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If someone damaged your doll's faceup?

Nov 11, 2010

    1. There's another thread: If someone broke your doll - this thread is specifically how people would handle damage to their doll's faceups or body blushing.

      So... What would you do? I think the faceups and bodyblushing are more fragile and easily damaged than the dolls themselves.

      • Would you ask the person who caused the damage to pay for a replacement faceup?
      • Would the amount you asked for differ depending on the amount of damage (i.e. a small scratch or mushed eyelashes vs. completely ruined [but the doll is undamaged!])
      • Would it make a difference if the faceup were a limited edition or if it were the company default?

      • What if you do your own faceups? What if you're not a professional faceup artist?
      • Should you ask only for the cost of supplies (MSC, pastels, etc.) or would you factor in the time and effort it takes to do the faceup? Does it matter if you have spare supplies available?
      • Would your estimation of your own faceup talents affect the amount you ask for? (i.e. some professional artist charge as much as $150, while others only charge $15)

      I really want to hear what people have to say about the second list. I'm very concerned with that one since I do paint my own dolls.
    2. To be honest, since I do my own faceups, if someone damaged it I'd just patch over the scratch, or wipe it and start again. There's no use crying over spilt milk, and since I obviously enjoy painting I'd feel immeasurably pompous saying to anyone "Oh! You ruined my art! Quick, give me money to make up for your insolence!"

      If I'd paid for a faceup I imagine I'd be irritated, and explain to the person why they'd done something really quite bad. Then again, most people are mature enough to know that if they're broken something, they've done something wrong. I wouldn't expect them to pay for the replacement, but if they offered to I'd let them - After all, if you invite someone to your house and they accidentally spill red wine on the sofa, you don't immediately start shouting and demanding that they pay for it to be cleaned. It's just downright rude to put someone on the spot about an accident and start demanding cash.
    3. Since I'm not a person who attends meet-ups or any other such thing which I know will directly put my dolls in contact with other people I'd have to say that yes, if someone damaged my doll's face-up I would make them pay for the repairs. The only time other people would be handling my dolls is without my permission, because I don't allow other people to handle my dolls. They're kept in boxes in my bedroom, in my closet. In order for someone to mess with them they would be messing in my closet, no one should do that in someone else's house without permission. My family and all our family friends who know about my dolls know to look but not touch, anyone who is touching them is doing so without my permission and if they cause damage, I think it is right to make them pay for something they should not have been touching in the first place.

      I don't necessarily agree that it depends on how much damage was done on how much the person who damaged it should have to pay. I'm one of those people who gets $100-$150 face-ups from artists like Poppy or who buys Volks FCS dolls purely for the custom face-up by a Volks artist and in these cases I couldn't just send the head back and say "Hey, could you put on more chin-blushing for $25?". It may just be a little damage, but it may be a lot harder to truly repair than you'd actually think.

      I also wouldn't want to send the head to another cheaper artist and have a 'mixed work' head, as I feel that could be insulting to the original face-up artist in many ways. In these cases, all I could think of to do would be to send the head back to the original artist (if I could) and ask for them to totally re-do it. Because some artists (using Poppy as an example here again, because I love her work), won't do partial face-up fixes, you'd have to have it totally wiped and re-done.

      Some examples of why it might be offensive to the original artist if I were to get a cheaper fix include, if I were to say "Most of this face-up was done by *name*, but the chin blushing was done by *other name*." It may make them feel like you re-did that one part because you were unhappy with how they originally did it and they feel it's unfair you should alter their work in that way. In some cases, depending on how sensitive the artist is to these matters, it may make them never do work for you again. I also couldn't rightly say "This face-up was done by *name*." and have that artist come along and be like "...Um, that is NOT how I do chin blushing. That's an insult to my work to say that was done by me when it's not, I don't want people thinking I did a job that horrible." See what I mean about how it could become a sticky situation? I've actually seen these exact issues on the board before.

