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Illusion Spirit& AliceCollections@CADolls@Vallejo Doll Show

Jan 29, 2010

    1. Contemporary Artist Dolls will be at the Vallejo Dool Show February 6th at the Solano County Fairgrounds, The new order from Ringdoll has arrived so they can be seen in person. Also a new order from Unidoll as well as Elfdoll , Soom, Souldolls, Doll Family and many others. Wigs, shoes and clothing will be on sale! Mention DOA and I will pay the tax. Check out www.contemporarydollshop.com
      most in-stock dolls will be at the show
    2. The first order of Illusion Spirit Dolls and Alice Collections clothing will be at CADolls at the Vallejo Doll show and sale February 6th-this Saturday. Soloano County Fairgrounds 9 to 3:30