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If someone broke your doll?

Jul 11, 2009

    1. There have been threads similiar to this, but not as specific, I don't think.

      I was in an antique store recently and at one booth there was a sign that read, "Pretty to look at, tempting to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold!"

      I starting thinking about this situation. What if you were at a meet and someone was handling your doll, with or without your permission, and they dropped it and it broke, Say a finger snapped off, or an elf ear, or the face cracked, whatever. Would you insist that the person pay to have the part replaced?

      Once one of my dolls fell over (this occured at home) and his finger snaped off. I was finally able to glue it back on, but it was never quite the same and the repair was visible even though I did my best to reattach it.

      So would you tell the person that you expected them to replace the broken part?

      What if you were the person that caused the damage? Would you consider yourself responsible and offer to replace the part?

      I'm just curious.
    2. I was thinking about this last night XD;

      I'm not really sure. I'd want the other person to pay for it, but I'm not the kind of person who would actually say something if they didn't offer first. Obviously though, I'd never let them handle my dolls again :'D If it was a family member, though, I'd absolutely demand that they pay. It's easier to ask them than total strangers at a meet.

      edit; lol I forgot to say, if I broke someone's doll i'd immediately offer to pay for the damages. I'd feel so guilty!
    3. The moment someone dropped my doll, I would say these exact words... "Pay up, hun."
    4. If I caused the damage, I'd definitely offer to pay to replace the part if possible. I'd feel horrible.

      If it was my doll, my gut reaction is "Heck yeah they better pay to fix it!" but I'm so pathetically non-confrontational that I wouldn't insist, or probably even ask. If it was a finger or something it wouldn't be a huge deal necessarily, but if it was a face or something there'd be an issue.

      If it was someone in my family I'd absolutely insist that they pay to fix it. I'm not as shy with them as with friends and acquaintances.

      That said, I'd also attempt to replace the part secondhand if possible, so that the expense (of shipping, at least) would be lessened.
    5. i would rip their arms apart D:< lol if i had the strength :p
      i would probably cry and get really pissed off and walk away. D: i don't think i could replace the doll (especially the head) because i've grown attached to it, and if you replace it it won't feel the same as before ;w;
    6. i know if i caused damage to something belonging to someone else i would allways offer to pay. thats why i dont touch things i cant offord unless someone insists i do. so naturally if someone broke one of my girls ide expect them to pay. not like u can force them but ide ask them at least.
      like today my girls goggles were missing. i found out my roomate was playing with her last night and was making her clothes so there was much undressing and redressing wich i dont mind. but the goggles were gone! not expencive but with shipping and all that they were a pain to get, so i was ready to tell her she owed me a paire when she found them ^_^. all good now.hehe
    7. It happened to me before, my sister's friend is like a brother, but he was being retarded and knocked one of mine off the table, and it cracked her eyelid (it had been cracking a tad, but it got ALOT worse and then came of...) and as much as I would of loved him to pay for it he ended up not. A lady here on DoA fixxed her up good-as-new, and that was that ^__^ I was upset for awhile, but it was fixable and I just loved her more.
    8. I agree. I'd like the person to offer (and if I broke something of someone else's I'd feel terrible and offer to pay or help in some way),but I don't know if I could actually say it.

      Also it depends on the situation. Accidents happen, even when we're careful. If the person's careless actions led to a doll of mine breaking, then I'd be a lot angrier, that's for sure.
    9. This is actually a tough question for me. I think my reaction, which would probably be to cry first and think second, would depend on the damage. Like if my boy's face was scratched and it ruined his faceup but it could be fixed with mild sanding or faceup replacement I would ask the person to at least pay for half of the cost for me to send the head off to be fixed and face up'ded or whatever.. o.o;

      But if it were something major that a part being completely destroyed I don't think I would be so calm. I don't worry about it with other 'doll people' though because most of them really understand to be careful, even if accidents do happen. Although when other people handle my doll I warn them before hand 'If you break him you'll be the one to pay for him' but that is because they seem to think I'm carrying around an over sized plastic barbie that won't break unless they try to melt it.
    10. eat hem alive:x or ask hem to pay for the damage :P
    11. It depends a lot on the situation, for me. Well- if I broke someone else's doll, I'd offer to replace the broken part or pay to have it fixed.

      But I also think that taking a doll out in public is making a choice. The potential for accidents is much higher outside, and it's my opinion that if you decide to take your doll out you're acknowledging that risk. If it was a genuine accident that caused damage to my doll, I wouldn't ask the person to replace it. If, however, there was blatant disregard- they made no effort to be careful and avoid accidents- then yes, I'd ask them to pay up. Accidents are one thing, sheer carelessness is another.
    12. I suppose it depends on the situation, but ultimately, I would want them to pay for it. That's part of being a mature adult - owning up to your mistakes.

      On the other hand, if I was holding someone's doll and the finger snapped off when I was being really gentle, and then they wanted me to pay, I'd be pissed cause it would have obviously been because the finger was already close to breaking... and I'd simply refuse. Chances are, there would be other people watching who would vouch that I was not doing anything that would break a doll in good condition...
    13. This is why I wouldnt let anyone handle any of my dolls without permission. I rarely take them out however since there are no meet-ups here, and I am a very self concious person.. so they stay home mostly where I can enjoy them without feeling weird. XD But if I ever did take them out, at my own risk, no one would handle them without my permission or knowing the consiquinses if they are damaged. I fully expect someone to pay for damage they caused, whether it was an accident or not.
    14. Yeah :roar I would probably eat them, or rip their arm off and hit them with it, unless it were someone I loved. Then I would just scream at them and then cry. And by golly I would make them pay for it :evil:.
    15. OMG YOU KEEL MAI DOLL! I KEEL J00! ><+

      Yeah, break my doll, I bring down wrath. These aren't cheap and I'm really particular about my stuff. If you break it and don't OFFER to pay it, you best believe I'm going to make a huge stink about it. I'm really very pushy when I'm upset, and I think if you broke my doll (you in the general, "you-whom-shall-be-paying-for-it" sense not, you as in a particular person), you best be prepared to pay for it.

