If you could have any BJD, which would it be?

Nov 16, 2015

    1. I'm not sure if this thread has already been created. I searched it up a couple of times, each with a different wording, and didn't find one, but it's sort of hard to believe nobody has ever posted this, so mods, feel free to merge or delete this thread if it's already been created.

      Basically, the title says it all - if you could have any BJD, even if it's no longer available, what sculpt would you get?
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    2. There's a couple of sculpts I'm saving for that are within the realm of reality, so even though it may take me a little while to find them, I do consider them 'available'. If we were to talk about any doll I'd want though, I'd definitely say a bronze-skin Soom Clozel - I was completely broke when the last free choice event happened and I don't think a single person actually purchased a Clozel in bronze; I'm not sure if one even actually exists.
    3. Ugh there's too many to name. But I guess in terms of price and rarity I'd say the Volks Okita Soji. He's so pretty and SO unattainable for me right now <.<
    4. Soom Isha Fantasy ver. (SG one)
      Still hope to have him from freechoice :)
    5. A specific antique one that my family lost a long time ago. From the 19th century. Lost but not forgotten. I really doubt I will ever see that doll again.
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    6. Volks SD17 Black Jack...:atremblin If I knew this was happening he could've been my first doll, I love Kurō! (Honestly, even just Pinoko would be alright too).

      His price tag is almost Cyrus and Stella's combined, and that's the closest I'll ever get to buying him LOL. I love my doll crew very much, don't get me wrong, but times like these make me wish I was more patient with my money.
    7. Easy for me! A Triffony Art Work Sphinx, in any colour :kitty1
    8. Sweet Gale Cyril and Crobidoll Lance Soft White Limited or Lance Ver. Vampire Cookie Cream Skin Limited
    9. The first Yukinojou Sawaragi. Wish I had just been patient and bought him back in the day.
    10. Volks Williams: SD, SDmidi and YoMidi versions. I want him so much but he's too expensive for me right now. Even the YoMidi version is already too much for me. Maybe in the future.
    11. I wish I could get a Dollshe Orijean head on a Dollstown 18 year old girl body <3 I've been in love with Orijean for years but its so hard to find one on the second hand market since I missed the Dollshe head order period :(
    12. Interesting choices, guys! ^_^

      It really bites to find out you missed a limited edition doll that you really would've loved, doesn't it? x_x Especially when you find them secondhand for a really, really high price...or worse, not available secondhand at all.

      If I could have any doll right now, it would be a Dollfie Dream Kanu Unchou. She's perfect for one of my OCs, but her price just... x_x Ahh, well. Someday.
    13. I would love to have a Luts Zuzu delf Mong (monkey king) fullset. I have been wanting a monkey bjd and totally missed his limited release. I have been kicking myself ever since.
    14. For me it would be an addiction Stella from Iplehouse, and a Creamy Mami from Volks. :)
    15. Noble Dolls Minyane. Definitely one of the best looking anthro cats out there (actual cat-like legs and feet!) I love the sculpt overall, and her tail is also posable.
    16. Volks F40-head on a SDGrBoy body.

      or this unrealistic wish: Hikaru Genji in sunlight skin.
    17. I already have all of my favorites. My all-time favorites that I've acquired consist of: Soom Amber, Heliot, Ender, Phonolus, and Hyperon. Love these sculpts so much <3
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    18. Lume used to make tiny itty bitty dolls and I wish I had collected them. I look in hope, but so rare and unique, usually not affordable for me.
    19. If I could, I would get.... a FL Sarang '14 head with the fairy line torso and pastel pink seahorse tail. The human parts would have to be white. I don't think there are many white Sarang heads, white torsos, or pink tails... so it will most likely never happen.
    20. If I could, I would get an AileenDoll Polymorph Cathy with the pink devil parts. I don't have marketplace access yet so I'm unsure on if they're popular or not, but I hope AileenDoll makes some more. Everything about them are so perfect :chibi