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If you could go back in time to when you first started with bjds...

Apr 14, 2016

    1. Imagine this: you have the opportunity to travel back in time to meet with your younger self when you got your very first bjd, or when you began thinking about getting a bjd.
      You possess all of the knowledge that you have now, that you didn't have before...

      What would you tell your past self about your journey through this hobby?
      What would you warn your past self about?
      What would you tell your past self to make absolutely sure to do?
      Anything else?

      It's always interesting to look back with perfect hindsight. These questions aren't so much about regrets, as it is about the happiness of going forward. I look forward to reading about all of your experiences, no matter how long you've been in the hobby! :D
    2. - don't spend too much!
      - save up and get the one you really want, rather than what's cheapest.
      - made-to-order Dearmine items from Dolk take foreeeeeeever; perhaps consider not ordering them! :(
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    3. I think about this a lot!
      First I'd tell myself that the prices are well worth it! When I first started five years ago, I was in sticker shock. I'll admit my first doll was on the less expensive end just due to cost. I would also tell myself to go with your heart and get ONLY the dolls that you like...period. No matter the cost, difficulty, or how long the wait time. Oh, and I would assure my younger self that the wait time is part of the hobby and get used to it. My collection would be so different than today!
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    4. I would have told my past self... are you really sure you want to spend that kind of money in two years?

      I obviously would have then replied to myself, ah don't worry, I'll only spend this much and that's it no more.

      Then the doll mania sets in with me discovering increasingly gorgeous sculpts and finding less money to buy them with ><

      I do love them though and love them still ^^ but I would have definitely considered the cost implications before I fell in love with them :P
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    5. I would do it all over again! If i didnt I wouldn't have the known what I know about these dolls now.

      Frustrating at the beginning because it was hard to get a hold of/buy these dolls, at lest in my experience. Many companies didn't have websites set up :aeyepop:

      Now at times it's still frustrating, but in comparison it is so easy to order many different types of dolls!!!

      I would definitely tell myself to be more active in the community, but my life is always busy.
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    6. "Make sure to always check Mandarake, Closet Child and co., because one day there will be a Bermann for cheap and you will regret that you missed him by a minute" :...(
      Honestly, that still haunts me.

      I would probably tell myself to gravitate to different companies right from the start.
      Skip the anime/cartoon aesthetic, go straight for realism, nothing smaller than an SD, 70cm dudes are your thing!
      Don't make big projects with lots of complicated details, instead have a few dolls you constantly exchange for other dolls.
      Try not to have projects with others, things usually get complicated in the long run.

      Sadly a lot of the things I regret were products of their time.
      Most of the dolls I like, or a special type of aesthetic, weren't available when I started.
      Some purchases I made because back then they were the best available option.
      I adore my projects, but it's stressful and sometimes downright annoying.
      #6 Ara, Apr 14, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 14, 2016
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    7. What would you tell your past self about your journey through this hobby?
      It's a wonderful hobby, and though there may be times where you might be tempted to just drop it all, don't. Your dolls will bring you joy and comfort for many years to come.

      What would you warn your past self about?
      People are quick to judge without first finding out what the facts are. That is human-nature. But always stand up for yourself and do not allow anyone to bully or push you around simply because you're young.

      What would you tell your past self to make absolutely sure to do?
      Do NOT over-sand the seams on your first doll, and make sure you sand it in a circular motion so it's not flat! D: Also, leave his butt alone.

      Anything else?
      Never give up the search for your perfect female doll! It may take a long while, but you'll eventually meet not just one, but two dream girls! :D
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    8. Probably just one thing: "Don't sell the minifee juri08 head!! Not YET!!!"

      I would also warn myself about dolls I ended up not liking so I don't waste time and money and on them.
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    9. How I wish I could turn back time and tell my past self:

      1. Do NOT send him away for a face up, Don't do it!!! it will be the worst decision ever! (this was when I sent one of my dolls to a "popular" korean artist, things didn't work out and she sent me back my doll without a face up, I sent him again to another artist in USA who took her time (1 year) to finish a very mediocre face up. This was my worst experience in this hobby and the reason why I started doing face ups myself. One thing I have learned through this BJD journey is that no matter how "good" or how popular an artist is, I will never let anyone touch my dolls again. If I want to do something with my dolls, I will learn how to do it and deal with it myself)

      2. I would also give my past self a list of the dolls/clothes/shoes I should never buy no matter how tempting it is. I have regretted so many of those things.....

