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If you could ask BJD (and related items) makers...

Dec 8, 2016

    1. If there's a message you'd like BJD and BJD clothing/accessories makers to get, what would it be?


      1. Please make non-babyish clothes and shoes for YOSD size dolls.
      2. Please make more shoes and boots to fit slender MSD feet!
      3. Most of the US is cold in December. Please make more holiday dresses with sleeves, preferably long ones.
    2. Please give me more mature (and by mature I mean look like adults not young teens) msd sized dolls
      Please more sizes between msd and sd. For short sd or tall msd characters. 50-55cm boy bodies pleaaaaase.
      more tan, all the time. Tan.
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    3. I'd ask Crobidoll why the fudge they don't make hobins anymore!!!
      Or why they don't sell single heads!?...:(
    4. Give us more options to just buy heads.
      More skin color options too, in natural tones, different shades of tans and browns.
      More male sculpts that are MSD or slightly taller so girls can have bf's that aren't the exact same height as them.
      More MSD Male sculpts that aren't so childish looking. Not asking for grown up male models, but just not the chubby cheeks and pouty faces. I know there are some but we need more options!
    5. I second the call for shoes that fit slim MSDs - my poor girl is stuck wearing ill fitting shoes much too wide for her feet because I have no idea where to buy slim msd shoes. ):

      Other things I'd love to see:
      More companies making changeable faceplates with a variety of expressions.

      Gloves? I don't think Ive ever seen anyone selling bjd sized gloves and itd be cute for winter photos!

      "Monster" Sculpts, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Im a sucker for odd/weird/creepy dolls. Gimmie some 2 headed dolls, more dolls with extra limbs and 3+ eyes.
      I would LOVE to see a Doll Chateau with an extra set of arms!
    6. I would go along with more companies offering "heads" and "bodies" only (hint hint Iplehouse)! I would also like for more shops to be opened in the US.
    7. Please please please make child SD sized bodies!

      Please make BJD trousers that go all the ay up to the waist instead of all those low-slung monstrosities.

      While you're at it, make waistcots that come down far enough to entirely cover the trouser waistbands

      Oh, and stop photographing trousers (for sales shots) with the shirt untucked and hanging over them so you can't see the details or how well/badly they fit at the waist!!!!

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    8. Same as @Terry Duennenberg , Iplehouse, why don't you sell heads separately? Or at least make their bodies more poseable, FFS! lol sorry
    9. I would definitely ask for more aesthetically pleasing, poseable, mature (and at least somewhat anatomically correct)bodies and sculpts for 1/4 size dolls - especially male sculpts! And more skin colour options would be nice.
    10. 1. Please more dark skin options in HUMAN colors. If you can make green, grey, red, purple, etc, then why not a dark brown?

      2. Please more skinny SD sized dolls!! I want boys that don't have defined pecs and abs. I want slender, small busted girls that don't have enormous hips and thighs.

      3. Please more short and/or masculine wigs that aren't bowl cuts, fur or clearly missing sideburns.

      4. And this last one, I've been whining for since I started the hobby almost 9 years ago--more cool t-shirts! All sizes but especially SD+. It is a lot better now than it was then, with Etsy shops and such, but it feels like the majority of print t-shirts for dolls are either super cutesy/kawaii or teen girl attitude. I'd like to see more teen boy attitude, action or horror movie themed, or gamer themed stuff, especially high quality printing, not the stuff that cracks and peels the first time the doll wears it.
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    11. Please, I want more mature, yet uncurvy woman bodies. And more color matching and dark brown making companies. And an ugly-cute goblin tiny in green.
    12. More mature MSDs like people have already said. More muscular or at least less curvy women. More jointed MSD hands. More natural looking elbow joints.
      My big thing would be a sleeping head/faceplate for more dolls. There's so much you can do with the eyes closed and modding can be tough in such a visible area.
    13. A message to BJD makers or resellers -- fix your websites. Some of them are pretty terrible.

      I want to see what you have available. That means displaying more items per page, not burying items in layers of menus, and being able to middle-click to open a link in a new tab.

      It also means having specs on the page for each doll/item. Every manufacturer seems to have their own names for different sizes, I can't remember them all.

      When displaying a non-limited doll that is not available as a fullset, please tell me the wig/eyes/clothes that you've used for the photos. And actually have them available in your store. Selling it as a fullset would be even better.

      If I've got an account on your website, please do send me emails with promotions and new or re-releases.

      I've signed in to my account, please remember preferences for things like language and currency and display/search options. I shouldn't have to change these every time I log in (Mandarake I'm looking at you here...)

      Some shops make you wonder if they actually want your money.

      Ok, rant over...
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    14. in scale msd glasses with lenses in different styles and colours....
      more height variety options (esp for msd), something like what bluefairy has with their boy/dandy/gentle tiny fairy line!
      more ~50-52 cm bodies!!!!! and.... more colour options of course.... more offering resin matching-- i don't even care if there's a fee??? pls...... :roll:
      and..... more slender boys!!!! there's enough uber-ripped 12-pack beefcakes with baby faces around.... if you can offer more than one bust size for girls, offer more than one muscle tone for boys!! i'd kill for an sd boy getting into chubby territory, ugh ;__;
    15. 1) Please could we have more body shapes (other than really thin with ribs showing!)
      2) More 72cm boys' shoes!
    16. Companies with limited heads, particularly Soom - please provide photos of the head blank if you offer it blank! Just a decent front picture would be helpful.
    17. more choices for YOSD Glasses, more companies having a light brown skin option, more companies having a very dark brown skin, more companies making 35cm dolls that look slightly older then YOSDs (and those companies making them the same size so it can become standard like yosd/msd/sd so I can get clothing/shoes), all companies need to have a small bust option (sorry but not all mature girls have big busts), Need more girl dolls with less feminine features (or offer the option to pick what gender), stop making all the boy bodies taller then the girls, short guys do exist, stop mixing in all the sold out stuff with your in stock/pre-order items (I really don't want to see all the things I can never buy).

      I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can think of!xD I do understand why some of these are hard to come by, but I still want them to exist!
    18. I would really like clothing that fits Doll Chateau bodies
      Also more variety of casual clothing for big guys like Iple EIDs
      Lastly some more cloths that fit Iple JID boys!
    19. More mature clothing options for tinies - I'm sure I'm not the only one whose troop of tinies aren't toddlers.

      Make the sleeping plates available separately, please?

      More dark skin tones!
    20. Talk to me! Some companies are actually minimally active on social media and I'm much more likely to buy from and to be aware of companies that make an attempt to get me interested in their dolls. There's a ton of companies out there now, not just a few big ones anymore. To not get drowned out, smaller companies should make an effort to build and maintain a fanbase, spending 15 minutes on a company social media account a day could go a loooong way. Unless you're one of the huge companies that people blindly purchase from, definitely curate a little fan club to keep people interested in what you are doing and to let them see your vision.

      Update your websites! Pop-ups are automatically closed, don't even bother using them. Make sure your products are well-sorted and grouped with things they are similar to. Make it clear how to pay and how to purchase add-on services.
      (Also, don't put random meaningless things on there: one company's FAQ states that their 1/4th dolls are supposed to represent 6 to 9 year olds. Apparently puberty hits like a freight train in Korea.)

      Take better photos! I understand posting slick heavily photoshopped photos in an attempt to sell the artistic vision of the doll, but I also want to know the nuts and bolts of what I'm buying. Have resin comparison photos at least for your own resin colors. Have height comparisons at least for your own doll lines. Not having "blank" photos of the sculpt without a face-up is a huge turn-off. hiding the body under a bunch of clothing is also a huge turn-off.
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