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i have adopted 4 bjd already this year,but...

Jul 21, 2015

    1. today i have fallen for lonnie from iplehouse again and i really want to get her...i hate this feeling
    2. Ah yes, it can feel very overwhelming to have this NEED to get more and more and more dolls. I've gotten to hate it too. For me it helps to develop my current dolls a bit more. I noticed that I had many dolls but they were just dolls, without any character or style or personality to call their own. It helps the bonding a bit more and releases you from the materialistic point of view a bit, I think.
    3. It's interesting how this happens ... i liked a bunch as sets or to complete a look.
      But, after adding Evan/IP, Leon/LS and getting Normen/RD as a gift, I cleaned out the shelves and put away a bunch of tonners ...
      And now I am still looking at other IP guys ... !!!
    4. I think once I get the dolls I have on layaway paid off (yes, plural... ugh, shoot me now) then I may take a bit of a break from dolly things. I know my wallet will be grateful!
    5. Not that I don't love the mass mountain of dolls that I have currently. ..but I wish I had learned a bit more to ignore that feeling a long time ago. Stopped adding to the resin family in 2012 and started a vinyl family since then. Seems I still haven't learned xD

      It's really hard to pay attention to them all xD
    6. well, I always justify the purchase by some personal achievement. E.g. I passed a difficult term exam from German with a satisfactory note (B it was... ) ok... my doll's with me now ;) Treat the purchases as kinds of rewards rather than just random ones. Then it'll even help you to bond with the current crew - once you know what you had to go though to 'bring them home' lol xD
      Plus, think about how many things you have to do around the current crew. is each one of them 'finished' with at least a pair of shoes, a wig, an outfit and a faceup? :) that's what I always ask myself ;)
    7. It's good to wait a while (like a few months) and see if the infatuation dies down. Sometimes I get in a frenzy over a new inspiration or sculpt, but if I wait the need goes away, ha ha.
    8. If you have the money, I say go ahead! xD

      I just got into the hobby last November and I already have 2 dolls. Iplehouse is sooo beautiful! I totally understand what you are going through xD I went through that with Sierra.
    9. I spent a couple of years binge buying every doll I could afford that I even sort of liked. At one point, I had 38 and plans for more. Then I realized, I felt completely overwhelmed. So I started selling them off.

      Now my rule is that I cannot buy a doll without first creating a character for that doll, and working on the character/story for at least 6 months. IF I still want the doll after that time, I can get it. If not, then it would have been a waste and I would have regretted the purchase and probably sold them off at a loss.

      I'm the type of owner whose dolls are all representations of RP characters, so they have to all fit in a story. For those who collect only to collect, or prefer display dolls, I'd say you're probably only limited by money and space, not a need to bond with every single doll.
    10. Oh yes!:doh This is so me this summer. After years of being careful, frugal and sensible, I find myself juggling so many layaways, I feel like a circus act! All these dolls just magically appeared from nowhere and were so perfect for my crew I just had to find a way to bring them all home. In 9 years of collecting this has never happened before. And once I survive this summer, I hope it never happens again!
    11. I think if I can get past the period of time when I most want to order the doll, my obsession moves elsewhere. But getting through that period is hard sometimes. Or a lot, since I have a ton of dolls. LOL.
    12. This year I am getting eight so far. That is the same number of dolls I had two years ago! I feel very out of control with the number coming home to me (I currently have four on layaway alone) but then I remember that all of these dolls are ones that I have had characters for and had plans for for a long time. It just so happens that Souldoll decided to get rid of their Double line sculpts causing a massive rush of panic as I tried to grab everyone up.

      I went four years without buying a single doll and man it was rough! I kind of hid from doll sites for awhile till the urge to buy went away. Last year I only got one (and ended up with two I didn't buy for myself). I think in the hobby you go through patches. Once your collection gets to a point you sort of stop for awhile then dive back in.
    13. I currently only own two full dolls but recently I have been browsing the internet alot more than I normally do, which is never good. I've made several purchases in the past few days and my doll wish list is getting frighteningly huge. I have immediate plans for four, with at least three more coming in the winter. I think I need to take a break from my computer screen, but I just can't stop these days....
    14. Yes. This. xD; I was hoping not to get many new dolls this year but then I sold a bunch of stuff and bought some more... Orz But at least I'm consoling myself with the thought they're all well-developed characters in my story universe?
    15. Yeah, I was only going to get ONE bjd this year -all carefully planned out, and ended up getting two more within a couple months -not planned at all, with a third due this Fall. I'm still confused....I thought I was over collecting...?
    16. Hey, go for it! The more, the merrier.

      Although I hate when that happens to me, too. XD
    17. Sorry milkycutie, but this seems to be a personal issue that is off topic for discussion on DoA. If you read our general forum rules you will see the following:

      I have underlines the pertinent part of this rule. If you can start this as a Discussion of general purpose for others to fully participate in, please feel free to begin a new thread.
      Thank you for understanding~