I need some advice

Dec 26, 2015

    1. Hi everyone, I haven't been here in a while but I think I need some advice. Many months ago I got my first BJD, and I don't know how to have fun with her. She's not as poseable as everyone elses since I didn't get her with mobility joints, thinking, "Oh I'm not gonna pose her that much anyways." I love her but, how do you guys have fun with YOUR BJDs? Can you guys give me some advice as to how I can maybe have fun with her myself, despite her poseablity choice?
    2. I make stuff for my bjds such as clothes, jewelry, etc. and that can be fun (if that's your kinda thing) I also kinda just carry him around with me throughout the house so for me it's just kinda cool to have him here.
    3. Most of my other hobbies involve my BJDs, so I've found lots of ways:

      -Sewing- make them clothes!
      -Crafting- making wigs, furniture, props, etc.
      -Painting- doing faceups
      -Role Play - I play my dolls' characters online with other people's
      -Socialize- either in person at local meets or conventions, or online on forums and network
      -Play dolls - Pose, change clothes, try out different settings, have them 'interact' if you have other dolls
      -Write - a lot of people write for their dolls, either short stories or novels or photostories.
    4. I write mini stories for them. I love collecting props and clothes for them. I have even begun attempting photography. I know some people use them for drawing practice, other sew for them, and some just love customizing them. There are a lot of ways to enjoy you doll and your way of enjoyment may not match someone else's idea of enjoyment.