If you could make a diorama/room for your doll, how would it look?

Nov 20, 2021

    1. I stumbled across some really pretty dioramas for the dolls on here and I realized a lot dolls' personalities are emulated through the rooms. So, what would your dolls room look like? Would it be messy or neat? Plant mom, or a plant disaster? Bookshelves, or computers? I am trying to build my dolls' character and it is has been a trip and this type of thing helps, so maybe it might help others?
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    2. I have made settings for some of my dolls but sadly they've been temporary because SD dolls take up a lot of room!! ;D
      One group, The Tea Time Teens usually have a parlour set up with everyone gathered together discussing the books they're reading & drinking tea.
      Then there's the Undershelf Delf court...right now they aren't in their usual Undershelf space but when they are there isn't much space left over once they all grab a chair or find a place to stand behind a chair.
      The Macchonnas are a big family with kids from toddler to teen. Setting up a room with their toys & the family gathered at tea time is always fun. But only happens for a short time every couple of years.
      Amelia Peabody & the Emerson's have solved this problem by taking over a 4'x6' corner of my seasonal workroom for the Egyptian Expedition. There's a tent with camp cot, trunks, books, wash stand etc plus an outside area with folding table, folding chairs, relics, notes, whiskey & tea things & the pyramids in the background. Three months a year I work there & the dolls keep me entertained. The rest of the time they have to settle for a smaller shelf with a library scene when they're back in "England". ;}

      I guess in all my scenes, they tend to be historical & books & tea are common features. :)
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    3. Considering my crew are from another universe, any diorama I would focus on creating is likely going to have some kind of fantasy element to it. I don't have a very specific vision for it, but I have a few general ideas.

      One concept I'd like to try and create would involve some fantastical garden/wooded environment. I've got this four poster canopy bed from American Girl I'd like to deck out in gauzy drapery with possibly some flowers wrapped around the wooden poles, head and foot boards. I'd love to create some kind of weathered brick garden or moss-covered wall as a backdrop, with grassy patches or garden stone tiles covering the floor. A second concept for this same setup would involve decking the bed frame out in gothic-esque drapery and bed sheets, with some kind of ethereal, dark background setting.

      I have a work in-progress couch I eventually plan to finish and use in a more simplistic diorama. At first I planned on using a silver-gray fabric to upholster it, but I recently picked up a deep crimson fabric that I'm leaning more towards using instead. I'm not sure what kind of setting I'll create surrounding it once it's finished, so that'll be something I'll make up as I go.
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    4. I'm most into fantasy (european and asian mostly) so I'm kinda working on set ups to go with that. I also have a robot-group I'm working on so, they need something different XD

      I already made some changable parts for my asian themed group, some of which are based on the show Untamed / Mo Dao Zu Shi, but not exclusively:
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      Started up on the recharging station for the cyborgs/mechas/robots
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      Still want a tavern and an alchemy lab set-up and needing a chinese emperor throne hall (the last one for SD size) and perhaps a sort of library/study. Would also like to make a sort of inner garden, but it's tricky to make while keeping in mind I need to be able to easily build them up and take them appart for lack of place to keep all of those standing around all the time.

      I've also worked with photo backdrops and small self-made props for smaller set-ups like a break at a campfire of my two bards:
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      The possibliites are endless and so are my plans XD It's just making them and considering the construction and set-up time is what's taking... time. Lots of it too, but doable as well :)

      I try to make the backdrops in a way that they are usable for different kind fo settings and the props make the difference in what the room is about. Also wether messy or not, depends on the character I want to take shots of XD
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    5. I would make a beautiful castle setting
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    6. My (planned but not relized) room set would be a big Victorian nursery (preferably in an attic) for my massive family of SD sized children.

      Everything a bit battered, with a worn old wing chair by the fireplace, a table for meals, crafts, and projects. Lots of toys scattered about, with a big toy-cupboard (or shelved alcove beside the chimney) etc. Semi messy - because some semblence of order needs to be kept with so many sharing the space. Lived-in and worn (because all the tattiest bits of furniture are relegated to the nursery when too worn to be presentable elsewhere in the house).

