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Idecision!!!! XD HELPP!!

May 14, 2008

  1. Seorin (white Skin)

  2. Seorin (normal Skin)

  3. Mo (White Skin)

  4. Mo (normal skin)

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    1. For my birthday I would like to buy another doll, but there's so indecision....!!

      What you vote?
    2. This is ultimately your decision, and I don't think you should let other people influence you too much over something like this. =D But I know what you're going through. I want to get a second doll and I couldn't decide between a Bory and Chiwoo. I suppose a good way to decide is to imagine this would be the last doll you could ever get - and see who turns out the winner. (: Or if you intend on getting both, which one do you want more?
    3. I would say Mo... but I also want.. seorin... they are so good both.. .anyway I think I would pic the Mo.. you have right, I need to choice myself.... ^^''''

      I'll buy Seorin after Mo!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd
    4. Yeah... you know.. I think that Mo will win this battle!! But Seorin is at the second place... ^^