?? How on earth could you forget about 7 BJDs?!! But what an absolutely WONDERFUL surprise it must have been to discover them hiding in the back of the closet!! :whee:

      I very rarely forget about items I have purchased... But last year I was planning to buy an outfit from Dollheart... but luckily before placing the order I went through the boxes where I store the dolls clothes- and there I discovered that I already owned the outfit I was planning buying... :sweat
    17. Apparently at 1 point I had a Doll in Mind Jullis head in my possession. I have absolutely zero recollection of ever buying one before, but I must have had it as I have positive feedback for having sold it off to someone. Sort of ironic since I actually DID purchase another Jullis head when DiM was discontinuing all of their sculpts, and it is just the cutest thing ever? Like, why would I have sold it off :XD: Super weird.
    18. I've never forgotten about whole dolls or even heads, but I've found some clothes and wigs that I hadn't remembered!
    19. At the time I had a lot of hobbies going at once and boxes coming in left and right of all kinds. I kind of got overwhelmed with everything and boxes were just put in a closet without checking them until now. I'm finding all kinds of things from the bjd hobby,as well as things for my other hobbies. I'm starting to get overwhelmed again
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    20. I found a bag with 4 wigs in it the other day. I totally forgot I had them. One of them I totally don't remember buying. Made for a nice surprise.