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I take issue with the term 'Random Eye Color'! Do you?

Jan 8, 2012

    1. I have searched for this topic and cannot seem to find a thread which addresses this specific question.,therefor I decided to start one. If it is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.

      I maintain, that for what I am paying IH or any other company, for a BJD doll, I should have the option/preivilege/right of/to chose the color of $6.00 glass eyes that come with it!

      I am not a fan of the term 'Random Eye Color'. For most BJD companies, you are provided the option for choosing facial sculpt,breast size, skin tone, hands (jointed fingers or not), feet (flat or heeled), and thigh joints (mobility or regular).

      Based on all these variables, why are we not given the option of choosing eye color?

      I would like ot know what others think of this issue. Do you agree or not?
    2. I don't expect it, because I don't expect that every color in every given size will be in stock so they can put what I'd like in (especially if a ton of people want 16mm blue eyes and they only have a few in stock). Also, what companies are you looking at that have $6 glass eyes? Nearly every company I have looked at has eyes within the 15-30 dollar range if you want glass. Acrylics are cheaper, which is what a lot of companies now offer as defaults simply due to cost.

      I don't believe that choosing the eyecolor is a right that the company MUST offer you. I am pleased that companies even include eyes at all with your default purchase, when they could opt to just not do it for cost reasons. $6 is hardly a lot if that's your eye price range, so I don't see it as a big deal to just buy the color you want.

      Any eyes you don't want, you can sell off or use for other dolls. Some companies will try to give you the color you want if you ask for it, and others won't. It's never bothered me. Not all companies offer you the menu option of choosing feet either (Luts doesn't offer you the option to put sandal feet on your doll just because they happen to sell them as an option part), and not every company has mobility joint options - so is it an issue that other companies don't do that?

      Something as small as choosing eye color or not just seems like crying over spilled milk to me, but that's just my take on it.
    3. *copy and pasting what I typed in another thread + extra*
      I don't expect companies to give each and every person whatever eyes they want because I understand their limits. It's really easy to sell, trade, or get new eyes if the ones you receive aren't the ones you want.

      If they asked every person what eyes they wanted in the doll, it would lead to utter chaos. It would be inevitable that one color is picked more often than the others, and would lead to a small shortage, then an uproar about how they should have the correct colors for being such a big company. I think it's safer just to have random eyes. It gives you a chance to also see what colors look good in your doll, that you might not have chosen.

      With some companies, you can just send them a message requesting certain eyes, but I don't feel entitled to getting whatever eyes I want.
    4. I doesn't bother me. I'm glad to get a pair of eyes at all. On occasion I've asked for a specific color because I know what color wig the doll will be wearing and they're always sent the color I asked for.

      I find that 'random' usually means brown eyes. I don't know if they keep more brown eyes in stock or what.
    5. I think they should give the option of basic color or in-stock from which you can choose from. We're paying so much for these dolls, and while I know what I am paying is just the DOLL, I think eyes should be part of it. And it's nice for dolls to come with something already customized--even if it just is eye color.
    6. I don't worry about it. I see it as a free pair of eyes. I asked once if I could have a blue pair of eyes with a doll, and the company gave my doll a really beautiful pair of blues. I thanked them because I doubt I could have made a better choice.
    7. Random eyes are FREE. Most dolls don't come with eyes unless you pay for them separately.
      You can always contact a company to see if they will accommodate you before you order, if it's that important to you.
    8. The random color of the eyes my dolls came with has never ever bothered me . Actually , I kind of like the surprise factor . Two of my dolls have come with a really interesting color : Purple . I would have never thaught purple could look so good for my doll`s eyes . Even if that wasn`t the color I planned to give them , I`m actually glad they came with it , because now , seeing how nice it looks , I don`t even whant to change it . For me , unless dolls come with red eyes ( wich has never been the case ) the color of eyes that they come with is the color they will stick with .
    9. I think "random" eyes colour is just like lottery. It's interesting to me, as "surprise".
      But I want to have a choosing option, not only eyes colour (glass or acrylic, e.t.c.)
    10. I totally agree with you. These are not cheap items that one buys randomly without second thought of ALL variables. I guess, based on the argument some are makeing here, they are, in effect, saying that if they were to order a car from company X, on line and that company sent them any random color of car, they would just be happy the car was painted at all? I think NOT! If I am paying what I consider to be a heck of a lot of money for something, I darned well should get to choose exactly what I want down to the last option!

