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Immortality of Soul Cats ~ Jack, Lulu, and Lora discussion part 1

Jun 25, 2010

    1. UPDATE as of 2011-11
      More detailed info on December release from the I.o.S. website:

      DoA News Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...Immortality-of-Soul)-Jack-Lulu-Lora-amp-Blood

      UPDATE as of 2011-08

      IoS posted that they'll be selling LULU & LORA in December! Mark your calendars, don't miss this pre-order!

      UPDATE as of 2011-06-03

      The second order period is over, and people have received their dolls. Congrats guys!

      If you're new to the Jacks and have missed the order periods, I recommend PMing dhawktx to start rocking the boat again. ;)

      UPDATE as of 2011-04-13

      Jack, Lulu, and Lora are on sale right now!

      Lulu and Lora: http://isis.dothome.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=ver3_head_body&wr_id=155

      Jack: http://isis.dothome.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=ver3_head_body&wr_id=113

      UPDATE as of 2011-04-05

      I.o.S will be re-releasing Jack in "small quantities" along with a new tiny cat, Lulu, April 15-30. Price and details should be announced April 13.

      Shop Notice: http://isis.dothome.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=ver3_doll

      (I think this re-release is due in no small part to the efforts and lobbying on the I.o.S BBS of our own member dhawktx. Thank you, Donna!)


      photo from Immortality of Soul website

      First Release News Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Anthro-Kitty-Sale-Period-June-25-thru-July-5

      Jack measurements:
      Height: 25.3 cm
      Eye size: 12mm
      Circumference of neck: 4.8cm
      Circumference of chest: 11.5cm
      Width of shoulders: 5.5 cm
      Circumference of waist: 10cm
      Circumference of hips: 12.5cm
      Hip to ankle: 11cm
      Knee to ankle: 5.5cm
      Foot: 3.5cm

      Lulu/Lora measurements:
      -Tall : 13cm
      -Eye size: 10mm
      -Circumference of neck: 4.5cm
      -Circumference of chest: 7.5cm
      -Width of shoulders: 3.5cm
      -Circumference of waist: 7cm
      -Circumference of hips: 10cm
      -Foot size : 2cm

      I love this size doll! He looks like a mature tiny. Anyone gonna order him tomorrow?

      .....mod notes....
      Company Website: http://dollios.com/index.php

      DoA Database:

      Immortality of Soul Cats ~ Jack, Lulu, and Lora discussion part 1:
    2. I had an answer about Jack! He is 25,3 cm tall from feet to the top of the ears!
    3. I have one of the earliest IoS heads--a Garsh from the first lot--and even back in the early days, the quality of the sculpting and the resin was really nice. (Large head, definitely, and the resin was a bit too yellow for the Volks body I'd intended to put him on, but these issues should have little enough to do with the Jacks!)

      I also ordered him the same way, straight off a BBS post on the IoS site, and I got him quickly and with no trouble at all. Granted, he was only a head, but he was well-packed in a box with plenty of bubble wrap, and she sent along some free postcards, too. :)
    4. And my boy arrived today! Here's his box opening thread!


      I semi-reviewed him in my box-opening thread, but let me just state here, WOW. He's amazing! He poses extremely well. His hands and feet are incredibly detailed. He was packaged like a present. I love him!
    5. Mine came too! What a lovely sculpt, particularly for this size! I'm really impressed with the range of motion in his arms, particularly.

      He's a little kicky, still, but I can restring him to fix that. Now I just need his eyes to hurry up and arrive. :lol:
    6. Congrats, Gallye!

      I'm sueding my boy's legs right now. I should probably tighten the elastic through his torso and legs while I'm at it. He is a little loose. Think they sent them that way on purpose? I've heard Bobobie does it to avoid damage in transit.

      The loose stringing did allow some kinda cool knee-joint-out-of-socket poses.
    7. Ooh, congrats Jess!

      Man, the I.O.S. outfit is something else. $220 is a lot of money, but I honestly think that set is worth it if you can afford it. I didn't buy it myself. The craftsmanship looks perfect. I don't see a single stitch out of place. It looks like it has functioning buttonholes! Pintucks in the shirt, complete lining in the jacket. Somebody spent a lot of time on that. I wish so hard I had their patterns!

      On the other hand, 1/6th scale is pretty popular in the fashion doll world. Jack is smaller than Ken, but I think some of Ken's clothing might fit. Jack is pretty close to slim Obitsu size, and I think maybe Volks Neo-Go size. I think Jack might fit into some of the really nice Volks clothing from their "Who's that girl" line. So, maybe you could find other clothing that fit pretty well, maybe a little big. I really wish I had a couple of those dolls to compare him to so we'd have a more concise answer!

      Also, that set of clothes would have nearly zero re-sale value since there aren't a ton of us with Jack, and there aren't really any other male BJD's this size.
    8. I dragged out my box of mature-tiny clothes and gave it a whirl today (as best I could, with my poor Jack kicking and folding up). Forgive me my lack of photos--my camera is a whinybutt. These are my basic conclusions:

      - Momoko/Blythe clothing: no on bottoms, iffy/maybe on tops.
      The tops seem to fit relatively well, but Jack's big, spread-fingered hands just will not force through most Momoko sleeves. Either find a stretchy/sleeveless top, or prepare to take Jack's hands off.