      I think that's kind of a far-stretch of an example. Furniture is expected to be used, dolls are not expected to be used by every person who enters the household. I'd say it's more on par with entering someone's house, playing with the jewelry in their jewelry box and breaking the chain of a necklace.
    4. It would upset me if it was the result of someone being careless with my doll. I don't mind at all if people at meetups handle my dolls, but I expect them to be treated with respect. I do my own faceups, and even if some of my customs/defaults get some damage, I can probably touch them up or redo them myself to my satisfaction. It's just the principle of the matter that would really bother me. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how I would handle that as the issue for me is less about money and more about being careless with others' possessions.
    5. Ahh, I didn't think of the scenario you described. I thought of it more as being a case of the doll being out on show somewhere in the house, someone picking it up and immediately dropping it on the loor, damaging the faceup. And, in the case of the jewellery example - Yes, if someone was playing with one of my things and broke it, I'd still consider it rude to tell them of and demand money. Tell them off, maybe. Accept if they offered me money, certainly. But demanding that they pay to have it fixed feels... Strange, to me. As if it meant that I'd put a monetary value on everything in my house, and was just waiting for someone to ruin it. In a case like that, surely, it'd be best to just insure the faceup.
    6. This would depend very much on which dolls face-up got damaged, by whom and how.
      If an elderly interested grandmother would misjudge the dolls weight and let it slip, or if someone is trying to balance one of my less well strung dolls and the wind blows it over, i would be calm and relaxed about this
      I would respond differently if a couple off beer buddies start trowing it around (this happened with a very expensive collectible doll in my late teens once, boy where they happy they had insurance!). Also i would respond differently if it was a one-off limited face-up on a limited doll, then when it is one of my own attempts. If its a proffesional face-up and the person who is responsible for the damage was careless or intentionally endangering my doll, I would let them pay full costs for shipping and redoing. If it was mine, i have all the materials, im not a profesional and would not know how to price my work if my life depended on it, so i would not charge anything.

      Usually when people come over i do not trust with my dolls, i make sure that their all savely stashed away so accidents dont happen.

      Why not? I once carelessly put a glass of wine on a armrest on a sofa and then even more carelessly swept it over. Everyone was very calm and relaxed about this, and all parties just assumed i would pay for a for a replacement cover (it was a Ikea sofa with interchangable covers). I would have felt a real jerk if i had not.
    7. The person who damaged my doll's face-up was actually me - I put my hand over my boy's tattoo and part of it rubbed off. No big deal, I just fixed it and resealed. If it was someone else who had done it and it was an accident, once again, no big deal - I'd just fix it and reseal. I'm finding the smaller fixup jobs are making my face-ups better anyway.

      If I damaged someone else's face-up, it'd be the same deal as if I broke part of a doll. (Which I have done -sigh-, at a meet my boy knocked another doll off the table when he kicked suddenly. Two broken fingers resulted. Pure accident, no evil intent except perhaps on the part of Lief.) I'd offer to pay for the damage or do the fix myself at no cost. If it was an accident, this is the right thing to do. (And in the case of the broken hand, I'll have a fit of hysterics and guilt and apologise incessantly for the next three hours. While offering to pay. And become the person's slave for a month.)
    8. If it were an accident, I wouldn't be bothered much, if at all. For the most part, I do my own face-ups, which get replaced or redone every six months, or even sooner than that, thanks to my ADD and boredom. Also, if the doll is undamaged, why get annoyed at all? A face-up can be replaced. Sure, it might not be identicle to the original or damaged face-up, but you can still get it replaced.

      I may be a little too laid back about my dolls, but so long as the resin itself is undamaged, then I probably don't care. My dolls are for me to get away from stressful sitations or to just have a calm solace in the world for a few minutes or so. I just don't see why I should get so upset over an accident, when everything can be replaced eventually. There are a lot worse things out there than having to pay to replace some paint on your doll, or having to do it yourself, and I'd rather save my time and energy on those things, than on something that I find inconsequential.

