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I got my doll... Now what?

Feb 7, 2010

    1. I tried to search but I didn't find anything with the search function, so I combed back through the past year and a half manually, and still didn't see anything, so... XD

      Today I was sitting with my beautiful doll on my lap. My husband asked what I was doing, and I said "Nothing."
      I can't do anything - I'm out of thread in the color I need to finish his shirt, and don't have fabrics in the other colors I want right now.
      It's raining out, so I can't coat him and do his face-up.
      My camera's batteries were charging.

      That's when I think it really came across for the first time. When I'm not working on him actively, and when I'm not making things to wear or photographing him... What am I supposed to do with my doll?
      I never planned for instances like those, and he only just arrived two days ago, and I've already found myself in a situation where I really have nothing I can do with him but have him sit on my lap!

      What do you find yourselves doing with your dolls, when you're not dressing them / customizing / working out photo shoots and stories?
      Do you ever feel bad for those lazy days where you don't really have anything to do with them at all?
    2. Nope I don't feel bad. I just sit them pretty when I am not working on them and enjoy them from afar. I take the most pleasure in working on my doll. But no one can be expected to do something with them all the time.

      Besides, you come up with fresh ideas when you step away from something you are working on and do something else completely different.
    3. Mm... I've never had a moment like that. Even when I'm not actively doing anything with them, it's nice to be able to turn my head and look at them. While they are nice playthings, I think they're also little works of art, so I don't feel the need to always be doing something with them besides just looking.
    4. Play with them! sit with them and pose them, wire them, suede them, redo their faceups, draw/Write out plans for all these things or props, or the ever popular "Work for money for dolly habit funds".
      While I wish I could spend more time with them, when I am not doing doll things, I do other things. I have work and a lot of other crafty hobbies that I enjoy.
    5. I'd say, all of the above advice, and if you're *still* at your at a pause in the action, sit together on the couch and watch your favorite movie or read a book!
    6. I write about them. That's what I do.
    7. I just got my girl in January... and I have done SOMETHING with her almost every day. Yet last weekend I had a full day, and wasn't feeling well, and didn't even touch her for over 24 hours. It's amazing how bad I felt. I try to at least move her daily (I feel like she'll get bored in the same position).

      I'm writing this from a friends house, and this is the first time I've taken her anywhere. She's been stored in a traveling bag, and while she hasn't had much face time, I didn't want to leave her at home. I at least check on her, and it's nice to know she's okay...

      So my input is that while I'm learning quickly that there will be days where I just don't have time to do anything particularly special with my girl... I can take a second and repose her at least and admire that I have an expensive, wonderful dolly that just looking at her makes me smile!!!
    8. Haha, this took me by surprise, because it's almost exactly what my mother said to me before I ordered my first girl. "What are you even going to do with her when she comes?!" (although I'm not saying that you meant it like that, I'm only saying what the phrase reminded me of XD)

      Hehe, there are days, sometimes weeks, when I'm too busy to even uncover their shelf and take a look at the girls. College and life are demanding. I don't worry about them when I'm not actively doing something with them. Just because I don't spend every moment of every day working with them doesn't mean that I don't enjoy them or that I shouldn't have bought them.

      I do like to sit them around me when I'm studying. They give me a sense of having company without being too distracted. I distract very easily so I cannot study in groups, and it can get lonely when I basically study all the time. Often I'm so frazzled that I don't think to do it though, especially when the tests come rolling around.

      Anyway, I think of them as cute, lovable objects more than something I work on and play with (even though I do both of those things). So I don't do much of anything with them when I'm not working/playing with them, and I don't think about them too too much if I'm busy.
    9. When I'm not actively doing something to or for my dolls (Which is often ^^"), I'm usually planning things. Outfits, purchases, whether or not to ship 'em out for face-ups...
      It's kinda an irky feeling :/ For me, it's because I don't have (In my case) an appropriate camera and a variety for fabrics. But I'm hoping to jump back on the sewing train soon :]
    10. Sometimes I just sit in bed with them and watch a movie or have Lelouch sitting on my lap while I comb his hair (the benefits of having a long haired boy). A lot of the time they sit on their couches doing whatever, I do leave them be and just admire them. I have had months go by where I don't play with them, because I'm so busy with other things or sick. Oh! I also take them out with me shopping, I get the strange looks with Duncan in the cart or cuddling Beyla at any number of stores :XD:

