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icklemissus feedback thread

Sep 13, 2009

    1. Hello, This is my feedback thread, Id be really happy if anyone I bought from or sold things to would comment here.

      Thank you~:aheartbea
    2. Icklemissus bought a littlefee ante from me. She was super friendly and polite during the whole transaction. She paid promptly and let me know when the doll finally, after the slow post office got their act together, arrived with her. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!

    3. Icklemissus commission me to do two of her dolls’ heads.
      One is her Unoa Lusis 1.5 and the other is Lati Green Renia.

      She’s understandable, trusting and aware and the details I took her thought the face-up.
      Also she helped me on little details and touch up, which she wanted on both face-ups.

      We had little trouble on transfer on payment. When she trying to send me her payment to me.
      She’s happy for me sent an invoice to her, which went smoothly in the end.

      Overall a pleasure to be working with.

      Thank you for using my service~ (^-^)/
    4. icklemissus took part in my Fairyland GO and splits and was very friendly and communicative throughout, as well as patient with the Fairyland waiting times. I'm very glad to be working with you a second time! ;)
    5. I bought a Renia head from icklemissus, and it's super cute! Arrived in a timely fashion. Thanks! <3
    6. i recently bought 3 set of tiny eyes from icklemissus , she shipped promptly and they arrived in great condition...very happy :) thanks for a perfect transaction
    7. I bought a pair of tiny eyes from icklemissus and was very impressed with communication, and free shipping! I highly recommend!
    8. I bought a wig off icklemissus and everything went smoothly. Thank you!
    9. i bought a pair of lavender eyes from icklemissus,she is a lovely seller and shipped them to me very quickly,thank you
    10. i bought a mnf luka from icklemissus~
      everything went well and smooth, thank you! :3
    11. I bought a pair of minifee hands from icklemissus! Lovely transaction, also a gift with the hands was very welcome!
      Thankyou so much icklemissus!
    12. I bought a pair of Minifee hands from icklemissus, and everything went great! The hands were also very well packaged. Thank you so much ^^