IMda happy choo discussion

Apr 19, 2018

    1. Hi there.
      I didn's see any thread , post and comment about imda happy choo at all so I create one.
      But I have a feeling that I will be lonely in this page.:atremblin:atremblin:atremblin:doh:doh:doh:doh
      here is my one. If anyone want to share with me I will so happy.
      Chika and lili will available to order around June if anyone interested in.


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    2. Simply adorable! I only have a Nappy Choo.... I am sure that someone will be along soon with more of these cuties, and join you! I love their face ups :)
    3. Oh my, he is just the cutest thing.
    4. wow so cute
    5. Ohh you have seen here.:XD:Imda have the plan for he and Lili round june.
      Thank you darling:celebrate
    6. how cute he is!!
    7. Aww adorable! Adore the size!
    8. OH MY....I was only looking at Lili yesterday!! I'm so happy to hear that Soom will be opening another order in June. I LOVE Lili :aheartbea
    9. How do you subscribe to their mailing list?? I can't see anywhere on the site to do that. Do they have an email to contact them on...can't find that either :( Thanks for any help you can offer.

      ETA: I found where to register for email newsletters on the Soom site :D Hopefully I'll hear when they are going to open the orders.
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    10. Congratulation! :chibiActually I didn't subscribe any mailing list from imda, but just keep watching their Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes they have post the plan or reply to someone who want to know as well. :whee:And also they always post the doll which open the orders directly.
    11. Thank you :) I'll go and see if I can find them on Instagram....I don't have a Twitter account. I'm SO hoping to get a Lili when they come up for order.
    12. so cuuuuuuuute !
    13. I definitely am going to have to try and get a little Chika for myself......way too cute to pass up!

      I signed up to the Soom website so hopefully will get an email upon their release :)
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    14. Oh my, looks like I'll be waiting for another doll release!
    15. I've been away for two weeks and have just come home to find that Chika (girl) is being offered for preorder. I'm so cheesed off.....I've been waiting all year for Lili to come on preorder :...( Not fair!! Now I don't know what to do....I like Chika but not as much as Lili but if I don't get Chika then I'm worried I'll miss out altogether on a Happy Choo :...(:...(:...( It would help if Soom would answer messages!!! I've given up on messaging them...they don't bother to reply :vein It would be just my luck to order Chika only to find they offer Lili in the next couple of preorders....and I can't afford both :(
    17. Does anybody know when the next pre order will be? Just found out this cuties existing and now I am head over heels in love... :D
    18. Looks like the next pre-order starts tomorrow, 27th June 2019, for both Chika and Lili. I think another Soom tiny may be joining my gang...
    19. Where did you find this info please Frances....I've looked and can't see where they've posted it. I've been waiting for nearly 2 years for Lili to come on preorder....I'd given up! I'm not buying any dolls at present but if she's going to be available then I think I'll have to find the funds to get her....thanks for your help :)