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Immortality of Soul Hiro resale in April.

Apr 3, 2012

    1. Just thought I'd post the update here in case any one has problems logging into the website.

      Details available:

      Doll type: Hiro
      Release date: 25th April - 27th April 2012 inclusive (3 days)
      Price: $530
      Resin choice: New normal and new white

      Layaway is possible x2 (deposit and balance 30 days)

      There's a short statement saying that there is no plan to re-release any previous/past dolls again after April, and they respectfully ask that requests for re-releases are not made, but that they will be releasing 80 (possible typo, could be 8...)brand new bodies and heads in the future.

      So, this would seem like a last chance to get Hiro!

      Immortality of Soul discussion thread II
    2. If I'm not mistaken, IOS has been working on an 80cm head, so it's likely they mean they plan to release the 80cm dolls? 9o9
    3. Eldurwen - That would make perfect sense! I've not followed all the IOS news so did not know about this new line....
      I couldn't copy and paste from their website, but below is typed exactly as in their notice (spacing and all^^)

      'We're going to launch brand new 80bodies and heads'....
      Thanks for clarifying!^^