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IMda Modigli 30.5cm discussion part 3

Dec 1, 2016

    1. There are a few iMda outfits available if you go through all the pages. They occasionally re-release outfits, but not often. But there is at least one new outfit with each release! I am so glad they now list the outfits as a separate item! Originally you had to buy the doll to get the outfit!

      ------- Added notes -------

      This is a discussion of IMda Modigli 30.5cm dolls on Soom website.

      the SOOM emporium

      Modigli, Gian, Nina, Babette etc.

      What fits! Clothes Shoes Wigs Etc.

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    2. Has anyone tried making any of the patterns from Megalie Dawson's page Doll Clothing Patterns Page - MHD Designs - the Little Darlings or the Kish patterns? I've made up quite a few of the other size dolls but haven't tried these. I'm thinking of getting a couple but won't make any up since I won't have my Modigli until February or so.
    3. .
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    4. Yaaassss we have spread into a third thread! Let the madness begin all over again!
      On a more sensible note.
      I know the girls are a fair bit bigger than most YOSD or littlefee etc but I have my eye on the perfect outfit and it's supposed to be oversized on littlefee, so would it maybe be normalish sized on Colette? No pants or anything involved just a longish top and some socks o3o
    5. If it's not tight in the hips it should work.
    6. ffff I get to see this thread grow from start to finish now ovo I can't wait to see it get filled with more and more lovely photos of all the cuties !!
    7. I'm literally going to die waiting for her once I have her paid off, she's coming from wayyyyyy far away so it could take like two months for her to be home and I'm already so overloaded with excitement I might burst!
      Also on the outfit I'm thinking it'll likely sit above her hips since it's not exactly for her height so hopefully that won't be an issue just need to tackle pants or panties!
    8. The waiting is always so dreadful fffffff I waited only about a week for my doll since she was secondhand but even that felt like forever ksjsjsjksjdbd I can only imagine the torture having to wait a couple months ;;;; n ;;;;
    9. It's like waiting for a brand new girl straight from the company ;-; but that's why I'm going to use the time to gather hopefully all of the things for her homecoming so I can put her all together at once *-*
    10. That's true. With you continually buying her things, it'll keep the excitement of receiving her that must greater too ne ovo And ffff I forgot that she's secondhand for you too! Is it because of the layaway that's making the wait long?
    11. Not so much the layaway as the shipping time! She's in Asia right now ._. So the best priced shipping for the situation is also pretty slow xc
    12. ffff overseas shipping is always such a drag. Can you track her during her travels or was the most inexpensive route without tracking? Hopefully it'll be closer to the one month instead of the two for her to get in.
    13. Mmn I'm pretty sure she'll have tracking, I've looked up the method being used and it's similar to the US first class which you can always have the tracking number for, but I am a chronic tracking stalker xD So that may only make me more impatient haha
    14. I would check on the tracking carefully. International first class does not have tracking. Registered is tracked by the post office but you usually can't track it online. And be sure she is insured.
    15. I plan to! She won't be paid off til around the start of the year so I'm planning to look into shipping options more, the thing is though it's already roughly a bit more than a quarter of her price to have her shipped here so I may just have to stick with what's been planned.

      I actually just in depth checked the way she plans to send her and yes tracking is included and when you add insurance you get the price she quoted me for shipping so of course when the time comes I'll verify more details but so far it looks as if she was thinking of all the same things! Though this is exciting because I looked at detail info for shipping to the US from her and fingers crossed it only takes the six weeks minimum ;-;
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    16. Hah I'm the same way! I would check tracking at least 3x a day and get disappointed when there's no changes and repeat the next day X]

      And good to know the seller thought of everything when she made the sale, shipping-wise ovo Hopefully she would get to you sooner rather than later. With the holidays coming up, it might be towards later though ;;; v ;;;
    17. So I guess when I look at my order sheet "preparing" means the same as before shipping? LOL.
    18. :o Does someone have a new girl coming home??
      Also I believe from reading that does mean they are getting the order ready!

      Yes I've been really happy with the girl I'm buying her from, she is just the sweetest and I've actually spent a ton of time just discussing bjds in general with her x3
    19. For Soom, the order changes to "preparing" when the final payment is accepted.
    20. Well I paid for her in full when I made the order so I suppose a 2-3 month wait is in store. Sigh.