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Idea in mind, or just browsing?

Sep 9, 2007

    1. When you start looking for a new doll, do you ever have a specific idea in mind, or do you just look around until something strikes you?

      Personally, I find that I have the end doll all planned out, and I just need to find the right mold to match it...which occasionally makes things difficult. x3 Except for the rare occasion when I'll remember a specific mold right off the bat.

      From reading posts, though, it seems like several of you just like to browse until you find a doll you'd like to have in your house. xD

      So, how does it work for you?
    2. I'm a browser ^_^ I look through various sites and then make note of dolls that really catch my eye. However recently I've decided I want an albino doll (for whatever reason, I have no idea, lol), and I've been really picky about what mold I'd want for it, oddly enough. I'm considering the Dolkot Dai doll...

      But yeah, definitely a random browser XD
    3. I have lots of dolls in my wishlist that may take a whole lifetime to buy so...When i start making plans for a new doll i generally start from my wishlist...OR...I simply fall in love with a new model (That's the reason i have a Puff)...No need to browse,plan xD
    4. I usually don't have any idea as to what doll I want. I'll sometimes browse sites and say "if I had 1000000000$" I would make my character ____ and this doll would be good! The only time I actually knew what doll I wanted was for Haku and even then I asked for people's opinions, I didn't look for him myself ^^;
    5. For the most part, I just like to browse. I have several doll character ideas floating around in my head, but I don't look at dolls with any one certain character in mind. Molds will jump out to me if they're right for certain characters..
      Some characters have more importance than others to me, so I'll probably consider more prominent ones.
      Other times, I'll just fall in love with a doll that doesn't fit a charcter, but I come up with personalities for them eventually anyway.
    6. It's a mix of both.
      Sometimes, I'll look for a mold suited to a character image I had in mind. Other times, I'll be completely swept away by a mold I hadn't considered before. ^^
      My browsing preferences vary from time to time.
    7. I browse and browse and browse XD All the dolls on my wishlist are just molds that I love, so none of them were chosen because they fit a certain character I had in mind. After I decide which doll I'm going to be getting next, that's when I plan out what kind of character it will be. It seems like I do the opposite of most people around here 8D
    8. I browse. When I find a mold I really really want, it gets added to the list. Character never comes into question unless the "purchase" button has been hit, and then it's just a matter of what personality that doll has. I refuse to create dolls for "characters" - I draw my characters. I create novels for them. Dolls are for my pleasure, not to try to "be" someone I've already created earlier.

      I just don't like buying dolls for an already established personality - in my experience, it always disappoints.
    9. I think I do bit of both. I had a boy and girl character in mind. My girl character is going to be the form of my Unoa Lusis. But when I saw my CP Juri, I just had to have her. I'm still working on her character. When I saw Supia Tanned Rosy, I knew I had to have her too. I'm making her character now also. :)
    10. I love looking at websites and such, but I esp love when i see dolls in person and can say, yes or no for sure which ones I would love to have and ones I could care less.

      It has now helped reduce my looking even casually for sizes smaller then SD. I am also liking the males more, so I look for the more masculine ones and again a reduction. But it is still hard when I am even broke to say no when I find a really great one. :love
    11. Browser, here! :)

      It's the sculpt that grab me first. I'm not big on trying to fit dolls to characters.
    12. I'm a browser. Like April, it's the sculpt that grabs me. Once I determine that is the doll I'm getting then I decide on the character.
    13. I had a story in mind for my doll. I had picked the doll already. I kinda had a doll in mind when I was writing. But suddenly on a bored browse I saw Soo Ri and I just had to have him. He gave me buy-me eyes though the screen. ¬___¬ (I may have been imagining things as I also believe my parents have been taken by aliens)
    14. I'm a little of both. I have a lot of characters in mind that I want to have doll forms so I tend to look around for molds that I think will suit them, try to find the perfect wigs and eyes for how I imagine them.

      On the other hand, there are dolls that I love, like Hound, that I would love to get, but I don't know who he will be yet or what I want him to look like. ^___^
    15. I'm looking at dolls with the intent to have them be one of the characters in my story which is kind of difficult now that I want a doll to match my tanned character...
    16. I'm definitely more of a planner. I look for dolls that will fit characters I've already created and want in doll form. Though that's not to say I'm immune to browsing. There are several dolls that I see and want even though I have no story attached to them!
    17. I do both.

      I love to just browse around and look at all the new and old dolls, but there are some characters in my head that have a specific look so when it comes to them I really look around with a purpose.
      But thank god for the Minimee project, this way I don´t have to look around much and still have the dolls I´m looking for ^_^

    18. I have an idea in mind which I try to follow. It makes it sometimes difficult, because I can't find the right mold for the character and it is important for the story to have him/her.
    19. I always know what sort of doll i'm looking for. But when i'm browsing i come across other molds i like to x3
    20. Always pre-ideas...WHICH usually change when i browse...^^;
      But the main look is always there.. :)