iMda 2.2 (22cm) Part 2

Apr 22, 2017

    1. 2.2 Modigli and Gian are available now, through the 27th.

      -------- Added notes --------

      Looking for clothes, wigs and shoes?
      Soom iMda tinies what fits? wig, clothing and shoe database

      Thread for iMda 3.0 is here

      Gallery thread for all iMda sizes

      Made by Soom, Neo-AngelRegion
      the SOOM emporium

      Petite Modigli 2.2
      Height 22cm
      Eye Size 12mm
      Wig Size 6inches
      Head 15.2cm
      Neck 4.5cm
      Chest 9.3cm
      Waist 9cm
      Hips 12cm
      Shoulder width 4.5cm
      Arm length 7.3cm
      Wrist Circ 3cm
      Thighs 6.8cm
      Leg length 11.5cm
      Ankle 4cm
      Feet 3cm

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    2. Is anyone ordering one of the new 2.2 dolls?

      I am on the fence; the last time I was going to order I changed my mind at the last second because of finding
      clothes for them, I just don't like to work that hard to find things to fit.

      However Modigli is calling out to me.
    3. I ordered Gian in white skin ^--^
    4. @eva_h, sorry the doll I was referring to was timp yuja, but I've just realised that this is the wrong thread for that doll.
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    5. She is sweet! Gian is my favorite face!
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    7. I was never drawn to the proportions of the 2.2 size but the new releases this month are really cute!!!

      On another note, I didn't see a separate thread for the 2.6 size so I hope it's okay for me to ask here. Have any of you tried Leekeworld wigs for the 2.6 size? I have heard that Leekeworld wigs run small so I'm wondering if the 6-7 size would be too tight for the imda 2.6 (head circumference: 17.5cm)?
    8. @midolls*melissa, Your girl is adorable and has a nice collection of stuffed toys. The hat is adorable! May I ask who the seller is?
    9. my daughter made that scary plush, it's so cute I love it. I love that hat too, wasn't sure it would fit but it's perfect and the seller is: Ulanna on etsy and it is Lati sized

    10. I'm considering getting Colette on pre-order right now. How is the quality of iMda's eyes? I'm wondering if I should order them from Soom's website ($28 is not cheap) or getting them separately.
    11. Their quality is fine but I frequently get my eyes other places.
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    12. She is the sweetest!! I have this wig too. It's absolutely darling.
      I love her toys! The little doll looks so cute.
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    13. Thank you so much! I love this wig, I wish they would make more in this color and for all the sizes of iMda's.
    14. Oh I agree!! It is the best pink. As a matter of fact I aquired new bedsheets only yesterday that are the same shade of pink :-D I love the corresponding shades of mint and dusty blue too - so soothing :-)
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