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If Soom released their monthly dolls as a basic line next year, how would you feel?

Jun 9, 2010

    1. This is purely hypothetical because I haven't asked Soom, nor have they released a statement saying one way or the other.

      ** UPDATE**
      (see link below)​

      I've been giving this some thought.... and it's actually Iplehouse who make me think of it. Soom announced last year that THIS year would be the last for their monthly dolls, and then they would start redoing their regular SD sized line. Iplehouse releases a special version of their doll, and then releases the basic version, and it makes me wonder if Soom will do the same with the monthlies, like offer them in natural skin, human versions only, natural face-ups, etc.

      So how would you feel if they released the monthly dolls as just a basic doll?

      Is it right for a company to present a doll as "limited" (instead of saying, "limited version") and then release it as basic later? Is that lying?

      Would you be upset, and why?

      Would you be thrilled?

      OK i'm going to ninja in a picture of my Soom Cuprit because I CAN.... bwahahahahaha

    2. I think it'd be pretty silly to be upset over something like that, though it'd probably piss off the elitists that feel special just for owning monthlies, haha. Though I think it'd be pretty great, seeing as a lot of people just want the basic sculpt without fantasy parts anyway.
    3. I would be very happy..;o; I could get my Chalcoooo and maybe even others that I'd wanted! ♥

    4. I think that it's perfectly legitimate to be upset about the release (if it would happen). It's as if any company decided to release all of the limited dolls they ever made. No one likes to think that they made a purchase under pressure, and even minus the pressure (if you're not the kind of person who feels it) it's still crappy that previous owners had to be inconvenienced in order to get basic monthlies without fantasy parts. It seems easy enough in theory to sell something on the MP, but from personal experience even if the item sells quickly you feel a lot of pressure to have it sell, to bump, to be attentive at all times on DoA. Not to mention the basic dolls might end up being more cost-effective overall, depending on how much a price drop Soom will throw in because of the absence of even the *option* of fantasy parts. Not to mention second-market buyers who acquired the limited dolls through the MP or elsewhere and had to pay the inflation of the price as well. I'd be *royally* pissed if I were one of those people. These dolls are so much money that I'd be surprised if people weren't at least a bit miffed that they went through so much trouble and paid more for a doll that they thought was limited, but could've waited and gotten basic later, maybe at a cheaper price.

      On the other hand, I think that the people who bought the doll FOR the fantasy parts may feel better ... in a way, the fantasy parts would become the limited items and not the doll as a whole per se, so they still made a purchase that was worth the pressure.

      I personally wouldn't care at all about the problem, seeing as I do not plan currently to own any Soom dolls. Though I'd love to see an Onyx basic for my own selfish happiness. XD
    5. I wouldn't really care, I never found the MD sculpts all that attractive, to be honest, beyond all the bells and whistles. I can see where people who joined splits and went through a hassle to get a basic doll out of a mythological beast with 35 attachments might be a little miffed, but if someone gets excessively p.o.'d about it, they need to straighten out their priorities. I wish I had such problems. xD
    6. I would be pretty happy about it. I own one of the monthlies from 2008 (Topaz) and I love her to death, but there were others that I missed and would love to try to get, even if they would come in NS or CW skin (I hate having to pay the way higher prices for them now on the second hand market). I would also like to see more of some of the sculpts around, since some of them were unpopular when they first came out and then when people saw user photos loved them (Vesuvia for example).

      With my Topaz I originally bought her with her wig, eyes, and faceup. I sold all her fairy parts, her wig, and her eyes, and in the end, ended up paying almost exact what I would have for a standard Soom Super Gem, so it was really only all the extras that made her cost so much more (at least for me it was). Yeah it was an impulse buy due to the fact that she was limited, but I would love to see more Topaz around, and if it really matters to someone that their doll was one of the limited, at least they'll always know, especially if they had someone like Euclase who was in grey.

