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If I ONLY get two dolls of the same sculpt, am I a single doll owner?

Mar 2, 2011

    1. I'm planning on just getting Ringdoll's Sol and Kay, which are really the same sculpt, but different colors, so Ringdoll listed them as two different dolls.

      Then just out of curiosity, even if I'm technically a two-doll owner, would I share the same characteristics as a single-doll owner - desire for only one sculpt, spoils the heck out of them, etc?

      EDIT: I know that it's technically two dolls, because, well my wallet knows, doesn't it? xD I just wanted to see if owning just one sculpt count as being a single doll owner when it comes to my behavior, etc.

      But yes, they are two characters, so I suppose that's counted as two. I treat them as different dolls.
    2. What...does it matter? A single doll means just that. A single doll. If you own two, then you own two, I don't see why it matters if they're the same sculpt or not. Or really, why it would matter if you're a single doll owner or multiple doll owner.
    3. That would mean that people who own twins (if they are the same sculpt) would only have the equivalent of one doll....which is not true.

      Two dolls are two dolls, even if they are the same sculpt. You can pose them together, even if they look the same, which is something a person with only one doll cannot do.
    4. You still gotta buy two pairs of shoes ;) I love twins/triplets/trios myself!
    5. You would not be a single owner anymore.
      Now If you had a total of one doll body and a regular head and a sleeping head of the same doll that you interchange, then you probably be a single doll owner.

      Why exactly does it matter?
    6. I'm not sure those are necessarily characteristics of a single-doll owner.
      There's a thread somewhere about owning only one doll and it seemed to be a very rare case for someone to own one and not at least be interested in others.

      I have twins and it really doesn't feel like owning 2 of the same doll at all (and they both get spoiled ;)).
    7. Um, no? You would still own two dolls. :? If I had identical cats, I wouldn't say I only owned one cat.

      I seriously can't even begin to wrap my head around the reasoning on this one.
    8. LOL!! even if you take the two and you attach them together to make siamese twins - they are STILL two dolls.
      Ask a siamese twin :) I think they will agree with me.
    9. LOL @ Kiyakatori. I hear you on that one.

      This is a silly, silly question. Of course you're not a single doll owner. You have 2 DOLLS. Just because they're the same sculpt, doesn't mean anything hahaha.
    10. 1+1=2 haha
      I'm sure each one will develop their own personality also.
    11. I think Sol and Kay are twins. They are totally different dolls.
      In my opinion, doll's character depends not only on the sculpt. The make-up and the other settings also tell the story.

      I ordered Ring Grown too. I love Sol so much!
    12. It does seem like a silly question, but I was asking this in terms of those single doll owner discussions on this same forum. Like what it means to be a single doll owner in regards to yourself, but not your doll.

      I figured it wasn't, but I just wanted to hear what people thought. =D
    13. This is definitely my favorite answer.
    14. Uh...no? O.o If you physically have two dolls, then you have two dolls. Even if they're the same sculpt. Even if they're painted identically. Single dolls owners own a single doll, as in one. I have two of a sculpt, same head, same body for each, but they're still two separate dolls. The characters they represent are different, they don't get dressed identically and they are painted differently. Single doll owners have one single doll to give their time and attention to, you would have two, which means you couldn't have the same mentality as a single doll owner. Even if you have two of the same sculpt and only want that one sculpt/those two dolls, they're still two discrete dolls.
    15. A different wig or a pair of eyes will make two dolls with same sculpt look differently.Each doll has their own personalilty.If I had,let's say,4or 5 of the same sculpt,do I counted them as only one:lol: So my answer is nope,you aren't a single doll owner.
    16. Clothes and face up too!
    17. I have 3 Shiwoos. They are three separate dolls, not one. I have 2 Minifee Shiwoos; likewise, they are two separate dolls, not one. All five dolls have very different characters and look very different, despite all being based on the same sculpt.

      If you have two dolls, you are not a single-doll owner, even if they're both the same sculpt. The both need clothes and shoes, they both need wigs and eyes, they both deserve your attention instead of it being lavished only on one. Which means you do not have the mentality of a single-doll owner - you can't, because you don't have just one single doll.
    18. Continuing on this theme - if someone gave birth to twins, they wouldn't say "we only have one kid." You have two screaming mouths to feed, two poop chutes, two babbies to wash.

      You wouldn't feel the same way as a single doll doll owner - if you're 'bored' of playing with one twin, you can just play with the other one! The single doll owner wouldn't be able to do that ;)
    19. I wouldn't worry about it. Once you get them, you'll find they'll develope into "their own people." They may look the same but they'll each bring you a different joy unique to them!
    20. I think two dolls are two dolls. I think you do not have to worry about it so much. Eventhough they looked identical in shapes, they are still diferent., and they might envolved into differnt look if you do a different face up and clothing. I personally like twins a lot.