      And (pet peeve here) not a teddy-bear in sight - because they didn't come about until the Edwardian era (which may be a problem because my Arin never goes anywhere without his Tatty Ted).

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    7. Bedroom! I'd like to be a huge bedroom with a giant glass window overseeing distant skyscrapers (printed, of course, or I go bankrupt even in my fantasies). Oh, and minimalist furniture and at least two mirrors.
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    8. A bowling alley, complete with arcade (both American Girl and their Walmart equivalent have made some game cabinets) sounds weird but it’s kind of a central location for several of my dolls (Nate and Dorrie work there).
      Of course a to scale bowling alley is not possible at 1:4th scale but I can dream.
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    9. If I had the space to make a diorama, I'd make the home of one of my main characters. So it would be a combined living room, kitchen and dining area where he has a black shabby couch, a television and a small table under it and a wooden dining table with 4 matching chairs, his bedroom with his bed and study table, the bathroom door in his bedroom and possibly the bathroom itself, his room mates door on the opposite side of the living room and the door to the hallway and a small part of the hallway.
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    10. I have two little Atelier Momoni pitusas and a 1/6 scale cast iron stove.

      I want to make them a cozy cabin with a stove to keep warm in. Some shops on Etsy sell really gorgeous blythe furniture that would be perfect (if I don't mind waiting for it to ship from the other side of the planet). It's a matter of time before I make my girls my dream cabin.

      My 1/4 dolls have a little corner of my bookshelf with my old american girl hutch and some chairs left over from when I was quite small... plus a few others I found at Michaels and stained to match my bed.
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    11. I have several vignettes scattered throughout my home for my dolls, and I’ve always set them up more like a collage than as an actual furnished room. Each one has some furniture plus various elements that strongly relate to the dolls’ characters. And while the furniture remains in scale, nothing else has to since this is a fantasy vignette after all. I have several Victorian attic spaces (one main, and a few “corner of the attic” type displays) because to me, attics just seem like magical treasure troves.:) And there’s a Victorian styled conservatory to house my plant-themed dolls. Then there’s a large LegoElves display spread out on a table where all my gaming characters play, dreaming of the day when they’ll grow up to be grand adventurers. My Pokemon game character and her brother reside in a Poke forest with all the Poke plushes. There’s a couple of Genie palace areas draped in sequined saris for my Bollywood styled dolls. And a 1960s inspired girl’s bedroom, with American Girl beaded canopy bed and classic 60s egg chair, tricked out with plenty of tie dye of course, for my colorful Harajuku decora girls who are constantly having slumber parties. I have a couple of religious inspired areas, one with a Jesus tapestry backdrop, decked out like a Mexican home altar for my boy who’s secretly a time-traveling protective angel. And another set up for a pre-ordered doll who’s destined to become a rosary keeper. There’s also a treehouse carved out of an old tree trunk I once drug home for the magical teeny-tinies. Like I said, I love gathering together the bits and pieces of fascinating items that illustrate my dolls’ characters…whatever that may be. And I set the display up like a visual collage, grouping the items together much like a museum display. This allows me the most artistic freedom, which is what I’m aiming for in my collection.
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    12. In my imagination most of my dolls spend their time outside. I have a few ideas:

      It would be fun to have an Alice in Wonderland style tea party. Like the long messy table with plenty of teacups for my littlefees.

      My mermaid doll could use a nice rock to rest on. Maybe a backdrop that looks like a lagoon.

      If I had the space, I would make and oversized fairy garden for my fairy dolls. With the house facade and cute teeny yard decorations and lots and lots of flowers and moss! :daisy

      For now just have a few chairs that are in theme. Like this adorable garden swingset that is perfectly sized to fit two littlefees that my friend's mom happened to find at a yard sale.
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    13. I love this, especially Undershelf Delf Court. Makes me giggle just saying it.
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    14. @cthulhu OH, I'd love to see a photo of that Egyptian expedition!

