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Identity crisis?

Dec 24, 2004

    1. I know we've talked about people dressing like their dolls before, but has anyone's taste actually changed because of a doll?

      Usually I buy Ichigo clothes way more often than I buy myself anything. He likes pink, strawberry patterns, lolita stuff as well as glamish punk stuff, if it's pink.

      I, on the other hand, do NOT like pink. I once got upset when a sweater I mail-ordered turned out to be too bright of a grey. My 'colourful' clothes are dark plum or blood red. I have to recognize my clothes in the closet by touch, since they are almost all black.

      But at the half-off sale at h.Naoto yesterday I immediately reached for a pink leopard-print coat with a kitty-eared hood. My heart was soaring til I came to my senses and realised *I* would never wear such a thing. I was tempted to try it on anyway, but didnt. And on the way home I pondered if pink sparkly Docs would be a good idea.

      And in my apartment, I ended up draping the large piece of pink fur I bought Ichigo over a chair, and it hasnt left. In stores I keep having to put back strawberry-patterned things I pick up on impulse. I bought strawberry bath salts.

      Has anyone else started to accidentally absorb a doll's identity?
    2. I think my dolls have made me braver, if that counts. I see things they have that I want, but wouldn't usually be brave enough to wear, and now I find myself seeking them out in my size. I really want some piercings as well, after giving my boy some :)
    3. Kyeh! Now, that is my idea of an awesome coat! I love pink, I love strawberry patterns, and I love glam - if it's pink. :D
    4. Well...your doll's personality is in some way part of you,so I don't find it so strange. Maybe you have been avoiding your strawberry-pink side and your Ichigo helped you to "found" it?
    5. i don't think they changed me so much .-.
      i'm just braver ^^'''

      i've confronted ppl that i would never thought to ^^''' and i'm really going out with clothes that _I_ apreciatte not otehrs ^^'''
      i feel better about myself and i dunno if was my friends or my dolls thatd id it to me XD
    6. Hahaha sort of. I've found that my dolls have made me more fond of classic runway fashion, whereas when I first started I was always picking gothic and or lolita stuff. My girls have become bored of it a bit, because there are just so many SD lolis out there! They want to look sharp and eye-catching, and it makes me interested in those sorts of clothes. They've really brought out the designer in me @_@ I'm so much finikier about details and fabrics than I ever was before :| I dunno if its good...
    7. *mad giggles*

      Are you sure it isn't just seperation anxiety? ^^;

      On topic, I can't say my taste has changed because of Kuro, it's more the other way around. *laughs*

      (Can I have your closet? ^^ )
    10. The girls on here who buy boy dolls tend (not all - please don't be offended anyone!) to be raving fangirls, and like the idea of boys with boys. Kind of like guys, and their obsession with lesbians.

      That being said....I think a lot of them are actually just REALLY horny, and not 'gay' per se....a lot of them are bi.

      My dolls go every which way. Darryl's....er...asexual (not in the reproductive sense, but in the I'm-not-interested way) unless it involves Talon.

      Talon is....ah....well, I guess omnisexual would be a good term, though he calls himself bi. He'll try sex with anything, though apparently beastiality is only acceptable if the 'beast' is a person with....ah..."animal bits, costume or otherwise"....urgh. **shudders at the image of kitty-boi Darryl** I think I may go be ill now. Ugh.

      Qian is straight in the extreme. He's not homophobic....he's just very aware that he's not attracted to men, although he apparently can see how they could be considered attractive.

      Wren is straight....though it's not so much that she's not interested in girls as that she's never found one who interested her nough for her to want to be with them.

      Aiko and Luke Alan are, thankfully, too young to have those kinds of thoughts. Kind of. I hope. If they DO think about those things, I DON'T want to know.
    11. Ha! Separation anxiety, yes.

      And it's interesting to see how some of you became a bit braver or explored different things because of your dolls. I suppose deep within I have some sparkly pink demon waiting to be set free, but it will not happen. ^-^

      And....errrr, could you guys please be a little more careful with the generalizations? I *might* be a raving fangirl (ok, I am taking vacation time off work to follow Kagrra around Japan in April) but I don't like yaoi much. In fact, I hate all things romantic. The thought of working out a lovelife for my doll is just about as exciting to me as filling out imaginary tax forms on his behalf.

