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Iffy auction?

May 5, 2007

    1. http://cgi.ebay.com/AOD-BJD-MINI-SU...ryZ84635QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting

      I can't find Angel of Dream as a doll company anywhere on Google. That's a really pretty doll, and a really pretty price, but I don't want to get something that's actually a copy. The mold looks familiar somehow, but I may just have seen this auction before. Can anyone tell me anything about this company, and whether it's safe to buy this doll or not?
    2. No feedback either...
    3. I don't know about the auction legitimacy, but I would recommend never bidding on a doll whose body you can't see.

      The doll reminds me of Notdoll Angelica, but I don't know if it was any type of copy.
    4. It's also not a good sign that the item location is "??, ??? China"...
    5. I guess it's an all-around no-go, then.

      Still, does anyone know what doll that is, or anything about that company?
    6. I liked the ebay doll so I looked it up too. They have a website at aoddoll.com, but it's all in chinese. I love the first doll shown in thwe 1/4 category.
    7. I couldn't get the pics to show up... :|
      It could be a new ABJD company's attempt to come into the scene... ?

      I wouldn't bid. I've never even heard of this company before.

      I Googled the site and it looked to me to be some message board.
      Also the girl doll with pink eyes looks like a crazy woman on the doll site stock photos... her eyes are crooked in the sockets. >XD

      They do have more pics of the doll and body on the web site though...
    8. i think it's just a new company, if you read the 'about us' they look ok
      i think the dolls look fine too, very asian like,i might look into this^^
    9. Woooow. The bodies are kinda funky, but I sure do like the heads. @_@
    10. It could be a perfectly legit new company and i hope it is cos i love the oriental looking boy they have.
      I find that they called their eBay shop 'HotDollzone' a little bit misleading as some people may confuse them with the real Dollzone and the fact that they have also added their address exactly the same way as Dollzone does on eBay too - ??, ??? China.
      This could all mean nothing of course - hopefully it's a new company! ^_^
    11. All pics are now on the auction page and the first pic is a different doll to the others shown...strange. And are the other pics of Dollzone Fenyo?
      Curiouser and Curiouser
    12. It reminds me of a Dollzone doll actually @_@
    13. I could be wrong, but it looks to me like the top photo is the same as the closed eyed one on the "Angel of Dream" website

      but the next two look like a different doll (my guess would be dollzone)

      and the bottom picture is a side shot of a completly different head on the "Angel of Dream" website (the second one under 1/4 dolls)

      so looks an iffy auction, but I can't see anything wrong with the company (or atleast I don't see anything that I think is coppied but I don't usualy browse the 1/4 dolls)
    14. The head reminds me of DZ Fenyo, that could just be me though ^_^
    15. yeah it does look like a closed eyed fenyo/bingli (can't remember)

      if it helps, i can almost swear that third wig comes from Dollzone =w=
      at least it looks exactly like the one i wanted to get from dollzone...

      and yes that last pic must be a different head. it's open-eyed for god's sake D:!
    16. O_O Thanks to people for the heads up, I'll send the links to Dollzone -- that auction, the bottom pictures are DEFINITELY a fenyo, and in some of the side pics there's a Nina and a Demi. The top picture in the auction is of a completely different doll though. >.<
      The 1/4 boy looks like a Wing head ( though that'd be impressive, given that he's a 70 cm guy.
      The pink boots and other little things are Dollzones... gah! I'll be ffw this to them to have a look.

      I've no clue if the guy is legit but ---
      1. no pictures of bodies anywhere.
      2. No feedback. We all started somewhere, granted... but usually a company will try to sell small things to build feedback before going into BJD auctions...
      3. You get your item in 3-5 DAYS???? O_o
    17. I'm guessing the dolls they are putting up auctions for already have faceups, and they are shipping them out immediately.

      EMS Express does arrive in 3-5 days, anywhere in the world.

      Honestly, I don't see why anyone would take the time to copy DollZone dolls. They're already really, really cheap, and I don't think this auction is much less than DZ's 1/4 dolls. I don't see much profit in it.

      Their shop name might indicate that they're a distributer for DollZone, or something. If you get a response from DZ, though, please update. I'm liking a couple of the heads from their website, and I don't want to buy a fake. x_x
    18. I personally don't think they're copies - just a scam. Ie, the photos don't really seem to match. I did send an email to DZ though, so I'll post their reply!

    19. They have my fav doll from their website up for auction too now.
      I hope they turn out to be legit - has anyone seen this doll before?
      I'm a'twitching and a'wantin one of these boys