      I don't feel like I should br greatful for any eyes at all. I am a paying customer eyes can run anywhere from $6.00 all the way up to $30.00. When I am paying over US $1000.00 for a doll, in my opinion, not only should it have eyes, but a full outfit, car to drive and house to live in as well.
    11. We are paying hundreds on just our dolls. I don't see the problem.
      Just order the eye colour(s) you want for the doll, so you can be sure they have the eyes you want them to and just sell the default ones, if you don't want them.
      Same with random wigs or full set parts (feet or so) you don't want/need.
    12. That analogy isn't completely true. Eye color isn't on the same level as the paint on the car. Using your example, we're paying hundreds of dollars on a certain car, that most of us intend to change anyway. I'm not going to care about the exact style of the hubcaps or tires because I'm probably going to buy something else for the car. Sure, they're important, but it's more important that I got the correct type, color, and style of car.
    13. I see where the OP is coming from. I, however, enjoy the random color because it's like a little surprise when opening a doll. Though instead of color choice, I would prefer size choice due to the fact I don't like the deer in headlights look. But overall, beggars can't be choosers. Just like wigs are guaranteed to come with just a doll order, eyes aren't guaranteed either. :|

      Edit: "Beggars can't be choosers" is not being used literally here. It just looks bad when used to talk about a costly purchase such as a BJD. I can think of no other phrase which comes closer to describing my thoughts on the matter.
    14. This.^ You are not usually paying for the eyes you get. They come FREE with the doll, and if you are getting free eyes, you don't get to complain if you don't get exactly what you want-be glad you're getting any at all. IF you are paying $6 for random eyes, you're taking a chance, like a lottery. If there is a specific colour you would like and the company does not honor your request for that specific colour, you are welcome to purchase exactly what you want from whichever company you please. There are literally hundreds of eyes available in various materials from several dozen places. If you cannot find something suitable in stock at one of those places, then you can likely special order them from SOMEWHERE. These dolls do not come complete from the company with absolutely everything. It's YOUR job as the owner to make a doll what you want it to be, which includes finding the eyes you would like. The company is not responsible for making the doll your perfect vision, you are. There are multiple companies devoted to JUST eyes. What do you think they exist for?
    15. Eye color can not even be compared a car randomly coming with any paint color. Demanding the right to choose eye color would be like demanding the right to have your initials embroidered on the seat for no cost.

      The eyes included with your doll are a free service offered by the company. They are under no obligation to satisfy your whims without paying for it. A drop down menu to choose from instock eyes would be almost pointless - if you REALLY want x color eye, and it's out of stock on the drop down menu, you are back at square one anyway.

      This is not a hobby of rights, you aren't entitled to anything, be it eye color or even owning a doll. You may feel like the companies are indebted to you because you spent so much money on a doll, but it doesn't work that way. If you don't want to take the eyes they give you as a starter pair and don't want to take the time to try asking if they'll accommodate your request, buy a new pair.
    16. Seeing as the eyes are free, I don't really care that much. It would be nice to be given a choice, even if the company had to specify something like, "request granted IF that color is in stock." The buyer could even have a first choice and second choice.

      However, when I ordered my Lati boy, I asked for blue eyes and got them. Never hurts to ask!
    17. Well it is a little bit unfortunate to not be able to choose eye colors but I just try to think in a positive way. It's a nice surprise during box opening and different eye colors give the doll a unique look so it's kind of fun for me when I am given a color that's not in the company default picture.
    18. I see it as we're paying hundreds of dollars on the doll, not the eyes or wig. When companies give eyes or wigs I always see it as a pleasant surprise or a gift more than anything else. I'm glad when they come with eyes at all and usually the random color isn't anything weird or unseemly anyway.

      Like others have said, you can order the eyes you want and sell the other ones if you don't want them anyway. I personally don't see an issue with it at all.
    19. I can't recall ever having used the eyes that came free with my dolls anyway, even if the colour is close to what I have planned for them because I prefer higher quality glass or urethane eyes to the acrylics or basic glass eyes they include.

      Beside that, as others have said companies have no obligation to offer them at all if they don't want too, it's like complaining that only a handful offer a free random wig too...
    20. I don`t find it an issue. I assume that by random they`re meaning the eyes are "freebies", like others are saying. I like the free eyes, if you complain about it who knows? They could just not put eyes in altogether. Think of them as a gift. Whoever said "customized with eyes", your doll is customized with even having random eyes as it means not all those same-mold dolls are the same. They`re just not what you wanted in them. I`d tell you to go and get new eyes.

      If you`re not grateful about eyes, why don`t you just write "leave the eyes out please" on your next order? It`s not hurting you because you don`t want them right? And since those eyes are "free", all you`re doing is asking they don`t give you those "free" eyes.

      If you`re going to argue about your doll not having the right eye colors, get a Volks FCS. Then you can "pick the right eyes". You`ll get EXACTLY what you want, minus the clothes in the $1000USD frame. But compare the price with other company dolls. I assume if you want the rights to correct a doll`s eyes to the color you want, they could just charge you extra for it.

      Are you trying to impose that all those limited edition dolls with a certain eye-color only also let you designate your dolly eye color just because it`s not the "color" you want?

      Just my thoughts though. Sorry if it gets on anyone`s nerves ^^;