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Jun 23, 2018

    1. Hi guys! Any IHAVEDOLL owners here? :chibi I've recently adopted a TUNE head, and I have no clue what body to get him,... So I was hoping someone might have had any IHAVE heads before - what body/hybrids did you get them? :abambi: (Hopefully the right section to post, uh huh. I apologise for any inconvenience.)
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    2. I cannot help unfortunately. This is the first time I've heard to this company. :sweat

      In case somebody is interested, this is the website's link: http://www.ihavedoll.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=doll

      No, no, I am no enabler. I was just passing by. :3nodding:
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    3. Same, I've never heard of them before, but after looking them up, they have some lovely sculpts. I'd love to know more, especially in terms of re-releasing sculpts. I adore Pim.
    4. Since I've been living in Korea, I've discovered all these companies I had no idea existed! Just like IHAVE :kitty2

      I know right! They are pretty interesting! Too bad I can't find any info on the body ... But I will have a Winterrain body arriving soon, so that might be a start. :sweat

      Thank you guys anyway! :whee:
    5. They don't have prices on their website either! Strange.
    6. I believe it might be because they're only up when the dolls were on the sale period? :abambi: I'm not too sure though...
    7. Ah okay. What a shame! They have some pretty cute dolls!
    8. I HAVE DOLL NS is similar to Switch NS. But it's a little bit darker than Switch in my opinion. I also did a resin comparison among my dolls. If you would like to see please click it. I believe any bodies that have similarity color to Switch NS will be fine to do a hybrid with a Tune head. BTW the neck hole of Tune head is so narrow. The S-hook of my BJD bodies can't go through it at all. I guess we might have to change the S-hook to a smaller and thinner one before doing a hybrid. Hope it helps. :3nodding:
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    9. I'm not sure, but if I remember correct, they only do 1 preorder per scuplt. So after the preorder ends, they remove some of the information from the website :0
      Tune head was for sale for something between 120-150$, but I'm not sure of the price either since it's been so long:sweat

      "It was a little possible, but
      I get so many questions and feel difficulty,
      I'm going to stop overseas selling for a while.
      I'm so sorry..."

      They also don't sell outside their country at the moment. So if you would like join for the preorder, you need to find someone from that area who's willing to order the head for you.
    10. They do indeed! The best way is to keep checking on the site for updates - or even better, follow their twitter.

      WOWOWOW :D What an amazing guide! I'm expecting Distant Memory dolls too, so this is super helpful! I have a 2014 SWITCH head too, so I wanted to get him a SWITCH body anyway (dream body sculpt, tbh) so I need to be look out from what the year the body is to match IHAVE... It's soo helpful though, wow! Thanks! :aheartbea

      I noticed the neck btw. :ablink: I will get a smaller hook just in case - do MSD hooks work? I'm not sure how should I go about it! Also I believe Tune was sold as JUST a head, IHAVE only has female bodies right? hmhmmm

      Yes! I adopted him from a Korean girl! :love It's just a little strange that they removed the prices, usually stores keep them. But oh well. Excited to see their new stuff, too :aheartbea:aheartbea
    11. @cudnaruza Distant memory NS is paler than I HAVE doll and Switch NS. I believe someone mentions that Distant memory NS is similar to Luts NS. If Switch body is the one you want to buy, I recommend you buying the attractive body over the original one. I have these two bodies and I think it worths the extra money. It poses better and I really enjoy playing the attractive body more than the original one. Switch really did a great job on sculpting the attractive body. The details of this body are gorgeous. :D

      Maybe you can find some information about what year Switch starts to change the NS color to a current one. I have read some information in DOA and someone states that Switch starts to use a new NS color in 2014. Please find more information to confirm it. I'm not quite sure about it.

      If you want to do a hybrid between a Tune head and a Switch body, you might have to restring a body. There is a very big knot at the S-hook of the neck part. So there is no way that it can go through the narrow neck hole of a Tune head. Believe me, I already tried it. LOL I'm not sure about the size of the S-hook that can use with a Tune head. Maybe you can try the one that Dollzone uses.

