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If your doll could be another doll...

May 30, 2019

    1. This is probably a question more for those who have their dolls as shells for their original characters:
      Do you sometimes look at a sculpt and think "this one would be perfect for my character"... only you already have this particular character shelled as another sculpt?

      I have a character named Kay, who is Supia Rosy boy and I totally love how he came up. But when I see LLT Red Dove, I always happen to think how this sculpt would fit Kay as well. XD
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    2. Urgh, yes, sometimes to an unpleasant level.
      I have a Soom Beryl, and I often can't help but think Iplehouse Rania would have been a great choice for the character (but sadly was released way later). I prefer Iplehouse heavily over Soom as well.
      Can't really re-shell though because I have a lot of elaborate custom made dresses for her, and hybriding is not an option either.
      So I stick with the Beryl :sweat
    3. I bought myself a angel philia sayoko but then i i saw a fairyland minifee honoka
      I immediately feel in love with the sculpt and felt that she's the best fit for the character i want

      Kinda just end up reshelling my character hiyori
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    4. I only have one who doesn't quite work for what I wanted her for. My resinsoul Bei. I'd like to reshell her but im yet to find a body who's aesthetics at that scale I like as much. *sigh* Also I feel bad about failing to make her work.
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    5. Since I have a plan for my next (and last) dolls, I've been doing this exact thing. There are sculpts I'm certain would work, but then I get distracted by an equally nice sculpt that is often more unique and artistic and thus would make me happier...but I don't really do that with my current crew. Except for my two space angel girls. I've begun thinking of Kandyx and N'kesa as better suited to different sculpts.
    6. I've been tempted by other scuplts that look similar to what I have, but I do my usual test for them. If they can't leave my head like the current sculpts couldn't, then I consider them. Fortunately, none so far have passed.
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    7. I had a Dollzone Hong that I thought was just about perfect for my character... who is much shorter than his girlfriend, who (at the time) was an Angell Studios Kana (old version on old body). I eventually sold him, mostly because all my plans for him fell through and I couldn't be bothered to finish the project. But I've seen a few sculpts that I was like "Dang, are you a certain devil?" and almost every time, they're a much, much larger doll (at one point, 80cm). I have a sculpt I like for him picked out, in the proper size, but it took a long while.

      I originally wanted a Unidoll Jace for another character, and when that company closed up, I had to choose a more accessible doll and settled on an Iplehouse Roger (I think?). And then Iplehouse discontinued him. He finally came home as a Granado (Vindoll Udell) and is much prettier than I originally pictured, but oh well XD

      I have a pair of Dollshe Grant Philippe heads for a character that started out as a Luts Abadon... who went through a similar process as above, sans the discontinuation. Except when he'd settled as a Dollshe sculpt.

      I've also seen a few sculpts that made me go "If anything were to happen to this current doll...". Or just share them with my girlfriend and be like "Look! It's such-and-such's lovechild!" and we all laugh. And plot.
    8. I shelled my oc Abraham wrong the first time as a Luts Bory, when I saw Myou Doll Doudou in the boy version, I know I had to reshell him so went ahead and did so! Life is too short to have regrets!
    9. Yes, actually. I've been thinking lately that my girl Willow (who's a sleeping Chloe that I've been wanting to mod to dreaming) would actually be better as a Nanuri16 or a Dreaming Rin.
    10. I often look at Tate, my Little Rebel Ethan, and think Little Rebel Kai would be better for him. I go back and forth a lot on that. I originally wanted him to be Kai because the mouth is so perfect, but I love Ethan's nose more, Kai's is too delicate/feminine. I ultimately chose Ethan because he's more masculine, but I still see Tate every time I look at Kai. If only I could have had Kai's mouth and Ethan's nose in the same sculpt! In any other case, I'd just reshell the character, but that won't work when you want to mix sculpts!
    11. That's interesting :)
      I personally never went as far as to re-shell. For me it's just "oh, you would fit too" :D
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    12. If I find a doll that would work better for a character, I reshell. Some of my crew have been through several sculpts before landing on the right one. It can't be helped that I got the best one that worked at the time, only to have a truer version created down the line. In some cases my concept of the character kind of "outgrew" the old shell, they didn't necessarily get older in the story, but my idea matured. I had to capture something different about them.

      Luckily I get some shells right on the first try or this would get ridiculous!

      One of my reshells was updating my Musedoll ReChe into a LLT Red Dove. I understand the allure!
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    13. I do see some sculpts that look better for my characters than the current sculpts I have.. but the thing is this: I am the type of BJD owner who gets too attached to their doll after being able to bond for a long period of time so I'm not likely to reshell my characters unless I wasn't able to bond with them that much. Otherwise, I'd rather stick to what I have.
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    14. ^This. And so, if one of my dolls would now magically turn into a different sculpt, I would be a very sad puppy. It helps that I never really look for a sculpt to fit a character. For me it's the other way around: I love a sculpt and I make a character for it, or change the personality until it fits the doll. But I've still reshelled two of my characters, because I came across a face I liked more.
    15. I don't always get rid of old shells, sometimes it's like a tumble down of one character moves into a newly purchased shell, another character moves into the vacated shell, until I've swapped a few around. If I really like the sculpt, I don't just want to be rid of it. I did buy the doll 'cause I liked it. So the group just grows. @_@

      I got a new shell for Djuna (edelweiss gagnon), Grey moved into Djuna's old sculpt (AiL Bertram), now I'm assessing what to do with old Grey (white luster sylva).

      That isn't counting when I buy a sculpt for a character and it arrives and is not what I expected. If there is no mojo I sell it right away.
    16. I havent reshelled anyone so far! Or should I say, I havent seen my OCs in any doll but the one shelled so far... I usually change ones on my wish list, but once I shell them I stick. I think, because I cant see my OCs mentally in any way except anime style, it’s easier to stick with the first sculpt that speaks to me for them! I don’t have any anime style dolls, so the sculpt that wins sort of becomes the OCs “real” look
    17. Ahh.... There is only one doll of mine I feel this with, but that's not to say his current shell isn't beyond perfect in itself just that I wish it was slightly more realistic so it could fit perfectly with the style all my other dolls have been since.

      That is, I'd love to one day own a Soom Sabik -either the Mecha Angel or, even better, the Supergem version- to be a more realistic version of Keiichi, my Crobidoll Hobin Daydream.

      I'd never sell the original shell of him either though as he's too important to me, just use him for one of the AU iterations of the character.