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iMda 4.3

Mar 2, 2017

    1. I am stalking dollsoom.com these days.. their first 4.3 is out! It's a fullset lottery: http://dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php?it_id=1488269415

      I absolutely adore everything about the fullset, but I'm going to have to wait for a basic version. Hopefully soon :-)

      Anyone else getting excited about this new release??? :-D
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    2. Thanks for the link! I think she's adorable. I like the size and the clothing is gorgeous. I've always liked the Soom imda dolls and the 43 cm is especially nice. I wonder how she'd look in proportion to a 60-65 cm doll. I'll have to wait for a basic doll too. She'd be fun to design for.
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    3. She's so pretty! I like her size ❤️
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    4. oh so lovely :love the clothing is so detailed... I love it so much. She's super pretty as well!
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    5. @Pony I have never seen age suggestions for iMda dolls. I used to think 3.0 and up are supposed to be SD scale children/adolescents, but when I do the math they are maybe a bit on the small side? Anyway it's hard to tell until you see it for yourself :-/

      I hope 4.3 will at least look like a believable older sibling to my 3.0. It would give some interesting photo opportunities, as I have never had an actual BJD family, only disconnected dolls.

      @nekkous Camellia is my all time favourite doll clothes designer/tailor! instagram.com/camelliacandy

      @Bubblegumponys My MiniFee is going to get some fierce competition from her! :-)
      #5 eva_h, Mar 2, 2017
      Last edited: Mar 2, 2017
    6. I hope so too. I'd like to have a family of dolls but most of mine from the same companies do not have the proper proportions. I'd especially like to see the Soom girls,work together because of their distinctive, soft style. They'd be adorable as sisters!
    7. @Pony I'm surprised that dolls from the same company don't have matching proportions! I guess sculpting is tricky.. when I think about it it's probably hard enough to create a nice shape without thinking of proportions to other dolls. Never really thought of it. If the companies use 3Dprinting, though - they could scale the digital models.
    8. The new basic version is finally out, she's really cute! I'm really thinking about getting her. Does anyone have any opinions?
    9. @Walkergirl Yayyy! I saw the instagram photos this morning! I LOVE her :love Both the face and the body, everything is right. If there are more face sculpts down the line, Manon will probably still be my favourite. Will place my order asap, including faceup and eyes.

      I wish they didn't do multiple chest sizes? I like things to be simple. However, 2 sizes is better than 5 ;-) (Fairyland, I'm looking at you! ;-)) I'm going to order her with a small chest and ask if I can order the other chest piece extra. Pretty please with sugar on.

      I am always tempted to go with cream white, but I want her to look OK with my normal skin 3.0... would it be very noticeable?

      Wohooo! :-D
      #9 eva_h, Mar 7, 2017
      Last edited: Mar 7, 2017
    10. Btw it looks like 4.3 has better proportions than 5.2. Longer legs, compared to the torso.
    11. I'm seriously considering getting Manon too, everything but the wig...I'm seeing something asymmetrical vs. the wig they have for her. She's sooo cute. I only have one other Imda--the 5.2--but this might really be my second!
    12. @marci12 Cool! The wig is a bit on the poofy side for my taste, and I may have something for her already. Which 5.2 is that?
    13. After talking with my fiancé and getting his opinion (he loves the way she looks) I'm going to get her this Friday. Now I just have to find her some clothing and a nice wig. I'm contemplating getting her the eyes as well. I want really realistic eyes. Any opinions?
    14. Yeah, just not sure about that wig...but it might be awesome if I style it differently...and I got one of the three 5.2 Steampunk Monikas--with the wing :).
      #14 marci12, Mar 8, 2017
      Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
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    15. I just saw Manon basic already released. She is so adorable, I'm serious consider if I should bring her home.....I'm so struggle right now...><
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    16. Just discover this little cutie. I think I'll put her name on my wishlist... That face is so cute !
      And I really like the outfit of the only one version. I hope they will sell it one day ! >.<
    17. Just pre-ordered this lovely girl with the blue eyes. I have to hunt down some clothes and a wig now. ❤❤❤
    18. @Walkergirl Congrats! :) I think the eyes are really nice. I'm not sure they're made to look particularly realistic, but they seem to have great depth. (They're Glib "Meister" glass eyes I think; that's what it said on the eye box last time.) Btw: What style clothes are you looking for?

      @Tentacule The ooak outfit is out of this world stunning! <3<3<3
    19. Love little Manon! Does anyone know what the delivery time usually is? And the outfit looks like it is available to buy?