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Oct 4, 2007

    1. Anyone heard of i-elf tinies? If so does anyone know whether you can still buy them? Also it would be great to hear if they are any good too lol :sweat
      Thanks!! :D
    2. Yes. If you look at my Tiny Size Chart (in the first post of Tiny Size Chart sticky) I have a link to the store where they can be purchased. While you are at the store, also check out that site's own Fairy Romi and Rumi who are also quite cute.

    3. there is a picture of one in my comparisons in the sticky
      I havent seen Lucky for sale for some time ..I think the sleeping Peaches is available though

      they are amazing dolls , although I just swapped mine for an Aga
      they are way cool
    4. I didn't think there was a sleeping Peaches. *_*

      First: Lucky
      Second: Peaches
      Third: Lucky I-Will-Sleep

      And :sweat I own all three.

      Ann in CT
    5. Opps spelling is appaling this morning
      LOL Im not sure now
      I thought there was a sleeping of both
      but I may have been dreaming LOL
      they do make me laugh though

      I do think the I-Will -Sleep Lucky looks like a

      I-Am-Not-A-Happy-Elf-And-I-Will-Pull-Off-Your-Head-If-You-Mess-With-Me Lucky
      thats why I had a little bid on the one on Ebay
      ....looks positively Evil LOL
    6. Aww darn lol, I was watching that, I hoped no one else would see it lol :sweat
      So cute :D
    7. We know ...thats what I bid on LOL :)

      I keep looking at her ...she looks very angry :)

      she is quite low at the momment ...dont know what she will finsh at though
    8. :lol:
      She is very angry and she will eat people given the chance, bit by bit lol :lol: ;)
      well she goes for $270 normally so fingers crossed she stays low for you tinybear!!! :)
    9. I think the 'i will sleep' Lucky is more a todler protesting that he's Not Tired, (Yaaaaawn! :yawn) as his eyes go to half mast, and blink closed.

      But that's little George Lenta; other dolls are very likely to be different.

      Ann in CT
    10. i can't seem to find an i-elf for sale anywhere, are they still making them?
    11. Rats >.< When I saw this I didn't realize at first everyone's comments were from two years ago.. I was hoping they were still around and I just couldn't find any:(
    12. They haven't been made for a long time, but once in a great while they pop up in the secondary marketplace for sale.