      When people ask me about Ichigo's sexual identity, I just say he is too self-absorbed to care about anyone else.
    12. gosh i wish i could see Kagrra ;_____; soooooooo jealous right now +_+

      about my boys oh well kamui is not homophobic but he is extremelly stray ^^'''
      and vik... oh my sweet vik i think he doesn't know what he wants XD~
      i'm a fangirl and i luv yaoi but i don't think everyone here is ^^'''
    13. I don't consider myself to be a raging fangirl. I don't mind yaoi, but I don't obsess over it either. One of my boys is what you would call gay, the other, wilder boy is not. And he likes pink, fur, leather and god knows what else. I think it's more to do with the character. My "gay" boy doesn't see himself as "gay" - it's just the person he may or may not fall in love with might be a boy.
    14. As much as I love yaoi debates, returning to the topic of the post, yeah, while I don't find myself changing my dress because of my dolls, I do find myself wearing some of my more extreme things more often because of them. I mean, look at what I just posted:
      I've also found that since getting the dolls, I am wearing more of my Goth stuff, which I had pretty much abandoned for more conservative work clothes. I've got enough job security now that I can wear what I want. :wink:

      Dezarii -- Following Kagrra! Oh, god, can I touch you! Actually, I am planning to go to Japan again in late April. I'll PM you about band schedules.
    15. Yeah... the word "raving fangirl" tends to paint images of the type of girl who gives her bra to a rock band and fantasizes about doing them. ^^; Please don't make SUCH broad generalizations.

      See... liking yaoi, or any hobby, is like religion. You've got your christmas/easter people who just dabble but still say that they're fans... the people who do it for the social aspect, the people who LOVE their religion but are very mature and sensible about it and don't get preachy on people who aren't...

      .... and then you have the crazy rabid over-zealous ones that think their way is the ONLY way and that everyone should convert, put up with it or GO TO HELL. (I can say this, as I used to be mormon. *laughs*)

      I'm very happy that I haven't found many over-zealous rabid yaoi fans on this board. Pretty much everyone I've talked to has been very sensible about their hobby. ^_~
    16. My style seems to have gone much more conservative since I got Salim and started dressing her in all the gothic, lolita, and punk clothes I wished I could wear. By conservative I mean that I walk down the street and really no one takes notice of me; I blend in. <.< Salim and Astris get to wear all the extreme clothes that I would like to prance around in, and I get to look normal. Considering I'm in the conservative of all conservative fields (Classical History), it's probably for the better.

      On a side note, when did this thread turn into a discussion on doll sexuality and raving fangirls? Really, are the even capable of HAVING a sexual identity?
    17. Well as far as dolls having a sexual identity, in the real since no, but there are a lot of people here who are very imaginative(just check out the "BJD Chat" thread) but that includes myself. In fact the hobby itself encourages imagination and not necessarily just in the area of physical customization. For me it's not enough to just customize the doll and throw her/him on the doll shelf, but I find this hobby more fullfilling when I can dream up the doll's personality-this includes likes, dislikes, and yes, sexuality.

      This may sound weird to some but when I started customizing 1/6 volks dolls I'd write up profiles and story with a few characters and then go and customize the characters in the story as dolls. So the dolls would take on the identity of the characters in the story, gay or whatever. Can't say I'm a huge yaoi fan but it never crossed my mind as odd if someone considered their doll gay or poses him in an "affectionate" pose with another male doll. Years of watching and reading all kinds of anime and manga, you just don't find that stuff strange anymore.

      For the sake of staying on topic, I try to model my dolls after myself. I just bought my DD a pair of those black chunky rocker boots from Luts because they remind me so much of a pair of boots that I have myself.

    18. ^_^ Please don't misunderstand me. I was trying to keep the thread off of raving fangirls and sexual dolls and on it's original intent of how dolls have changed their owners. If you like your doll to be aware of their own sexuality, that's uber cool with me. (Not like it matters, eh? Who am I to approve or disapprove of your creations? :chibi ) My dolls are aware of it very minimally in order for me to allow them to react appropriately to it. I love seeing how different people interperate their dolls and create their personality, even to the point of sexuality. I just feel that the yaoi fangirl talk is for other threads. I like yaoi as much as the next, but bashing/approving of the yaoi fangirlness is not for here. (Beg pardon if I am completely off my rocker and mistaken. :oops: )
    19. Understood :grin:
    20. Dezarii, boy do I envy you. >_< I LOVE Kagrra. Even though i've only heard six songs. *cough*

      But ANYWAY, on topic.....ahem.

      Well, I guess......i've always been pretty particular about what I wear......or, what I THINK about wearing, as all the money I make is going towards Customhouse Queen of Hearts(I love you Garnet. :'D), but since I have Mint, and am constantly thinking of clothes for her, of course i'll end up thinking of me-clothes too! Of course, all I have(besides my Putumayo shirt. *_*) are thoughts, but uh.....my clothes THOUGHTS are a lot different now, if that counts for anything....XD

      ......okay, really i'm just giddy over getting a Gothic Lolita Bible and FRUiTS 1-50(on a disc) for X-mas. And I wanted to say I love Kagrra. But I can't be COMPLETELY Off Topic, so....erm. Sorry. XD Really I am. ._.