If you could have a doll in any color resin

Dec 2, 2016

    1. What would you want? I don't mean like simply tan or green skin etc., I mean like more specific colors like mint or lavender or burgundy or coffee or cocoa color or maybe a cream color. If you want to link an example of a color you'd want or something similar that'd be cool. Would you want any gradients or body blushing, if so, what color would that part be? Hopefully this makes sense. If you've dyed any dolls I'd love to see them.
    2. my dream resin is dark blue with fine glitter mixed in and purple blushing on the joints. kind of like a galaxy :)
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    3. A very very very soft lavender! And also a pastel turquoise.
    4. @Kayble You have a good taste in colors, I love those colors too!

      @CosmosQueen That would be gorgeous, I love space so I'd love to see a doll like that! c:
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    5. @Bearpeach i know right?! im addicted to space and galaxy patterned things lol :D
    6. Thanks, I really love a lot of the purple skin I see! Like soom's and peak's wood's. Blushing makes them even prettier! Haven't seen any light turquoise dolls tho :c What pastel colors do you like btw?
    7. I would just like to see more companies do several variations of brown! Light almost tan brown, medium brown, dark brown, almost black brown. There are so many variations of lighter skin, why not dark?

      But if I have to choose a non-human color, then probably a very pale minty blue or maybe a glowing sea green for fantasy creatures.
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    8. I agree about the dark skin options, I'd just love a wider spectrum of options in general though. glow in the dark resin would definitely be cool.
    9. I would love a grey doll or a light turquoise doll. Lavender would be beautiful too.

      Does anyone have a link to a list of companies who who sell dolls in unique colors or types of resin? If there isn't a link, could someone knowledgeable name as many as they can think of for me?

    10. Mine would be kinda an "impossible" color maybe. MAYBE.
      Iridescent, with colors ranging from pinks to blues and greens.
      The same effect we see in nature with insects, specially. When I think about the color, I think about this ol' pic of mine (warning for non bug lovers: it's a beetle's close-up):

      But I think that's a color you can only get with blushing/makeup, probably not on the resin itself. But who knows! If I found the right pigments I would give it a go and check how it works with resin.
    11. My goodness that would be beautiful! I think your idea may be my new dream doll skin color:D
    12. Color wise I'd hope for a super pale light purple, or perhaps a silver gray with glitter or shine in the hands/feet/etc. What I'd really like to see more of is gradients in general, with just the fingers or the extremities colored differently. It's very difficult to cast though especially when you can just paint it, but I think it really would be beautiful.
    13. I want a sort of ocean blue doll! With a sort of purplish blushing! I have plans for an aquatic alien, man
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    14. For fantasy colors, navy or maroon. How beautiful would that be with a gold faceup, blushed in luster dust?
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    15. Mint for one-- it's one of my favorite colors, so any time I see a minty-looking doll, I get a 'want' moment. And then... ugh, with purple, I'm not sure if I most want a pale lavender or a super deep eggplant. I love that space idea, though-- that would be amazing!
    16. all the different greens. lime green, grass green, mint green, pale teal.... ahem. I may be a bit obsessed with green hehe.
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    17. @Smol.cabbage Resinsoul, Impldoll and Angel Studio (I think) all do custom colours

      I absolutely love fantasy colours, blues, purples, greens, some pinks. If it's in that general area I want a doll in it. Hence why I have an absolute addiction to dyeing dolls :)

      In terms of things that aren't colours and so can't be dyed, I'd really love an iridescent doll...one day I will work out how to make it happen :XD:
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    18. ooo maybe some sort of paint? You can get those "effect" paints, you'd have to deal with the chipping issue but maybe if you had the doll cast in like black and then applied the irridescent effect to the areas that wouldn't be near the joints you wouldn't see the chipping so bad? Doing one that had like a beetle/oil slick shimmer would be awwessssome
    19. a galaxy multi colored one with sparkles that's semi transparent would be really pretty
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    20. I'd like to see one in gradient. maybe a salmon color to white from the feet up? I'd love to make a kingyosou...