      I agree with polysics-or-die that it would be a silly thing to get upset over. Other companies have released standards of their limiteds before, so its not like it's a new concept or anything.
    7. I spent about $1500 on my aftermarket Cuprit. Soom's regular Super Gems are about $700. Meaning I paid over twice as much because it was limited. That said, I think I would reach levels of pissed off that I hadn't even previously known existed if they decided Cuprit would be available as a regular doll with "option" fantasy parts. In fact, I'm getting so upset right now even thinking about it, I'm going to go ahead and unsubscribe from this thread, take a shower, and go to bed.

      *Brrrrr* SCREAMING heebie jeebies just took hold of me thinking about it. Yuck! *_*
    8. It seems that most people were more interested in the fantasy parts than the basic human dolls, so I don't think releasing them as basic human Super Gems/Teenie Gems would be such a huge deal. Releasing them with all fantasy parts... well I think that would be a bit rude to previous customers since they were sold as limiteds and if they are to be re-released it would probably be better to either change the parts and fullset or only do additional limited releases (like the extra Sards and various fullsets they sold off after the original order periods).

      Personally I wouldn't really be bothered even if they did release the MDs as standards, but I can understand why others would be pretty upset by it.
    9. Considering Sard was simply a Dia head on a male Super Gem body, the only reason to have a Sard is for the fantasy parts anyway.

      And I would be highly disappointed if Soom made their MDs into a regular line. I found the old basic Super Gems to be much more attractive to me than their MDs. Most of Soom's MD guys were way too femme for my taste, and I would be disappointed to see that femme-quality repeated in a basic line.

      Well, there's always Iplehouse and Impldoll to satisfy my manly-man needs.
    10. It be nice to have some of those limiteds as basics as if I wanted say a Shonki or Monzo, I don't want all of those extra pieces I would never use. But I have a different look on this issue cause I just went through this with Volks.

      I bought a Sweet Dream Myu secondhand from the original release back in 2003, but this year Volks added that head to the FCS. I was pissed. Why? Cause she was released six years prior to when I finally tracked one down and I don't like the oldskin bodies, but I told myself I'm happy with my girl. But now she's available in all the skin tones, all the bodies, has the magnet system in head, and can be chosen with different wigs and the whole lot that comes with doing an FCS. To me it's nice some that couldn't get her back then can get her now, but I probably would have been on the fence in buying her second hand if I knew just a few months later the head would be added to the FCS. I felt a tad cheated by Volks when they did that. Now I just accept it, but it sucked when I first saw the annoucement.
    11. I personally fail to see the femme in the monthly Super Gem males but hey. But we could use more basic femme females, hm?

      Anyway yeah, I guess I'd have no problem with it if it was just human versions that were released. Human Amber, how interesting. Would be cool to get some of these babies in simple NS. If they were released with fantasy parts as options, I guess I would feel kinda cheated, insert moment of feelsbadman.jpg. I just don't think it would be a very wise thing for them to do if they did it in that fashion, so I doubt that would happen.
    12. I personally would be happy. I love Heliot but I don't want all of the fantasy parts. He is the perfect Cernunos doll, I have never found another mold I like for it. I can see why some people who bought the limiteds would be upset, but at the same time I think if the dolls are released in normal resin colors (normal and white skin I guess) with no fantasy part options it isn't much different than what other companies do. That is just my opinion on it though.
    13. ahahha i'd laugh myself to death. because i've been spectating the soom craze since its beginnings.
    14. Often the company's idea of limited can be different to the buyer's. When they call dolls limited, they can mean with that face-up and with that outfit. Nowhere on the site does it say that the MDs will never be resold as basic. Only that that particular doll/outfit look is offered as a monthly special. Given the popularity, I'd say if soom plans to do anything, they will probably offer hooves, wings, claw feet as an optional extra. I'm guessing they may go to the trouble of redesigning them to make them look different. There are a few other companies now offering hooves, horns etc for their dolls. I think the reality with the MDs was that as time went on, Soom were repeating a few of their ideas. I know after a while on the threads there were a few comments of "not another hooved doll". Market values fluctuate constantly anyway. Every time Soom release a new doll, there is the chance it could affect the market price of other dolls. Soom even did a limited auction of their monthly dolls which included a Sard in normal skin. I would have preferred to get Sard in NS had it been possible at the time, as it was, I sold my WS Sard because he was simply too pasty for me.

