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I made some... itsy bitsy, teeny weeny DOLL EYES for my PUKI PUKI...! *LOL*

Dec 31, 2008

    1. Well, it's technically my daughter's Puki, but I bought her so I'm allowed to play! Plus she gets to use the eyes so everyone wins, right??

      These are my RAW*KISS eyes in size 8mm. I couldn't wait to see if they worked and I think they look great!

      Isn't she cute?






      - Virginia
    2. Those are beautiful! What are they made of?
    3. Very pretty...I like how they sparkle.
    4. Those are awesome. How did you make them?
    5. Thanks! These are my own printed designs in Pupa Paradise D.eye.Y kits. I love them! :-D
    6. they really are wonderful i have a paire of i think peacock for my Noodley
    7. wow, great! :D :D
    8. These are really cute in the Puki's. I didn't know you were making them this small! I have a pair in "Fire" for Barnabas in 10mm--Virginia's eyes are great.
    9. Wow I have seen the eye kits but didnt know they came this small

      BRAIN EXPLODES ...I have been after fantasy eyes for my Moonas for ever!
      now I WANT 6mm too LOL
    10. Very pretty ^^ ! Did you add glittery painting or something?
    11. Thanks guys! They don't sell the smaller 8mm and 10mm sizes on thier site. I had to special order them. :-)

      oh, and no - no sparkes added. :-D

      **note - I see they are now selling the smaller 8mm and 10mm on their site as kits too. Cool! **
    12. Oh man, these are so awesome! I really love Ivy, Evenstar, & Ashes. Though Lake & Nova look awesome too. Heck, I love em all :)

      (& yes, I now have to go ogle them on your site/ebay. my future puki needs some awesome eyes, and I think a few of my other kids'll be angling for a pair, lol.)
    13. Gorgeous eyes! Well-done!
    14. Oh I know those DIY kits. The eyes turn out so great! Oh~ you did a really good job.
    15. adorable, awesome! just bought some from you, thanks!
    16. Really like those eyes -- I'll have to get some.
    17. How do you use the kit? I couldn't find instructions on the website
    18. I don't sell them as a kit. I use the kit to make the eyes and they come to you all put together just like any other eyes you might purchase! :)
    19. No I'm not asking how you sell them. I want to know how one is to make the irises...I want to make MY own eyes with the Pupa kit! But I can't find this in the Customizations forum.
    20. Ah... The kit comes in 2 parts, the clear top and the white bottom. You can paint or print a design to go inside the recessed area of the white bottom and then pop in the clear top. If you get a kit, I think you'll see pretty clearly how it's done. I add a bit of white glue to keep it all together but that's up to you. :-)

      Hope that helps!