      Now, if it were on purpose... Well, suffice to say they'd either be paying for the damages, or I'd be sending them packing with a warning that this person does not respect other people's property.
    9. If it was with malicious intent, I'd breathe fire on them. For any other reason, I'd shrug it off and send the doll off to get a new face. There's no face-up in the world worth damaging a relationship with a friend over, no matter how limited it is. If it were Super Special ZOMG PRICELESS!! - it would be in a locked display case and nobody would be able to damage it. But.. I wouldn't buy a doll like that. To me, they're dolls. They're meant to be handled and played with and dressed up etc. I expect that in the normal course of use, they'll get some damage.
    10. I might ask them to pay for repairs if it was an expensive or rare faceup that was really messed up, if it's minor I may attempt to patch it. If it's a faceup I did (which I try to do anyways) I'll just fix it up myself.
    11. I don't think I would snap at the person if accidentally messed up the face-up of my doll, still I could get slightly annoyed if it's a commission face up rather than a factory one but surely wouldn't get angry. If the damage is quite the big deal I'd try to see what options we could reach in order to fix it or something along those lines since I can't make my own face ups due to some materials are extremely hard to get here. Anyway, I accidentally ruined one of my dolls default face up so you know what they say, sh*t happens. x'D
    12. I'd be a little angry if someone damaged my doll's face-up. Not sure if I'd start shouting for reparations though.

      I'm slowly getting into doing face-ups so I think I'd be less angry if the damage was something that I think I can patch up.

      I'd be more angry if like lots of the face-up was damaged, but I dunno how that would happen without intending to remove the face-up or hurting the resin itself (then I'd probably start shouting for reparations), my dolls' face-ups seem pretty sturdy minus the point of Saif's nose, but there's not any blushing there to ruin. It just looks shiny because the matte-sealant always rubs off.
    13. This actually happened. My sister got mascara on one of my doll heads. Then my dad tried to get it out with silly putty. It didn't work, and made it worse...Oh god I went on a rampage....Anyways, my mom and her stain fighting techniques were there, and she gently rubbed the stains off with some crest pro-health toothpaste and a toothbrush, and wallah! barely noticeable. Now all thats left is a mark in the middle of the heads painted eyelashes. I almost killed my sister and dad.... I sure am glad it was sealed!
      However, if it had been damaged beyond repair, i would've had the damager pay me 60 bucks so i could get a good face up and slap them. blegh. I can't do a face-up for a piece of lint...
    14. Well, since I have no intention of redoing - or ever doing - Emma's face up, I'd have to see if maybe the company could redo it, or find someone, give them good face-shots of what it would've looked like, and see if they could make it permanent in some way (so it never happened again).

      And in terms of payment, it would depend on the reason it got messed up. If someone somehow ruined her face by total accident, most likely they'd offer to pay for it to be redone. And in that case, I wouldn't take their money because I knew they didn't do anything to purposely ruin it. Of course, this sort of thing would not work out if they were fooling around and she happened to get her face ruined as a result. It was also an accident, of course, but you really could've given some common sense to the situation.

      Lastly, if it was on purpose in some way then they'd pay up whether or not they offered to. It's just cruel (and also a tad unusual), and you deserve to be milked for every penny it takes for you to right your wrong. (yeah, I am that vindictive)

      Of course, this would change if I could do it myself; I'd be annoyed, but if she wasn't seriously damaged, I'd get angry and redo it. But because I can't, and there are fees involved, they'd have to pay for everything - shipping and work time.
    15. Personally I think accidents happen and if the person who caused the damage apologized, then I'd accept that and move on. To demand money from someone for this kind of thing is rather rude and it's not as if they "vandalized" your property on purpose. In most cases, when accidents occur, the party responsible feels horrible about it, and it would be terribly unkind if you were to make them feel even worse about the whole thing.

      If however, you are absolutely certain that the damage was caused on purpose, with true malice towards you in mind, then compensation should be sought.

      And for those you that are honestly worried about others handling your dolls, then don't allow it. Either don't bring them to meets, or if you do, politely let people know that you're happy to display your dolls, but would rather no one touch them.

