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If you could see/want a positive BJD breakthrough...

Sep 15, 2006

    1. If you could see or want a positiv BJD breakthrough that could change the hobby in a positive way, what would it be?

      For example, I would want the same quality but reasonably lower prices.
      The same applies to beautiful, detailed clothes that wouldn't cost more then human sized clothes.
    2. I think that all things about this hobby are positive...
      The money means that you work hard for them, and the wait helps you love your bjd more. Like someone told me.. They come from across the world to be with you. ^w^
      I'm even happy when I get dirty looks from people when I carry my babies around.
      And the fact that I spend more money on their clothes than mine just means, to me, that they're taken care of. It's not like I need anymore clothes... XD

      I think that if you lower the prices, more people who don't appreciate it like we do would be into this hobby. <3
    3. I'm not sure I agree with the inexpensive thing, only because it does feel really, really good to have worked hard and earned such an expensive thing :3 All the better when you can pour emotion and all that into it. Every time I look at Kyu, I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I earned every cent of him.

      I'd like it if everyone in the hobby could get along XD; No more elitism, or fighting over silly things... but that's a bit of a pipe dream :'D
    4. Honestly... I'd love dolls that could move... I dunno. Maybe mechanicals XD
      I've been watching too much Rozen Maiden...

      Oh! And I'd love for people to respect it as a hobby a bit more, but I suppose that's really up to us :|
    5. Yes! That is all.
    6. I would like more of a variety in male clothing. And for clothes to be a little less expensive. Like jeans costing $20-$30 bucks instead of $50-$60.
    7. I totally agree! When I met some BJD owners in Chicago earlier this year, a couple of them were badmouthing my dolls (non-BJD) right to my face. I was really shocked. I mean, instead of focusing on what makes our interests different, shouldn't we celebrate what we have in common instead? The whole incident turned me off from wanting a BJD for a while.

      Funny how I was thinking about this very issue earlier this week. I had a day off work Monday, and I made this little banner to put in my signature in various doll forums:


      (( I keep forgetting to add it to my signature, though! :sweat ))
    8. I'd like to see a company like the one that produces the American Girls stuff come out with a line of quality clothes, furniture, and props specifically for BJDs.
    9. I think it would be great if it was more respected as a hobby. It makes me sad that people don't understand that it's not just some childish pointless thing. Blah! And yeah, I'd like clothes to cost just a little less. That would be nice XD Though, I'm perfectly willing to spend more on my doll than I ever would on myself.
    10. Better poseability and a wider range of optional parts all round! :)
    11. More Volks optional parts available like the plug in ears so you could have one doll and 3 pairs of attachable ears...

      I'd just like everybody to be nice and friendly like it was in the good old days. I miss some of the folks who no longer or rarely post here anymore.
    12. I'd like a BJD shop in Chicago! And i'd love to see more american/european pro faceup artists emerge.
    13. It'd be nice if the same items were sold on the Korean/Japanese/English versions of sites. For instance, Iplehouse has furniture on their Korean site that isn't available on the English site, which is really irritating. They're all based in the same spot so I don't understand why one gets stock that the other one doesn't :sweat

      Also wish when companies pictured complete outfits with shoes that they would sell the shoes with the outfit, or at least stock them separately on the site. It is especially irritating with period or unusual outfits, since no company seems to sell fancy SD13 boy shoes :( And on a similar point, Volks needs to sell geta for their tabi feet..it's really rather pointless to make the foot and not make specific sandals to put on it.
    14. YES! That would be awsome!

      I'd also like to see more body part options, new hand positions and new faces, not just sleeping or half open eyes, I mean like emotions, like the Unoa gals, more of that would be nice!
    15. Yesh!! More props :l... more american distributors for cheaper prices *&#172;*
    16. The props/clothes from american distributors, sounds like a fantastic idea!

      I just feel that some people of the hobby, like myself, who now have dolls, can't get a job, you're on your own and not connected to any financial source (Parents), should have an outlet where they could use a little of their money to get quality items, instead of see an outfit worth 100 dollars that could also get another person a designer bag. It's just for me, there has to be a line drawn. A breakthrough...the price of dolls doesn't bother me that much, I mean it's worth the wait. My point is, if there is a price increase, then everything goes up from dolls to clothes...and then it won't be fair to the middle man/woman.
    17. not so many limited dolls.. I see so many dissapointed people who missed out.. it just doesn't seem fair...

      I would LOVE for mccalls or simplicity or vogue, or WHOEVER to put out a complete wardrobe of patterns that were available worldwide too...

      I would love if some of the owners of rare limited volks dolls didn't look down on those of us who have 'every day' dolls.. it doesn't happen often, but it happens too often, if that makes sense.

      meetups everywhere.. every weekend!

      gee, I really have a wish list and a half!

      Seek peace

    18. Personally, I'd love to see more BJD stores in the US. Ones that you can actually walk into and look around in!

      And of course inexpensive things would be incredibly nice, but part of the charm of the hobby is knowing that BJDs (and all their accessories) are special because of how hard (as in expensive!) they are to get.
    19. Better poseability. Seriously. There're still a lot of limits to what pose a BJD can hold.

      Volks FCS to be a little more easily available. For those of us who don't live in the few areas where Volks is being sold...our chances of getting one reduces quite a bit. While there're some great people offering to buy the dolls on our behalf...it's still irks me that it's just not as easy to get one.

      Of course, if there was no elitism it would be great, but that's pretty much impossible. Still, I don't encounter many elitists around these days and they do make for a good laugh or two.
    20. I kinda agree with keeping the price, it makes them special, and there are more affordable ones, they're just not resin. (I appreciate the 'soft-ness' of my girl (vynil) The clothes aren't so bad, especially when you learn to make them, since they're so big it's easy and fabric can be cheap too!

      I don't like the dolly bias either. Someone seems to have had a thing against me because I was oggling over others dolls because I didn't have one at the time. Well not I have one so hah! HAH!!!

      Anyway about things to make it better: I think the companys should listen to the customers more ::coughcoughvolkscoughcough:: Not trying to hate on them but if they did it would make everyone else feel better. And giving choices, like when luts changed the neck part they should give and ordering choice of old or new. Small things like that would help a lot I say!