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If you could only have one....

Apr 2, 2008

    1. If you could only have one doll in this size (approx 43cm), which one would it be and why?

      I know I can only afford one doll at this time. Of course, trying to narrow down the most favored 43cm size is not going to be easy, the dolls are so beautiful!! One of the joys of my life is making others happy by sewing costumes for their dolls, and I want to make a wise choice.

      Thank you so much for your input, I appreciate it!
    2. DOC Pitts~ :D
      I love her since the 1st time I saw her on DOD webbie~
      She's so cute n adorable~
      If I could only have one, then I just stick to her~ :)
    3. I really think it depends on your tastes. Example: DOCs are very popular, but I personally think most of them look alike, so if I had room I'd only ever get one. ^^; (I want a Twin B girl. ^^; Even though I have no reason to buy her. Yes, of all places, it was DOD that broke my "no-cross-gendering moulds!" opinion.) I think that Petsha looks different, and Mir and Pitts but aside from them if someone owns a DOC you know it's a DOC right away, even though you may not be able to distinguish what mould. On the flip side, many people love DOC because they can tell the difference. It's really a matter of opinion.

      I love the MNF girls. I know that if I had to choose, I would already own her: MNF Shushu elf. Shushu came out just after I got into the hobby and was the doll I fell in love with for Vana, an Elf Shushu was my dream doll, and they came out with the elf version shortly after I had come to this decision! XD Timing was perfect, except for my poor bank account; I nearly drained it. If I could only have one, it would be her, hands down. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

      It could be that MNF isn't your thing though. There are people out there who want more realistic and less... anime-esque dolls (MNF girls tend to have big eyes. XD And yes, I'm pointing out the downside to my dolls too. There's a lot to consider! *Snuggles Vana*).
    4. Tough choice between Narae and Unoa, but it would have to be Unoa 1.5 Lusis or Sist (since one Unoa can be the other girl with a faceplate option, plus other expression faces). I love the look of her body and the reasonably-priced (at retail) faceplates. Her hands are also beautifully sculpted. She's one girl that can be many girls.

    5. This is very hard, but I think I'd go for a Narae43 then, with either Open Eyed faceplate or 2/3 opened eye.

      This mold was the very first doll/mold where I fell in love with!
      I simply wouldn't know why I'd pick another doll then. ;)

      The choice is still very hard though between a Narae or Unoa, but luckily in real life I don't have to choose. =D :)
    6. Right now I only plan to have one doll this size, and she is going to either be a mnf shushu or the new mnf girl... on the new body obviously

      I'm just waiting for owner pics of the new girl (or at least some pics with a faceup or something) before I can really decide. I'm leaning towards the new one tho, because shushus are just SO common... hehehe. they are beautiful tho, and if i could get both i surely would!
    7. Well, it'd be a tough choice for me between a MNF Lishe and a Shushu. They're both adorable and have a ton of potential for different looks.

      Lucky for me, this isn't a decision I have to make, as I currently have both! :aheartbea
    8. My vote goes to the Narae 43cm. I'm incredibly in love with how she looks and what I also love about Naraes is that the can look sooo different depending on the face up and wig etc. and all the different face options give you a lot of variety as well.

      I can recommend looking though the Narae thread (including the old version) to see how very versatile Naraes can be.

      I guess the fact that a lot of Narae owners tend top but more Naraes will also show how loved they are.

    9. Unoa Lusis for me. Narae is beautiful, and I'd love to own a Shushu one day, but Unoa just completely owns my heart when it comes to females, no matter the size.

      I'm not completely sure why. It could be that her body is beautiful, and she has the cutest hands and feet. It could be that she has a gorgeous, quirky face. It could be that not everyone has her, and so it's a joy to see her. It could be just the way I've seen everyone dress theirs. I don't know, but she's the ideal female and/or mini for me.
    10. Thank you so much Carolyn, that is extremely useful information! :) I,too, would be using the doll more as a model at this point, until I could actually begin collecting. I was also asked about sewing for the larger size, but I have not posed that particular question in that section as yet....one step at a time. I am so new to this wonderful BJD world!
    11. If you had asked this question a month ago, I would have said a Soulkid hands down. The doule jointed body is awesome for posing and the faces are all so different and expressive. However, Minifee is getting ready to have a double jointed body with hands that can be changed easily (magnet) which should be awesome. DOC are gorgeous, too, and they are supposed to be great for posing, too.

      I think it all depends on what sculpt draws you in. I wouldn't get a doll just because it was popular and in order to make clothing for other people's dolls. There are so many people who sew for their own BJDs and for others right now coupled with the awesome creations from the companies themselves that it can be hard. The doll has to be something that you want above the others. When you find her, you will know she is the right one.
    12. The one I already have - a MNF Lishe. Mine is from Luts - I have no idea if there'll be any difference between her and the Fairyland MNF.

      But I love her. Her size, her face, what she wear (Tonner, F2BM, Teen Trends) and how she looks in those things. Yes, she is kicky, but that doesn't change a thing for me. Get her wired, sueded, whatever.

      I love her madly and thank the stars daily that she's mine!
    13. I think Fairyland will carry both female bodies - the new double-jointed one with the the second torso joint right under the bust, and the original minifee female body. I don't know if the the new body is available yet but it will only be available in their Your Choice system (whatever they end up calling that) where you pick the parts you want.

    14. That's a hard question. It depends on if or whether you prefer one gender body over another. So far in that size I have just boys. I do want a girl, but have gotten 3 MNF boys! As a preference it would *right now* have to be a 43 boy body.

      I guess I've been more bit by the Mini Fees body styles than any other brand dolls. Can never tire of lovely clothes for the 43 girls, but to me it seems there is a bit of a lack in 43 (MNF size especially) boys' clothes.
    15. I have two dolls right now.. and I would say I would choose one of them if I had to choose from all 1/4th scale BJDs. My Mythdoll/Serendipity hybrid, Laelia. I LOVE HER!!!
    16. I guess I'd have to pick Unoa Lusis 1.5... :D I really love the mold and the body. :3
    17. An Unoa. I love DoCs and bluefairy Tfs and Narae but unoa would be the ultimate :D I'd like to own a sist someday(along with lusis and the unoa boys XD) so yeah, I choose her.
    18. I have Soulkid, Ahee, and I just love her! She's very cute - large busted, but with a very child-like face. She fits in the same clothes Unoa does, but her head is larger giving her a younger look. I don't own a Narae or Unoa. I also have a Liebchen, who is much slimmer and a little smaller.
    19. Blue Fairy Sarang all the way. I think BFs are the most beautiful MSDs around, but of course, that's a matter of opinion! Following her would be DOC Leya, BF Tommy, and LUTS girl Aru. :aheartbea I adore MSD size.