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If a doll has the aesthetic style of an ABJD, but made in the US, is it allowed?

May 18, 2007

    1. Just a question, if a doll follows all the above rules, but made in let us say...
      the USA....is it still concidered on Topic?
      or does it need to have a company based in:

      Mainly I am just wondering because of the pure-ist debates people have
      about manga...and I am wondering if this applys to BJDs as well.
      This has been bothering me ever since I have been reading here...
      thanks for your time.
    2. I would really like an answer to this too...as well as a less vague interpretation of "asian esthetic".
    3. I don't have a real opinion on this, but... It sure would take the "A" out of "ABJD" now wouldn't it? :sweat
    4. I think there are a couple american made dolls that are allowed... but they are made in the style of the asian dolls. There really any big companies that fit the asthetic, it's more private artists that are already doll collectors... I think...

      It's not that the forum members scoff at other dolls, many of us collect a range of types, it's just that the forum has to draw a line at some point or it would be too general. I don't mind that either. If I want to talk about different dolls I PM someone, or just do it somewhere else. *shrug* No big deal to me.
    5. hope this question does make people mad...:sweat
      I was just wondered...
    6. i think it was a bit odd that Goodreau dolls were disallowed, especially as they were so cute! but i understand that the mods agreed they didn't fit the aesthetic criteria, which makes you wonder about dolls like Pipos Baha, elfdolls, and Iplehouse's Cocori, and even the Lati Blue girls, they look very un-asian to me.
      i'm not sure we would have to take the "A" out sailorstarsun, it could just alternatively stand for America!! :lol: (joke! please don't kill me!)
      i don't know about the whole aesthetic rule, i mean Luts style is very different to say Dollzone, and so and so forth, so i think it comes down to personal opinion and interpretation.
      I personally think dolls from the USA should be allowed, but i can see why the mods have to limit the range of dolls we talk about here :)
    7. I think this would make a good debat topic... I think it's less about looking truly Asian as having anime-esque BESM (big eyes, small mouth) proportions. Even more realisticly proportioned doll have a little of that. The Lati Blues are proportioned like child/teen anime characters, with wide eyes and triangular faces. Tall dolls like Hound fit the romantic love interest sort of style (ex: Watase Yuu's Hotori from Fushigi Yuugi). Cocori and the Pipos dolls are OK because they fit into BESM. And I do agree that while Goodreau dolls are cute, they do look more like ball jointed Skipper dolls.
    8. Hey guys! :)

      Although we do have that list of criteria, decisions about new BJDs really have to be made on a case-by-case basis by the moderating team. We tend to see the last point (Consistent with the style of other dolls presently allowed in terms of facial and body proportioning and overall aesthetic style) as being the most important, and often the deciding factor when all or most other criteria are reached.

      It's usually a difficult decision - and of course opinions are subjective - but in the end we have to make a choice about where we'd like the focus of this forum to be. If an American company came up with a doll that we thought fitted all the criteria, we would absolutely allow them to be discussed on-forum. :)
    9. Just FYI - The FAQs and Links section is not a place for questions. The section is described as "Please read before posting questions in other parts of the forum. Please do NOT post questions here; this is for answers to questions only."

      Re Goodreau dolls - the creator discussed them on the board here and said they were sculpted by someone who usually sculpts porcelain dolls and had never seen a BJD. She also said or implied that she was after a crossover market and wanted them to be accepted by the normal US doll-buying public and shows.

      Re debate - I believe this was suggested as a debate topic by several people including myself, in the debate topic suggestions thread.

      And flowergirl - Elfdolls??? You don't think Elfdolls fit the aesthetic? Here is the face of disagreement with that.

    10. Ya, I totally thought that after I posted. *laughs* :lol:

      I thought, when the mods first said no because they don't fit the aesthetic, that they meant it didn't match the Asian style of the dolls, not that the dolls themselves didn't look Asian enough.
    11. Not because they didn't look Asian but rather that they didn't look like Asian BJD's. They had the look of American/German dolls. Heavier lower face and jaw was one thing members mentioned in the discussion with the artist. And they weren't being aimed at the BJD market.

      Personally I think Innuendo is very cute and wish they were allowed, at least in resin. I think with different makeup, in resin, they would look more ABJD than a few of the BJD's Asia produces.

    12. Well said!

      I'm constantly saying that we should refer to them a Resin Ball Joint Dolls instead of Asian Ball Joint Dolls because they come from everywhere now; Asia, America, Australia, ect. Of course, I'm open minded enough to love a doll no matter where it came from. ;)
    13. If we go buy this list :

      1. Made of resin
      2. Articulated using ball-and-socket type joints (or a combination of ball-and-socket joints and hinge or sliding joints)
      3. Strung with elastic or similar material
      4. Have a 2+ part head with changeable eyes
      5. Can wear a wig with brushable hair
      6. Can wear shoes and cloth clothing
      7. Intended by manufacturer for customization
      8. Consistent with the style of other dolls presently allowed in terms of facial and body proportioning and overall aesthetic style.

      Where do the vinyl dolls like Dollfie Dream fit in? Are they not considered BJD's?
    14. They aren't made of resin^^ I am not sure but I think they are considered BJDs, just off topic on DoA because they don't fit the criteria.
    15. Some dolls like Dollfie Dreams are allowed because they used to be allowed. It's what they call 'grandfathering'. It's basically that they have been granted special exception.

      Dollfie Dreams (although vinyl) used to be allowed, so they are still allowed now. I'd say they are a Vinyl Ball Joint Doll instead of a Resin Ball Joint Doll. I hope that helps.
    16. certainly the elfdoll tines have a very ABJD aesthetic. But come on... Lydia? questionable. Ruru? no way! (just my opinion)

      ( I also think some of Paulette Goodreau's comments were misinterpreted or in haste, while she was under attack, she mis-spoke when she made them. I know she is very familiar with ABJDs and has a large personal collection)
    17. I agree with this. To me, it sounded like she was a bit disappointed in how they turned out and that she wanted to try her own hand at sculpting.
    18. Thanks for clearing that up for me... I wasn't quite sure! I have a DD/luts hybrid so it made me curious. Just making sure my girl is still allowed on here!!!
    19. Our criteria has nothing to do with where a doll is made. It's the style of the doll that matters. :) We limit things in this fashion because the BJD world is HUGE and to include all BJD and not just ABJD style dolls would make this board too hard to handle. It's difficult to handle as things are. Though, this board was never meant to be for all styles of BJD. When it was created it was created for the specific purpose of focusing on ABJD style dolls.
    20. ...Well it could also be A for American?