      Currently I'm smitten with the idea of a hobbit's pantry for my Realpukis. Luckily, they're smaller than 1/12 scale, so I can use Greenleaf's one-room Primrose kit to house everything.
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    15. My favorite props are school and food related. At the very least, I'd like a kitchen and a study. If I could elaborate, there'd be a science lab, computer lab, music room, library, nursery, sick room...
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    16. I actually used to have an entire wall made up of nine bedrooms for 1/3 dolls. I tore them out when planning to put our house up for sale, and then life happened. :( I miss them so much! But for my current crew, here's what I'd do:

      Marci: dorm room shared with Isabella, her half neat, clean, somewhat minimalist with science books, a microscope, laptop and maybe a plant
      Harriet: teen goth, kind of messy, dark lace curtains, candles, stones
      Opaline: classy goth, bookshelves full of horror novels, a creepy doll collection, random collection of found objects
      Pepper: ridiculous as possible. In her story, she shares a room with her fiance, the bed is literally a giant hamburger!
      Isabella: dorm room, she shares with Marci. her half would be lots of makeup, hair stuff, clothes and food
      Charlotte: dorm room shared with unshelled character, her side is punk-goth-pin up style with horror movie figures and dolls, a pin up poster, tons of makeup, clothes and shoes, red and black bedding
      Brendan: skater's paradise! A half pipe "bench" on one end, tv on the wall, blue rope lights around the room, and a wardrobe to hold allllll of his clothes, skate boards. Messy
      Cooper: antique on a budget--metal frame bed, black furniture, art on the walls, black and red goth lamp on the nightstand
      Quillon: absolutely minimalist. A bed, a table, a lamp, a book and like 3 outfits, who needs anything else?
      Adam: typical young guy--messy, clothes tossed around, cheap secondhand furniture, tv and gaming console/games
      Nate: a mix of teenage guy and still a kid--GI Joe curtains, cheap thrift find furniture with a lot of scratches and dings, a few toys, tv, gaming stuff
      Amir: mature classy with expensive taste and art, Egyptian inspired

      Community: Coffee shop and skate park. Maybe Brendan's living room
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    17. I'm working on (it's taking a loooong time) 3 rooms. One is a living room with sofa, coffee table, stool for playing guitar, electric guitar and amp stack for my 1/3 clean cut rocker boys. The second room is a bedroom belonging to one of my 1/4 girls. It's very modern and very pink. She will eventually have bed, chest of draws, wardrobe, dressing table with mirror and stool and accessories such as a record player, 12" records, magazines, plush toys all in 1/4 size or size compatible. The last room is to be a nursery with a cot and toddler bed and other baby and toddler related furniture and accessories. I've been collecting things like World's Smallest Fisher Price toys, metal trike, Teeny Tiny Turntable with records which I'll re-cover to turn them into current popular releases. I've got a few furniture items to put together and paint. I'd really like two elderly BJDs and a room for them.
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    18. Mine would be nature and floral themed (most my display is already) and I have mainly creatures. So it goes hand in hand :D
    19. No space for that sort of thing but if I did, I would do one of a Shinto shrine. My doll's character feels comfort in these places. I even have one in mind that I would model it after. It was a small one almost hidden away and slightly neglected.
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    20. These all sound so lovely! Definitely with Wyrd on the Undershelf Delf Court. It sounds so fun to say. A 1:4 scale bowling alley idea sounds like it'd be cool if it was possible unoa_im_afreak. A lot of possibilities and details.
      It is interesting to see people's ideas on their characters. The creativity is endless!

      Personally, for my dolls, I would like a little cozy coffee or flower shop. As a home, a little cabin in the forest slightly overgrown by trees with a balcony with nice glass windows. Very naturesque. Lots of little things here and there, and since one of my characters likes miniatures, lots of little things lying around here and there that are apart of her collection. Cozy cottagecore vibes to sum it up.
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