      Just my opinions folks.
    16. *What if you do your own faceups? What if you're not a professional faceup artist?
      This is me~

      *Should you ask only for the cost of supplies (MSC, pastels, etc.) or would you factor in the time and effort it takes to do the faceup? Does it matter if you have spare supplies available?
      I wouldn't ask.. but I'd like it if they offered to pay for a can of MSC. ;w; (Even if I had an extra one at home.. I wouldn't mention that.. *cough*) The other stuff is easy to get though, and faceups are fun to do, so I definitely wouldn't ask for compensation for the time spent on it.

      *Would your estimation of your own faceup talents affect the amount you ask for? (i.e. some professional artist charge as much as $150, while others only charge $15)
      ... *_*; I wouldn't have thought of that. No, I don't think I'd factor that in. Even the most expensive artist is free to himself, and the faceup is still for me even though I'm doing it because of them, so I don't think it would make sense to do this.
    17. I think I would be slightly upset depending on the situation. At a con I was at recently, someone tipped over my Homme Ducan and he fell over backwards and shattered his fingers. Instead of freaking out, I picked him up, assured the person that did it that I understood it was a complete freak accident and not to be upset, gathered the fingers, went to a hardware store and bought stuff to fix him. The only noticeable thing now is covered by a pinky ring.

      So for a faceup... I don't know. Those aren't easily remedied seeing as I cannot do my own faceups. Knowing me, I'd just take my doll back and sulk to my friends for a while and try to figure out something to do. An eyelash or something? Whatever, no big. A completely destroyed faceup..... eh, I'd try to see what options were available to me.

      I'd never demand money though, unless someone INTENTIONALLY damaged my doll. And even then, I'd be hesitant.
    18. It depends on the situation. If it is purely accident, no one being careless nor doing harm action around my dolls, i won't bother so much, it is something you could not help it. Most of my dolls' face ups are done by me, so i could just fix it and re-do it. I would try to fix it my own even if the damage face up was the one with default company's face up.

      Should you ask only for the cost of supplies (MSC, pastels, etc.) or would you factor in the time and effort it takes to do the faceup? Does it matter if you have spare supplies available?
      If i still got spare supplies available, i won't ask for compensation. But if i was running out of MSC, i would ask them to buy me new MSC can (with shipping cost included) so i could fix the face up.
    19. U_U what a depressing thought.

      It'd probably be visibly sad or upset as much as I'd like to think I could handle it cooly. ^^;
      But I understand accidents happen. I would just hope that it wasnt someone being reckless.

      I figure if I'm going to put my dolls in a situation where they are going to be susceptible to being damaged that's my own undoing. ^^; Luckily a damaged faceup doesn't 'd necessarily mean damaged resin. I painted one of my two boys myself (the other is a modified faceup). So.... its not like I'd be having to replace a $150 paint job. ^^;;

      If I was the one who damaged a faceup I'd feel terrible and apologize forever. If it was so bad (gawd I hope not) that it would have to be redone I'd offer to paint them (to save them money) or pay for them to be repainted. Either way I would do my best to make up for any damage I caused. And then some.U_U
    20. I am.....paranoid about people messing up my dolls, and when I let people who I don't know handle them, I generally hover like an extremely overprotective parent and outright say that they are to not touch the face and will generally give it a dollar value right then and there as to how much it would cost to replace. I'm way more easy going with my friends and doll owners I know I can trust because they understand the cost and effort put into my dolls.

      If someone damaged my doll or their faceup, I would be pretty pissed. I don't really care how bad or sorry they feel, they're not the one who has to live with the damage. Growing up, I would always have to deal with relatives my age coming over and wanting to play with my toys and breaking them or making them dirty. It would always infuriate me that they would do that and then not replace or repair them. I was taught that if I broke something, I'd pay out of my own pocket to replace it. If I was to damage someone's doll, I would pay to fix it. I would expect the same of others towards my dolls.