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I survived the 3 hour line... (volks opening)

Nov 22, 2005

    1. I know some of you guys were at the end of that line with me!

      Did your number flirt dangerously with "200," or was it 200+?
      Were you painfully conscious that nobody was really behind you?
      Did you wait long enough that time ceased to have meaning?

      This thread is for you! Please reply so I can keep track of you guys, and I know some of us took pictures of the end-of-the-line gala!

      -belle (Kendall)

      Edit: For the record! My number was 194 people XD
    2. I was 178 for a while ^^;; my friend that went with me ended up as 9 so she got her Shizu. :X I had gone to hopefully get Mai, but they ran out waaay ahead. But that's ok! A friend of mine passed off number 115 to me when she decided to go home and I just went in, got my Kun, and bummed around outside waiting for my friends until the crowd died down.
    3. I had 171. I'd been trying to get a spot to do FCS, but no such luck. However I did get the last pattern book, some fantastic wigs and a few other items of clothing, the Volks bible and a Mika kit to build a new body for my poor, beat up Wren.

      I had some really nice conversations while waiting, and I'll go back to frigid Michigan with a sunburn, so it's all good.
    4. I was 158, but then a guy offered to trade with me because he really only came because his friend was, so I got to be 107.
    5. I was waiting for 3+ hours and I was #127 xD I got everything I wanted though.
    6. Hmm, I didn't wait in line I was smart enough to go to the store around 2-3pm. Since I was only going to buy some eyes.

      I spent a longer time in line to pay then the actual store though. :/ One hour to pay is a little much for me, but I needed the eyes.
    7. *pokie pokie* Hi Again xD It was so funny how we were chatting and then found out we knew each other...I love it when that happens!
    8. I survived the 4-hour wait outside!!! I was number 196 and my mom was number 198. It was so funny how when it was down to us last 20 people, they just looked at us and said "Ok, everyone else in!" We were like kids in a candy store ... I swear I heard angels singing and a big booming voice saying "You have now entered Heaven" when I walked in.
    9. Jibrille! It was so much fun waiting with you in Line to pay all the Goodies :D I hope your friend will post the Pics that he got from that day soon ^^ I wanna see them! Btw you have to change your Signature :grin: You have 1 more girl!
    10. *glomps* Yay! Thank you so much for saving my place in line while I (tried to run ... *pant*) upstairs to grab that dress! And the gummies so I didn't pass out! <3

      Yush! I still have so much to do, LOL! I haven't even uploaded my pics yet! Or posted the experience in my LJ! Or posted pics of the new girl anywhere!

      James has posted his pics of the store opening in the gallery section. I think they are on the first or second page ... just look for the username dollfie63. He's already got several threads about his new Kun, Harmony. *squeespazKunsquee*

      I am STILL shaking and spazzing over the past weekend. EEEEE!!!!!!
    11. Ooops ... double post ... I'm still getting used to this new forum layout. ^^;;;
    12. Ohhh~ yay ^^ I must have missed the Thread xD *runs off to the Gallerysection*

      I just wish i had more Gummies *_* There where so many People behind and in front of us who also looked so exhausted xD
    13. ^.^ i was 109. for once i had a little luck
    14. I was number 181. I ended up passing out in the chair and someone hit me telling me to run and see the Doll Doctor XD Thats... all I seem to remember. I was SO tired. Omg. I had stayed up 38 hours for that event, driving down from San Fran with my friend Zori.

      XD Blah. And I didn't get my FCS! WAH! But.. I got Jeeves, so its all good :D
    15. #212 I was with the very last group...the "everybody else can come in now" group. :lol: Got everything I wanted though..and more...I was only going to buy ONE doll...yeah right.
    16. I was 161 and got what I was after all except for the bunny outfit for my sweet Suzuna that I got and really, really wanted. If I could have gotten three dolls I would have gotten her brother. LOL
      I was so sick from the sun it was a good thing I was not with the super last group. I have my eyes burnt even and I'm super red. But then I'm not supposed to be in the sun at all for medical reasone. LOL But who's going to complaine! We got in and yes I heard the Angles singing too. *^o^* You made it to heaven! Well where our angles are kept anyways.
      Waving at all of you wonderful ones that I got to meet and have a blast with.
    17. And all you got was a lousy t-shirt? Sorry...cheesy, I know; but I couldn't help myself.
    18. YAY! Thanks for the gummies!!! It really helped!!!!!

      You and Jibrille were in front of me and St. James in line to pay, and belleiseult you were behind us (we talked about Bermann-hehe).

      I actually got 101, but St. James was 176. I milled around inside waiting for her to be let in. Fortunately orangebabydolly gave St. James her 148 or I'd have been waiting a lot longer. Bajeebus it was hot in there.

      I love everything I bought! Can't wait to go again!
    19. Oh yes...Sterling and I were number 216...in the last group to go in, But I didn't arrive until about 1:00 so I only had a 2 hour wait...about what I expected.

      It was a fun wait, though, visiting with other dolls and taking pictures...somehow belleiseult fit about 9 or 10 dollfies on one chair for picture taking!

      I'll try to get my pics up in a day or two.
    20. LOL

      Still.. I wish I could have been there tho :(