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Illegal SD copy manufacturer has been caught with the help from SD fans.

Feb 24, 2006

    1. To our dearest customers,

      Thank you for your devotion and support to VOLKS and our Super Dollfie.

      A suspect, who sold illegal copy models of "Super Dollfie Nono Sweet Dream", has been sent the papers pertaining to a case to the Public Prosecutor's Office by Kyoto Horikawa Police Department on February 13.

      This can never be acceptable illegal act and we are unable to repress our indignation.

      This case has been proved by the various sources of information from many SD fans.

      We would like to express our thanks to those who have made an enormous devotion to solve this case and those who love our SD and have provided information on this matter.

      We regret to mention that we have had information on the similar cases from overseas as well as from Japan.

      The cases has been under investigation with the guidance of the authorities for the solution to these cases.

      We have heard that the trouble has been increasing by the heartless internet resellers.

      We hope you to be careful with those irresponsible acts.

      We make an endeavor to preserve the content and pleasant hobby world with our hobby doll, SD and promise to present the comfortable time with SD for all the fans in the world.

      We wish your kind understanding and support as always.

      Thank you so much.

      Hideyuki Shigeta
      President of VOLKS INC.
    2. Any idea who this manufacturer was???? O.o
    3. O_o the last time I heard about this was the Yumia / Forever Doll thing... but I know it couldn't have been them. I had no idea that this was going on.
    4. OMG! Was that the sweet dream nono that was on EBAY the other day? OMG! I was going to bid on it but something was really fishy. First of all, I've never head of a sweet dream nono. ~_~ I was like wait a second, did they just come out with the sweet dream nono or is it limited or what.

      Awww, sweet dream nono did look cute though =/ Oh well! I'm glad they caught the guys! Serves them right for altering a face.
    5. Sweet Dream Nono was a limited edition sold in beauty white and normal, but that was years ago and to find her now in mint condition with clothes or nude would cost well over 1000-2000.