      - Volks Who's That Girl (girl size): possibly on bottoms, pretty good on tops.
      This sleeveless girl's top is actually a flat-out perfect fit, and many of the other WTG? tops seem workable. Again, the problem is his hands.
      Pants and skirts from this line might work. Looser/stretchier items would be better, and you might have to fight to get them closed.

      - Volks Who's That Girl (boy size): maybe on bottoms, oversized but workable on tops.
      The pants that I have are just... too big, everywhere, but teamed with a large enough top, could possibly pass for 'fashionably baggy'. However, the magnet on his tail won't really grip through thicker fabric. The tops are also oversized, but if you're looking for that look, Volks stuff is pretty darned nice. Again, be prepared to negotiate with his hands.

      - Azone (girls): tight but workable all around.
      These hilarious bondage pants actually suited him very well. They are hilariously tight around his butt, but with some coaxing, I did get the snap fastened, and they looked really good thereafter; also, the fabric is light enough that his tail would magnet on right through it, although it wasn't the strongest of grips. (The overskirt thing is a separate piece and comes right off.)
      Azone girl tops are kind of a crapshoot--many of them may be too short, or too tight--but if you want a shirt that's tight instead of oversized, these might work.

      - Azone (boys): very good on tops, unknown bottoms.
      This striped shirt fit perfectly, and was even stretchy enough to finagle over Jack's hands. I do not have jeans from this size doll, but it is my suspicion that they would also be a good fit (albeit with some arrangements made for his tail).

      - Taeyang (Pullip boy): tops oversized but workable, unknown bottoms.
      Take this with a grain of salt: I only have one Taeyang-sized sweatshirt, handmade by an Etsy member. It was baggy, but cute.

      As for shoes, I can't help you there right now. None of the girly shoes fit, that's for sure. Those big round-toed stompy Blythe boots might fit, but all of mine are being worn by other dolls, and frankly, they look too small. However, the Azone boy shoes may fit, given how the rest of his clothes fit, or the Volks WTG? boy shoes, and also, potentially, shoes made for American 1/6th action figures. I'll let you know once I find something!
    9. And just took a picture of his faceup. Took me forever to get eyes back in... the soft silicone eyes just would NOT position right, and regular 12mm acrylics would NOT both fit in his head at the same time. So he's wearing 10mm acrylics, I think. =3

    10. I got my hands on a pair of the Volks Who's That Girl? shoes for the WTG? Boyfriend dolls.

      Verdict: they're too long on Jack, but workable. They actually fit well at the ankle, and they're the right width, but they're about a centimeter too long in the toe--ergo, they're clown shoes. However, if he was fully dressed, they'd only look a little off. Definitely not perfect, but they'd do in a pinch.
    11. I've been having problems with Jack - he's so kicky!

      By the way, Ken clothes don't fit him. :(
    12. Yeah, my Jack is kicky, too. I think it's because he's strung so loosely, but I haven't actually tightened mine up to see.

      If not: suedin' time!
    13. I've finally got my Jack all put together! He gave me a bit of a scare, though--I sent him off for his faceup and his head promptly got lost in the mail for a few weeks. (Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, from Washington State to California, and they still manage to lose him. Fortunately I had the delivery confirmation number and could get them looking for him!)

      So, to celebrate, I stuck him on the bookshelf and took a couple of quick snaps. Nothing elaborate. This smirky little fellow is Demon. :)



      His faceup is by chien, the eyes are Enchanted Doll urethanes, and the shirt is an Azone men's shirt--he's wearing Azone girl's bondage pants, too, but none of those photos came out well.

      No shoes, though. After all, he's a cat! :lol:
    14. I.o.S. put an update in their Shop section about the kitties!

    15. Jack is slightly smaller than a Ken doll and has shorter legs--I've had good luck with Azone men's shirts on the top and Azone girls' pants on his legs. :)
    16. Awww, look at Lora's little flattened ears, those are so cute!
    17. Bakay, the quick answer: Jack $300, Lulu/Lora $250 Plus shipping according to the total weight of the order...My two jacks and one Lulu were 2.5 kg

      One Jack is 1 kg, so his shipping is $30. $300+30=$330.

      You open the red stickied post that has the order form (I paste it into Notepad). fill it out, then come back to the English Orders page and "Write" a new post, pasting in your completed form and putting the word "Order" in the subject. Make sure to click the box next to 'Secret" so that others can't read your personal info on your order. Check back because she will respond in your post whether your order was accepted, then she'll tell you how to pay her. The Lulu and Lora dolls can be put in layaway (use the comment section for that), but she'll ask for immediate payment on the Jack, if you are ordering one.

      In my case, I immediately paid for the two Jacks, then came back and made the second payment for the Lulu and the combined shipping.

      You paypal her the money and post a response on your thread that you've sent it. She will post back that she's received your payment and then it's just WAIT....
    18. We are ordering dolly sized 1" buttons for DollAKon with various sayings on them...Kyrenea says half of them need to say "Donna's fault".
    19. True, but even with the english only crowd I thought he would sell out faster. He finally did sell out.
      I like the idea that half the buttons need to say "Donna's fault". That cracked me up!

      Anybody else get the feeling that the doll companies got together and made it their mission to turn around the economy all on thier own by offering us irresistible dolls?
    20. Some of them better say "onna's fault"! LOL! Or at least one big one for me saying "Enabler! Beware!"