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I remember when...

Sep 27, 2005

    1. There were only 5 pages of dollfie related ebay auctions on a good day. I had to scroll through 14 today. Sheesh, I feel old >.>
      What little things remind you guys that you've devoted way too many years of your lives to dolls? XD

    2. I've only been in the Bjd world for three years, but already I can remember going to ebay and thumbing through three or four pages of bjd-realted stuff, whereas now you get ten to fifteen :cow
    3. I remember when Kaede was released.

      ... okay, so it wasn't that long ago, but I remember being bummed there were no SDC boys at the time. (I have spent the past year or more kicking myself for not buying her, too.)
    4. Man, I remember when madoka was released, and I ordered her for a friend and she arrived to my house - I thought she was ugly at the time. MAN am I kicking myself now that I think she's gorgeous ;_;
    5. I remember a time before DoD and LUTS.

      Hard to imagine, eh?

      I remember the original AR LF Ren boy and girl. Those were a couple of the most charismatic dolls I have ever seen, largely due to their face-up and photography, I guess. (Anyone has those pics of the boy saved? Please send them to me! He had floofy blonde hair.)
    6. I remember way back when Liria was the only way to go, and you had to view the luts site in Korean >.> I remember being relatively clueless as to what CP dolls were because almost nobody had them... I remember the original AR too! I didn't save the pictures though ><. At least I'm not the only one who has been consumed for this long. I think I got into dolls maybe... 4 years ago? So, I'm not that ancient, BUT, it's been awhile >.>

    7. shan > Wow, you're old. :oops:

      If you find those pics you're looking for, I wanna see them, too!
    8. I remember when Rasendou first announced that they were going to open an English shopping site.

      I don't think it ever happened. But it was like, "whoa, another choice besides Volks!" =^^=;;;
    9. I was just thinking about bjd stuff on ebay today, I was browsing through thinking "there sure are alot of pages now" I remembering when there was like only 5.

      I remember when LUTS first came out too and around that time you had to go through shopping services just to get stuff
    10. I remember the pre-new make version time at Volks.. XD
    11. You wound me. XD;; I'm barely out of my teens. I know there are people who have been into this hobby years longer than I have! EDIT: *points at rkold's post below!*

      I have one pic of the Ren girl, but I lost the boy pix. *sighs* I remember how I used to swoon over his pic and was utterly convinced that he was going to be my second doll...that never happened, though. ^^;

      I remember, as a wet-behind-the-ears newbie, being terrified of posting on the old Den of Angels Yahoo ML. XD There were soooo many knowledgeable and experienced people there, I was totally intimidated. ^_^;
    12. I remember when MSD Ken and Mika were released and everyone was excited because it was a new face mold. I also remember when Tenshi no Sumika opened in Shinjuku in the Studio Alta and it was the only place you could get FCS. (Unless you could at Tenshi no Sato and no one in foreign collecting knew about it. ^^; )
    13. I remember when Customhouse was the only BJD maker with an English webpage (wow, now I feel really old!)
      I remember buying my Luts boy and my Happydoll from deputy services, because that was the only way to get them.
      And yes, I too remember when Madoka came out and broke my heart.
    14. Ah, I looked forward to the opening of that site so much. I still blame them for my current boy problem. =^__^=;;
    15. I remember the very first Unoa preorder ever offered !! and I ordered my sist the only pictures available was on the Alchemiclabs site itself. I remember many people being not interested in them LOL. This was before Luts and way before DOD and I don't think custom house was there at all either. At the time there was no competition for Volks.
      The only shoe options was from volks, as well as wigs and good quality eyes from volks I was a slave to volks :|

      I am very happy to have many places to get wigs and shoes now!! We are totally spoilt at this point! It was hard to find anyone willing to sell the doll you wanted and there was no market place on the den.

      There seemed to only be a few dolls to pick from the 4 sisters and some boys as well as a few MSD. Even volks seemed to be at the start of thier creative production.

      I ordered SD13 Syo when he came out that was my very first doll.
      I think this was 7 years ago!
    16. I remember when DOD didn't even have an english page O.O
    17. I'm still relatively new to BJDs, but I love reading your replies. I applaud anyone who has stood by these dolls that long. It seems impossible that it all could have started so small.
    18. I just remembered! :oops:

      I remember when Valentine was considering getting a DOD Tender Zen. I remember the post in her blog (back when it was dreamless slumber, or something?) I know, 'cause I followed that link to Dream of Doll and now ... Ichii's here! :D
    19. Holy crap, that was a long time ago. No one had him then, so I had absolutely no owner photos to look at, nothing. =@_@=;;
    20. I remember when Volks dolls didn't have plates in the backs of their heads. (I still have mine that doesn't.)