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IDealian Special Order Chance

Apr 24, 2011

    1. I hope this is newsworthy! If not, mods please delete!

      I heard from Victoria at Soom that they will be re-releasing certain IDealian boys as special orders. Here is her message to me:

      "Good day !

      About your question :

      Yes, we plan to release some IDealian boys on the same concept as the Gem Special Order dolls.

      Which means that some clothes and accessories will be released along with them, an everyone will be able to purchase whever the doll or the clothes freely.

      However, we don't have any accurate schedule about the first release.

      Please stay tuned to our website.^^

      Have a nice weekend !

      Victoria, SOOM"

      General IDealian Thread here.

      IDealian Special Order Speculation thread here.