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I'm so giddy!!

Mar 30, 2012

    1. Okay I haven't been on here in like a year. Had to do a surgery on my jaw and got busy with college and what not. But I used to only have an obitsu and I was making clothes for her. She was 60 CM. Anyway I finally was able to and I ordered off of DreamofDoll, Shall and Leya! Shall is 60CM and same wig as my obitsu so its a life saver! As for Leya! I donno her wig size. Shes 41 CM and a DOC. I asked Jpop dolls and they said 6-7 but I want your guys thoughts too. Anybody have thoughts or know her actual size?:aheartbea
    2. Hi! I'm so glad you seem better and congratulations on your incoming dolls!. I don't know anything about the DoC dolls, but I think if you ask in the DoC thread, they'll have all kinds of info there ;). You sound so enthusiastic and happy! Congratulations! I hope school is going well, sometimes we need to cut loose from all that, eh?
    3. Thanks for the support! I feel and look a ton better! :D I'm excited and bouncing off the walls but the site said 6-7" for wig size. A friend told me 6.25 or 6-7" It doesn't really help. She comes with a wig but the ones from jpopdolls.com I feel are the best cause they never mat!! <3