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Update Immortality of Soul (IOS) website is back- Anos, Gin, Mezz, and ASYD going on sale!

May 14, 2009

    1. The IOS website is back up! I've been stalking the seller on Y!J and checking links, I found both the website link (it works now) AND a link to IOS's progress blog. :D

      I apologize if this is not appropriate for news, but I know a lot of people (myself included) have been lamenting the disappearance of this artist since they went offline last year.

      They have two new heads currently on sale, Sezz and Yuri.

      EDIT: She has just posted a notice on the site, Anos, Mezz, ASYD and Gin are being rereleased and are going on sale starting June 1st!
      She's also offering a discount for bulk ordering, time to make those group orders!

      About prices-
      About large orders and group orders-

    2. I clicked the website link and it takes me to a dead page alert in Japanese? Or is it Korean?
    3. Korean.
      Looks like that website has gotten too many visitors today.
      It should work tomorrow.. or whenever the traffic problem gets fixed >_>
    4. Wonderfull! :fangirl:
      Can anyone please write the prices once there announced and if they'll be available in white and normal skin tone? :chocoberry
    5. this is what is listed right now :

      prices :

      ********************** PRICE ************************

      YURI is 110$

      SEZZ is 120$

      ******************<RESALE - PRICE> ******************<

      ** [MEZZ] - 130$

      ** [ANOS] - 130$

      ** [ASYD] - 130$

      ** [GIN] - 130$

      colors :
      There are 2 copy normal and white which is different color for season.
      But this is not wide so if you have sensitive on color you suppose to order more carefully.


      We are copy normal skin base VOLKS's originally normal.
      this is a yellowish.


      we are copy white skin base VOLKS's originally white.


      ****We makes ios head standared for VOLKS's body the age of 13.

      There are 3 men (LUTS-DELF, LUTS-SENIOR DELF, VOLKS 13) interchangeable body and I have direct confirmed.

      We will show total price at that order because the shipping price is different each country.

      _ Exchange rate fluctuations: prices are variable according to the rate of exchange.
      {You should check the price at that order.}
      _ The prices is lowered because large sale.
    6. Head is avaible for sale separately?Correct?
    7. Yes, they are.

      Bodies will be available in september.
    8. Still can't access the actual site. The blog seems to be okay, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at with all the question marks instead of text --
    9. Looks like the site exceeded its bandwidth from people rushing the site. :P It'll come back up when it the traffic to the page calms down.
    10. Updated first post for more info about bulk/group orders. :)
    11. Does anyone know what the approximate shipping rates are?
    12. Per the QA section of the site, $20 for a single head. I also noticed $25 for two heads mentioned.
    13. Yupp for single head is about 20$.
      There is also face up option, it costs 70$ :o ;)
    14. *Purchase over the 10 heads - 40$ discount

      is that means if I order 10 heads&#65292;each head cost $70&#65311;

      and what about the make up? include or add money?
    15. it means $40 off the whole order, not $40 off each head. It be nice tho:sweat
      make-up you add $70 per head
    16. Is there a chance heads that have become sold out will be sold as Head and body together by the September(?) release?
    17. Could someone please clarify for me? Is a new sales period coming up for the heads or the complete dolls? The IOS website is difficult to navigate. Just inquiring since the date on the first posting was in May. Thanks for any info. :)
    18. From what I've read IOS has plans to sell a new head + 70cm body sometime this fall, around November. She says she does not currently have any plan to rerelease any of her old heads and that they aren't going to be compatible with the new 70cm bodies.

      Here are the relevant quotes from her website-

      Hope this helps :)
    19. Wait. . . So is the Anos head going to be on sale in June of 2010?
      And if Anos isn't interchangeable with IOS's 70 cm body, does that mean that Anos will still be compatible with other doll company's? O.O

      Thanks for putting this up! :)
    20. No, this notice was from this past summer, when the Anos head was available. It isn't compatible with the new body, and as far as I know, will not be sold again.