      3. One thing I would tell my past self to do is: Do your own face ups and mods, don't be afraid! it will turn out fine and it will save you a lot of money, time and headaches!
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    10. :lol::lol::lol: I feel like this could be its own separate topic. :XD:
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    11. @Yumi, it's funny how different people can be.
      I actually think I would tell my past me to stop being so stubborn and just do what anyone else does, namely to let others paint your dolls :lol:

      I don't mind being able to paint my own dolls, but it usually ends with me painting commissions instead.
      A lot of my dolls would be finished by now (and maybe look better in some cases) if I would have just sent them out instead.
      Oh well.
    12. *Don't buy that Resinsoul now. Wait for something better. Check Ebay often.
      *You should check out Luts before Cerberus Project changes hands.
      *It's okay if nobody notices your photos or hard work. Be prepared for a lot of that.
      *Someday, you will have friends in this hobby.
      *Buy new elastic for that artist MSD. You know the one.
      *Save often. Avoid impulse buys.
      *Etsy, Mandarake, TaoBao, StoreEnvy, and Y!Japan are your friends.
      *Buy the Unidoll Ark head. Jump on him quick. Use layaway.
      ...^ The one that got away. Still haunts me to this day.
      #12 Loptr, Apr 14, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
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    13. @Ara My experience was very traumatic for me. I cried for my doll, he was away from me for a whole year and I wasn't treated with kindness by the 2 well known artists from that time. When I finally received my boy who got a third face up by a wonderful person in this forum, I just hold him and swore to never do that again. I know there are many wonderful artists out there but that experience almost killed me (mentally speaking) and I don't want to go though it again. My skills suck but I feel better working on them and having them with me ^^
    14. @yumi~ That sounds terrible! Glad to hear it had a happy ending- can't blame you for choosing to do your own work.

      P.S.: Before you call your skills 'sucky', just remember that practice...may not make perfect. But it surely improves you.
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    15. @Yumi: I totally understand that!
      I got my second doll modded by someone (also a well-known artist where I live) and the mod was very sloppy, rushed and one of the reasons I never really warmed up to the doll.
      Was the first and for many years only time I sent out something, the second time was last year for a Blythe carving.
      Which I decided to always let other do it, because I'm truly bad at it and it's just too exhausting and I really want them to be finished while I'm still alive :sweat
      Still took me 7 years to finally trust an artist again.
    16. "Take it easy with the impulse buys. NO MORE FLOATING HEADS!"

      I was the floating head bandit for a few years, and I've still got all manner of doll outfits/accessories floating around that I'll never use. It was so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the hobby and be careless!
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    17. Nothing smaller than a YO. Ever.
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    18. Knowing me, I don't think I could have convinced my past self to change his mind about what dolls he thought he'd like. What would I have done? Probably try to talk myself out of a ton of frivolous purchases to have more money for dolls :doh
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    19. I would tell myself not to buy so many dolls in 2011. I'd also tell myself that there's no rush on the limiteds - I've almost always seen dolls pop up on the secondary market, so take your time to consider things more thoroughly.
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    20. What would you tell your past self about your journey through this hobby?
      - It's been a rough ride. You'll meet good and bad people in the hobby, so just be wary.

      What would you warn your past self about?
      - Leave faceups alone lol. Or learn about them before diving in with no knowledge. But then again, there's A LOT of resources now that weren't available when I started.

      What would you tell your past self to make absolutely sure to do?
      - Don't try to clean Shiwoo's company faceup! That magic eraser will take it all off! And don't use super glue on eyelashes. And avoid paints for faceups-, just stick with watercolor pencils.

      Anything else?
      - Be wary of people. You're better of enjoying your dolls with friends IRL. Experiment, but be prepared for harsh feedback and criticism. Things may not, and usually will no, go as planned.
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