New Doll Immortality of Soul - Limited Class70 K

Jul 7, 2017

    1. Hello Everyone
      Check this new information from I.O.S, They Release Beautiful, K. As commemoration For New Release,
      You can get Free Make Up when you purchase K doll body.
      Hurry you can only avail until july 16, 2017 only.
      See more details here K doll
      #newdoll #freemakeup #bjd #ios

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    2. He's absolutely beautiful! Will layaway be acceptable for a limited edition like him?
    3. Can one buy a full set as in clothes and wigs included?
    4. Hello yarnqueen,

      Thank you for your message and inquiry.
      By the way yes we can accept this order for Layaway Payment process.
      We are accepting orders for 3 to 6 months Layaway payment.
      Just send your 20% down payment after you can place your order so that we can process your order further.
      Please let me know if ever you can make order, and I will respond to you via email at [email protected]

      Thank you very much...
      Have a nice day^^

      Hello, ktfeld95

      Thank your recent message and inquiry.
      By the way, please wait for a while as I am going to ask the maker if possible to buy a full set of this doll.
      I will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Thank you very much...
      Have a nice day^^

      Hello ktfeld,

      How are you?
      Thank you for waiting.
      By the way, this doll is only Doll Assembled body with head with make-up for free.
      Clothes or outfits, wig, eyes, and shoes are not included...

      Thank you very much.,
      Have a nice day^^
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