      I believe a Tune head is the first-release male head of this company. I think this company always sells their dolls mainly in Korea. So it's so hard to find more information and the price of their products. I talk with the artist and she/ he states that she/ he doesn't have an intention to sell a Tune head overseas during the first release and still not sure that it will be back on sale or not in the future.
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    12. I've actually gotten a Winterrain studio body for my Distant memory heads! Works really well, it was a recommendation from the person I adopted my Tune head. :kitty1 And I totally get you on the attractive body! It's so damn stunning, it's really a grail body sculpt for me... But it's really pricey. I have to save up properly for it, or lurk around more in case someone needs a second home for theirs. :3nodding:

      Absolutely, I need to dig around to see what will fit. The thing is, I believe it was 2014, and that's the year my head is from, so it's a little bit confusing ... *_* I will look around the forum for answers though!

      Oh my, so you tried it already? :sweat I wish I could just ask the seller what body they used for pictures for him honestly...
      And it's true some artists don't do overseas shipping in Korea... While I'm living there I'm planning to hoard as many sculpts as possible, haha :XD:
    13. @cudnaruza I see. If you want to buy a cheaper body for Switch or Distant Memory, you can buy the 65cm or 68cm body from Doll family H. In Taobao Dealer shop, they offer to sell Df-h a 65cm or 68cm body in many skin colors from BJD Korean company such as Switch, Distant Memory, Luts, IOS, and ETC. The price is around $220 - $240 excluding shipping fee. You'll get jointed hands as the gift when you buy the Df-h body, too. I can send you the Taobao link if you would like to know where to buy it. :)

      I also put the Df-h in Switch NS into my resin comparison. It might look a little bit different from real Switch NS in the picture. But it looks almost 100% match in person. This body could be a good option for doing a hybrid with a Tune head or Switch head. Df-h body needs to change the S-hook in order to get through the TUNE head, too. :D
    14. I haven't heard of this company before, but looking at their site, I really love the Tune head.

      I'd be keen to see owner pics if anyone has him!

      (I have to admit, I thought you were just excited and yelling that you had a doll in the title of this thread, so just had to pop my head in :XD:)
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    15. Yes please! That sound wonderful! I do plan on getting the SWITCH attractive body, but I'd love to have one more for Tune and this option sounds just great! :love

      And I'd def get the S hook for it, too. Right now I'm short one body (for Tune) as I want my SWITCH boy to have a SWITCH body, and I'm already waiting for Winterrain's body for my Distant Memory baby. :chibi

      I will absolutely post his profile when he's ready! :whee: (That's so adorable omg, I just realized the title is a little misleading... haha! Thanks for poking in though! :XD:)
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    16. Just put up a WTB thread about Tune in hopes of finding one :celebrate
      Now let's cross our fingers that I'm able to find one! I did put wtb pic also to my Instagram in hopes that it would help me getting the message further (to people who don't use DoA). I just need to be extra careful there since there are so many recasts circulating around of Tune ;_;

      Oh, and I'm more than happy to hear about bpdy options for hybriding this head! I wish Luts bodies or Dollzone bodies would fit, they are my favourite.
    17. I received my Tune a while ago, but I still didn't get him a body. I asked Ihavedoll artist and they said Switch body is compatible with Tune normal skin. But I don't have a Switch body so I can't confirm xD
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    18. I created a thread comparing Between Distant Memory Hwayoung and Ihavedoll Tune, if anyone is interested :XD:
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    19. I would like to have the link if possible ^^
      I just bought Tune head for myself from here, and I'm in search for a body for him at the moment. I would prefer the body to be fairly "cheap" and that Switch attractive body is quite expensive:sweat / edit: in what colour should the body be, if ordered from Doll Family? The normal pink one or yellow?

      What other bodies would match for Ihavedoll normal skin? I read that AprilStory AS17 body in ns,
      Peakswoods 60cm boy body in ns and Akagidoll body Normal skin for example are compatible for Switch Ns. And if I end up buying the Switch body, would the newer resin match for Tune?
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    20. @Tuulen I have sent you a link via the conversation. I'm not sure about the resin matching between the newest resin color from Switch and I Have Doll. But my 2016 Switch NS is similar to I Have Doll. So I think to buy a Df-h body in Switch Ns might be a good option, too. :D
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