      Especially family. Oh, my family would pay out their nose for my dolls if they broke it, mostly because they aren't nice people except for my mom and my one aunt. Yeah, some people are shy, I understand that. But I would be too incensed to be shy.
    16. If I broke someone else's doll, I would offer to pay for the damage because I believe that's the right thing to do. However, if someone broke my doll, I don't know if I'd have the guts to ask the same of them. I would be more likely to ask if they were someone I knew or if they were someone who was knowledgeable about the value of bjds. The fact of the matter is that these dolls are valuable, and any damages cost money to fix.
    17. This worries me often. I think about it everytime I take my doll into public, especially the mall and other busy places, because even people who are aware that the doll is there will sometimes bump her unintentionally. All it would really take is one person in a hurry or one inconsiderate or especially egotistical teenager to drop her to the floor.

      I'm not a scary nor intimidating person, infact I'm quite small and squishy. If a group of mean kids decided to play keep-away with my doll, I'd probably have little to do except jump and yell. If they did harm her and I demanded payment, they'd sooner blow me off and walk away. Of course I'd, at that point, call the police or security, but even they probably wouldn't know how to react to me and wouldn't take me seriously because I look young. I've had this happen to me, alot, in many situations where authority figures do not take me seriously because I appear very young. I'm actually 20, but most people would assume I'm barely a teenager, and it does affect how I am treated daily.

      I've thought about this alot, as you can probably tell. Its very worrying, and I try to keep my boyfriend closeby whenever I can because unlike me, he is tall and can be very intimidating, and most definately looks his age (23). With him around I don't have to worry about anyone bothering me to begin with, let alone having to pull money out of someone after damage is done.

      Realistically, if damage ever came to her, and I knew for absolute certain who caused it and that it was intentional, if they were aware of the dolls and their value I would first confront them with the fact that it was their fault and should be responsible, and take it from there. If they are someone unaware of the dolls and their value, I would confront them first with the doll's value, then probably call the police and file a claim. In my opinion, given the value of the dolls, its not much different than having a car accident except we can't get insurance for our dolls.

      Edit: If I broke someone else's doll as a result of my genuine carelessness or own stupidity, I would take responsibility for the whole replacement cost. This is why I usually do not want to touch/handle/be near other people's dolls. They are an accident waiting to happen xD

      Pretty to look at from far away, but please keep at a safe distance kthnxbai.
    18. Now, for me it really depends. :/ Anything is obviously fixable, but to a dollie person, I wouldn't go and say, hey, you have to fix this because this broke because of negligance, or freak accident, but I would consider if they offered to pay. I prolly wouldn't take it though. If I did it, even because I don't have the money, I would start crying and promising repayment, of course, which I know would be taken, but I'd find a way to repay them, even if I had to take out a loan or anything.

      For my regular friends, however, like today, is a different story. I trust everyone of them, they would never do anything that I would not consider a freak accident. Today, one of my friends asked me to take her to a grad party, because Jamie, the host, actually likes her. So, I take her, and I hand her to my best friend, who I said, don't crush Mira. So pretends to punch the bag she's in. And I said, "Um, do you have $300 for her?" So he sets the bag down and pretends to step on her. "I might as well enjoy it, no?" Came back from the bathroom, nothing happened, I took my bag right back again.

      My family, however, never touches the dolls, except my dad, who bought her for me anyway, so it'd really be him out the money, I'd just be so crushed he'd have her sent off to be fixed anyway. I don't really have to ask, it's more that he knows how much she means, he likes to take her and put her shotgun so I have to sit in the back. :D And do weird stuff to her like run off with her head if I'm making something and I only wanted her body.

      (I also trust people pretty willingly. xD)
    19. It depends on what they broke and definitely on the circumstances. Its wayy to easy to get a hand replaced to actually get overly upset at someone for. Also as far as resin nicks go if it was something a lil bit of sanding could fix I wouldnt be that upset either. The only time I would demand payment is if they broke/damnaged the face or a major part of the body.

      I usually only let nondoll people hold my dolls when they are sitting down and I explain how not to touch the face, blah, blah, etc. Doll peoples usually know whats going on so I don't worry around them.
    20. If some random stranger who picked up my doll without consent and broke it, yeah, I'd be pissed. I would demand compensation.

      However, if it were someone at a meet-up I would not be so direct. I'd imagine they'd feel just as terrible as I would if I damaged their doll. I'm not sure what I'd do exactly, but I wouldn't be demanding or harsh about it. Then again, all of the people at our local meet-ups are awesome, so that may have an effect on my opinion. :sweat The only time a doll breakage would really, really upset me (more sad than angry) even if it was cause by a friend would be damage to Azazel. He's one of the first Tan els CP ever made, so his skin is lighter that all the others, plus they don;t make option parts for their tan dolls at all. Any damage to Azazel would be pretty much irreversable. :( The opposite of that spectrum are my bambies. My mom accidentally knock one of my bambies off a counter and her finger broke. Now, I have several bambies and bambicrony always send them with a plethora of extra hands. My mom freaked out and I just laughed saying "No worries, I have, like, six extras" She just stared at me. :lol: