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If someone was selling a doll head for more would you buy it?

May 30, 2016

    1. Recently I came across a switch head for more than what the company was asking. Would anyone still buy it?
    2. I guess I would take the following into account:
      -Condition of the doll
      -Company shipping vs. used shipping
      -Time it takes to get the head from the company vs. time it takes to get the head used

      It depends on if you think the amount of money you spend on used shipping and having a shorter wait time is worth it as compared to buying from the company!
    3. It really depends. Many people will take these into consideration:
      - Is the head readily available from the company?
      - Does the head have a face-up and by whom?
      - Is the head in a limited resin color?
      - How much will it cost to ship the head to me vs. straight from the company?
      - Waiting times?
      - Any modifications (can be worth more or less depending on the mod)?

      Some people are scalpers and like to add in the money they lost having the item shipped to them which I think is in poor taste... if you decided not to keep it, you should at least just eat the shipping cost to you since you decided to take that risk. Other people, especially those who live in Europe, have to pay a hefty customs fee on the dolls they buy. Sometimes they add some of the price they paid in customs but it still ends up being cheaper for those who live in the EU.
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    4. If it was a rare, out-of-production basic sculpt that just didn't come up for sale often or a long sold-out Limited? Sure. I would (and have-) paid a fair bit over the original price for dolls and heads that I couldn't get from the company anymore. That's just not an unusual thing in collectible hobbies where direct availability isn't necessarily forever.

      For a sculpt that *WAS* still easily-available? Probably not... Unless it had some seriously impressive face-up that I absolutely fell in love with, or particularly nice modifications or something else that made it more valuable to me than a fresh new one straight from the box.
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    5. Probably not, but I would make an exception for:
      -A doll with a gorgeous faceup by a famous/sought after artist (it has to be stunning since I do all my own faceups)
      -A doll that is no longer available from the company
      -A doll from a company with an insane wait time (looking at you Dollshe...)
    6. Under normal circumstances, no, I wouldn't. I'd rather get the doll from the company, brand new, than pay extra.

      However, if it's a long sold out or limited head that I really wanted badly, I would, within reason. Or if the price + shipping balanced out to about the same as the company. Or if the company's ordering periods were really difficult to deal with. I wouldn't pay extra for a faceup or mods or just because it was owned by a popular person. None of that means anything to me.
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    7. I agree with what most others are saying. If the sculpt was long sold out I'd seriously consider getting the head even if it was higher than the company price. Limited would be another instance, along with face up. I'm not very good at those so a head with a face up already on it is worth a bit more to me than a blank head.
    8. if mit was rare or out of production or had a face up that was particularly exquisite, I would.
    9. Thank you guys! This helped me out a lot :)
    10. Maybe, depending upon how long the company usually takes to fill an order, how much more, can I get it cheaper from someone else? I'm not into getting ripped off but then again I don't like waiting a year for a doll or head either. I'm much more of an immediate gratification type.
    11. Generally no, but if it was being sold by someone I, like, knew and trusted so I would feel safe about the condition it would be in, and the shipping cost from the company would wind up making the cost of buying new greater, then maybe.
    12. If it was a discontinued model which I have always wanted then yes. But it depends on how much more. 50$? Yes. 100$? Ehhh... rather not. It really depends on what model and how much I am craving for it :)
    13. I'm pretty much in the same territory as @Nefla is up there -- if I'm going to pay a substantial amount extra, it has to be either a) a REALLY brilliant example of its sculpt; b) no longer available from the company/from a company no longer in production; or c) from a company with Dollshe-level wait times. How much extra -- well, that's dictated by the item itself. If market value for the item is $50 over, then that's what I'll pay. If it's double what the item was new -- well, I'll cringe, but it is what it is and if I can afford it, then all is well.
    14. If I have money, I tend to buy things that I want so as long as I have the money for them, which is partially why I never really have much money, but yes, if it were something I wanted, I would pay a premium just for the availability of said item. I've also paid 50$ next-day shipping on a 3$ non-necessary item on amazon though, so take my advice for what you will.
    15. Only if the head was a sculpt that was retired, and in like-new condition.
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    16. It really depends on how badly I want that particular head. If its limited and I can't find another one I would probably dish out the money needed to have it in my collection.
    17. Unless it were discontinued and I couldn't buy it anymore, No. I don't like paying more than I have to and I don't mind longer wait times if it means I get a good price.
    18. I always choose the dolls from company if they are still selling the models...but if a used doll really has a good price with a good condition, I may consider it...
    19. If it was super limited, or something I really wanted, I would consider it.
    20. If I really want it, then I'll buy it. :whee: oh, and if I have the money haha! I'd need a layaway and to know if it's yellowed/condition, but if I really, really want it, then I'll take the leap of faith and get it :cheer