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I'm getting my first doll too!

Feb 27, 2008

    1. I'm getting my dolls from Dream of Dolls. Too & Bee-A. does anyone know what kind of clothes they fit? i know they are MSD, but there are not much clothes for the boy. :)
    2. Congratulations :) I was looking at these the other day and thought how lovely they are. Sorry can't help with clothes as I'm awaiting my first MSD too - have you checked Dollmore for clothes, they tend to have a lot - no idea if they fit though??
    3. You may have trouble getting answers since your thread title does not state what you are asking. I recommend changing the title of the first post of your thread by editing the fitst post and then using Advanced edit.

      Also there are a total of 5 different DOC bodies - you probably should mention in your first post which of the 3 male and 2 female bodies you a getting.

    4. Heya! For your Bee-A, any MSD-sized clothing would probably work. Although not the same can be said for Too. Depending on Too's body, if it is the long-legged one (the body that is 45cm in height like U, Si, Wi and Hoo's), the length of a normal MSD-sized clothing is always too short. You have to look for clothing which are longer by a few centimeters or says that it fits DOC. However, if you are getting the old normal boy body (the 43cm one, or Too's default body), MSD-sized clothing are OK. :)

      I'm not quite sure about the new boy body (the one Twin-B has) because I haven't seen it yet, though...

      Anyways, here's a size chart: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103839
    5. According to this the mature girl body (New Body 2) is closer to a Unoa mature size:

      But unless those measurements are don;e loosely, the mature DOC female body is .5 cm larger in the bust than Unoa large bust (and 1.5cm larger than Narae) and 1cm larger in the hips than both of them.