      Edit: I have ordered a Meoroo head from customhouse that when I bought it specifically stated "never to be resold in basic" so I ordered him so I wouldn't miss out. Now he's offered as a basic. Companies change their minds all the time.
    15. I'm not particularly interested in the fantasy parts and would welcome a revamp of the Teenie Gem line. They just look a bit primitive compared to the Teenie MDs nowadays. That said, although I'd love to see some basic version of Glot/Glati, I'd expect Soom to do original dolls, not re-release the MDs.
    16. I would be very happy to see Onyx,amber,Vesuvia and others in basic^^ I actualy dont care about hooves and other optional parts,becouse i lile realistic thigns in dolls.

      And now,when I'm ver close to but Soom topaz from second hand market,I wont be dissapointed if I will see her in base next year-i will buy another too!
    17. Hmmm. On the one hand, it seems like that would be a little misleading of Soom--I feel like they've made a big deal out of the extreme limitedness of the MDs. Whereas I believe Iplehouse was always up-front about basic versions coming out later. It doesn't seem fair to all those people who saved up and/or pieced together their dream doll off the Marketplace.

      On the other hand... it's always kind of bummed me out that they're so hard to get. And I find I prefer the MD sculpts, especially the tinies, to Soom's other sculpts. So I wouldn't mind seeing a human, non-limited option.

      I do think it would be decent of Soom to offer the MD-style human bodies for sale separately. It's darn hard to find a CW Soom tiny body secondhand, especially, since so many tinies have two heads and everyone is doing splits. I really wish they were available directly from the company.

      For the record, I do not believe Soom would sell new versions of the MDs. But perhaps I'll be proven wrong.
    18. I would be very happy since I want a Monzo. I don't want to pay much more for him than the original price if I buy him second hand, that's nearly impossible so it would be great if he comes out as a basic.
      Keep on dreaming, Yuna xD

      I'm not really interested in the other Soom MDs so I wouldn't care if they're re-released.

      I don't think it either that Soom's gonna do a basic line but okay, my life still goes on without Monzo xD
    19. I wouldn't like that at all to be honest.

      I wasn't pleased at all when Iplehouse went and started releasing their limiteds as basics (I have an Iplehouse limited, but eventually have decided to sell her cause she's just not fitting in - chubby body + completely human = no xD)
      When I get a limited doll, I want them to STAY limited and not suddenly be released as a basic. If however the basic was released first, and then the company decides to make limited fullsets with a basic sculpt, that doesn't bother me.
      Gives people like me the chance to experience a company's amazing faceup or clothes, or special colours, or fantasy parts.
      A few of my dolls are this kind of thing from Souldoll, Custom House and Bambicrony.

      Now if Soom were going to release fantasy with claws or hooves or whatever limiteds, but release the basic dolls with totally different basic faceups and no fantasy parts, that might not bother me as much. But I'd rather they didn't!

      With Souldoll's Shiva or Angelheim's new girl in whichever version, I would be bringing both dolls home were they limited, but as they're basic I probably won't ever bother.
      I don't bond with basics at all, for whatever reason (same goes with verrrry common limiteds, like my Soom Glot I'm having problems with because everyone and their mom has one!).
      When Soom stop releasing limiteds, I'll most likely stop buying. Can't be sure, depending on what they end up releasing and whether it becomes a must have or not. They'll need to drop the prices excessively though, because again a problem with Souldoll's Shiva is that she's just WAY too expensive for a basic.

      I am rambling xD
    20. Limiteds in a hobby about customisation and creativity doesn't add up. I'd like companies get over supplying to niche groups and concentrate on infinite possibilities. Edit: To answer the question, if Soom offered the monthlies as normal SDs, I'd buy an Io in heartbeat. :D