      Do I feel bad? Sometimes but not really, there are just times when I don't feel like doing anything for/with them. I think this is natural it's like any other "toy", I don't play my video game systems 24/7 so it's only natural I don't play with my Dolls 24/7 too. ^_^
    11. I comb the internet deciding who I'll get next! :)
    12. My kids will sometimes spend several days "sleeping" in there bunk beds. As long as they're comfortable and warm under their blankets, I don't feel bad. If I do feel that I should pay attentiong to one or more of them, I'll take them on a trip to the craft store or fabric store. But I usually take my boys to work with me, so I see them a lot. I rely on them to tell me when they want to come out to play. Otherwise, I figure they just talk amongst themselves when I'm not there! :)
    13. When I'm not doing anything with them, they just sit on their shelves. Maybe I'm a bad owner but...they're dolls. :sweat They're not interested in whether I'm playing with 'em or not, so I don't feel bad about ignoring them for a week or two (or a month, sometimes). They don't actually require my constant attention since they aren't alive, so it's not like I'm hurting their feelings. XD I do sometimes grab one of them to sit beside me while I'm watching a movie, or take them out with me (usually if I'm going somewhere I think I might find something for them and want to check scale, or just because I feel like it), but otherwise they sit on their shelves and look pretty (or not, as the case may be) unless I decide I want to change someone's clothes or something.
    14. No, I dont feel bad about not playing with them, or doing anything with them for a while. Its the same with books or video games, do you feel bad when you stop reading a book for a while, or if you dont play your video games?

      When Im not playing with them they sit pretty and comfortably on their shelf in my living room where I admire them daily. I love looking at them and all their little details, and if I feel the urge to play with them they are within easy reach. I do have a favorite who sits with me on the couch, while Im on the computer, or when I go to bed, he goes with me. He has a spot on my night stand where he goes and sits comfortably for the night. I love having Nalin near me, to snuggle when I want, or to just sit and pet his hair.
    15. IDK... I cnnt sew... I cnnt do face-ups... I either take photos of them, or just turn around to see them there and b happy :)
    16. i actually fell out of the doll hobby for about two years & i still had my boy. every time i looked at him i wondered if i should sell him so that he had a better home/owner. :( but lo and behold, i am back! school still eats me alive, though, so i rarely get to do anything "fun" with him (photoshoots, spending quality time with him, making him do silly things, etc.) on a daily basis.

      HOWEVER, i am usually seating right in front of my computer desk the moment i am home, so i sat him by my lamp and i feel loads better just having him next to me & not in some corner any longer. :) other than that, i browse DoA and look at stuff to put on my wish list for him. it makes you feel close to them without doing anything with them, or so i think.
    17. Well, I've taken mine to conventions with me, but that always ended up being stressful. For the most part I just have them sitting out so I can look at them. I'll occasionally cuddle Taiyo (because he's the one who holds up the best...I worry about crushing something vital on the others). I also like to rearrange them and put them in new poses every few weeks.
    18. I like to admire mine every day. Sometimes that means moving them and handling them, somtimes that means changing their clothes, or sometimes it means just taking a minute to admire how beautiful my girls are.
    19. Good topic.

      When they are not being photographed or dressed up,
      I simply keep them around for company.
      They're nice to have around, and when I'm down I can always look over to them and smile.

      You can always tell them about your day, if you're into that sort of thing. ;)
    20. Mine sit on their shelf when I'm doing other things, but I will occasionally bring one to sit with me at my desk when I'm doing homework or brush their hair while I'm watching a movie or just lounging around. I don't feel bad for not playing with them if I am busy, but I do sometimes question if I really should be buying MORE dolls that will end up just sitting around like the others.