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Illusion Spirit Discussion thread

Sep 1, 2010

    1. I'll definitely have some stuff to talk about here later - I will be unboxing my Cantarira when I get home today.
    2. Ooh, do tell, MCPO_J117. I'm interested in a couple of Illusion Spirit's new dolls so I'd love to hear about yours. :)
    3. Well, I've opened him, and he is certainly gorgeous.
      Unboxing Riekin
      I do have a few minor dislikes of him, mainly the lack of proportion of his head to his body - his head is more along the lines of what would fit a 70cm body. His resin doesn't quite feel as smooth as the resin of my other dolls, but I do like him!
    4. I have a Toki IS i love him so much...but his torso is obnoxus let me know if you fined the same problem MCPO_J117, youe boy is gourgus btw
    5. It IS obnoxious for me lol - not quite as flexible as I'd hoped. But that may improve when he loosens up.
    6. Ya Azrael (my Toki) got alot better in the first couple weeks. i can do alot more with him. plus you luarn how to balance the body so he dosnt pop as much XD
    7. Personally, I don't really like the knees... I have a Minos and his knees keep pointing on his leather pants and they get stuck on the joints. But I love the face sculpt, it's so real and delicate but it's true that the head is more fitted for a 70cm model.
    8. Ya i would agree with you. i hope they duble joint the knees and elbows at some pont. but i am inlove with the faces.
    9. I'm thinking about seeing how he looks on my WS body I'm getting from Spirit Doll - the resins look like a good match based on photos.
    10. I was thinkng of getting Toki, but they came ou with the new dolls..so I ended up putting Phoenix on layaway.
    11. Would you guys recommend an IS doll for your first doll? I'm thinking about buying one as a birthday/christmas gift but am uncertain as to whether this this a good idea. I'm not getting the factory face up because I have a problem with removing premade faceups (I can't bear to touch my off topic doll's faces, so face-up less would help me be less afraid of trying stuff out). Is there anything super specific about the dolls that would be a red flag for a first time buyer? Or would it be better to settle for a cheaper doll (BBB or DoD?) Please help out! The promotion on IS dolls ends on Dec 26th (2010), after that point I might just settle for a BBB.
    12. I don't see anything wrong with buying an IS doll for someone. BJD's can be expensive and that's really the red flag that I could see, but really, IS dolls are beautiful and I think the person you would buy it for would be really happy. My first doll was from Doll Family, but in the beginning I wanted to get the IS Adrian. The only reason for the change was that I actually liked the DF mold more. But now, seeing the new doll Phoenix, I know I made the right decision on putting her on layaway.

      Also, it all depends on what the person is looking for in a doll. What kind of mold are they looking for? BJD's are so customizable that regardless of what you get, you can pretty much make them look like anything. There's the database in the gllerry section where you might be able to see how other owners customized their IS dolls versus the BBB and DoD. Also, budget plays a role too. We keep saying saying that it's wrong to settle on a doll based on price, but in reality, it's a major factor in the decision.

      Hope this helps a bit. And good luck. Regardless of the doll, the recipient is a one lucky person. :)
    13. I really like the jointing on the doll and especially SUPER DUPER love the yellow toned resin! The biggest reason (amongst a couple of others) that I don't settle for a BBB is because of the lack of a yellow toned resin. Also, Calos looks a lot like a "realistic" version my off-topic doll (he's a Pullip/Teayang, so he looks like a chibi). I want to eventually get jointed hands/fingers and don't want to bother with worrying about resin matches (you prolly already know this, but IS offers jointed hands for their dolls, so they would have an exact resin match).
      Thanks a lot for the input! I'm pulling up Mint on Card (inc.) right now!
    14. @Decy
      Did You order from Mint on Card (inc.)? I was about to but they didn't take off the 20% for the Christmas promotion in the shopping cart. The doll I like is Calos, so he is included in the Christmas promotion. Did the doll you put on layaway get the percentage off (I saw that you put one of the Christmas promotion dolls on layaway)??
      I AM definately going to order Calos ASAP! but I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be wrongly charged (I cannot afford to overcharge my account!!!). MoCI doesn't read their emails on the weekend, so I have to wait until Monday to get a response.

      MoCI is located in MI, and so am I. So I'll be getting my doll quickly after the doll is made!!! I'm happy to be supporting a MI business.
    15. Somewhere in that huge block of text on the Mint on Card site they say that the dolls are pre-order, so they'll be putitng the discount in when they send the order to Illusion Spirit's factory at the end of the month. Not sure if this means you'll be getting reimbursed when they calculate the discount, or if you're supposed to wait on paying until it's effective though, so you might want to shoot them an email.

      Even though I almost certainly won't be able to squeak in an order during the promotion (tight holiday budget is tight), I'm still oggling Phoenix. I just wish they had photos of her without that wig--it obscures a good portion of her face! What I can make out I really like, but I'm a cautious enough buyer that I'd feel more confident sticking her on my wishlist if I had a clearer idea of what I'd be getting. ^^;
    16. @MollyKerr...I actually ordered her from Alice's Collections. I wasn't planning on getting an IS, but when I saw Phoenix, I jumped at the opportunity. Hee hee..impulse..But I was really looking at buying Adrian in the future, except I liked Phoenix more. You should contact MoC and ask them for the discounted price. And even if you put them in layaway, as long as it is placed during the promotion, you should get the discounted price.

      @Poofiemus...Mine came as a total impulse but I know I won't regret it. I might get her by the end of January. If you want I can post lots of photos on Phoenix so you can decided whether you want to get her.
    17. That would be fantastic! :D I've been looking for the right doll for a certain character of mine, and my first thought on seeing Phoenix is that I may have finally found her . . . But with those ambiguous promo shots, I'm holding my enthusiasm back, because I want the doll for her to be as close to a perfect match as possible. Your photos would be a huge help!
    18. Thanks for the advice, I sent MoC an email last night but they won't reply till tomorrow night. Gak, the wait is too much @_@
    19. I just ordered Calos this afternoon!! Although, MOC charged me almost $20 more than they said they would... so I'm trying to figure out where those random expenses came from. I don't mind as long as there is a clear explanation, otherwise, I could be wig shopping for my boy!