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Immortality of Soul new 70cm body and Osiris head

Oct 18, 2009

    1. IOS updated her Diary!!!
      I am really loving the new body! :aheartbea Wish I could understand what the text says under her new entry though. >_<
    2. that's a very nice looking body ^^ <3
    3. Using a Korean to english translator:
      Today (Sunday)!!!! and ~~Assembly me, "Tears runny nose is covered with ~ moved ~ now makeup and costume it only remained! 70-10 11-15 days to start selling, you must ~shake~you~

      So my guess is that she's finished with the doll and only needs to complete his faceup and clothing. She'll start selling him by the beginning of next month? LOL somone was happy. ^^

      How accuate that was I dont know, but hey. Cool news!
    4. ^^^^ Edit: haha you beat me to it

      Hooooly crap it looks even better now that it's been cast! *_* Ohhh I so hope he can fit my ASYD head, its absolutely perfect for the character.

      I ran the text through an online translator. Its basically her saying- yay he's finally back, she teared up when she saw him finally put together. Now all she needs is clothing and a faceup for him to be done. Sales will start between November 10 and 15. I think that's the gist of it. :sweat
    5. Aww thanks for the pic, the new body is magnificent. <3
    6. I'm really excited too!
      Not only did I see this entry this morning, but I also got a response back from IOS on her Q&A board.

      Apparently, she plans to sell a smaller quantity of Anos heads next year, but it will NOT be with the new body.

      Not sure if this info has been posted up yet, but I thought it's something worth sharing for people out there who potentially want Anos. ^^;;;

    7. Hmm really? And here I was just thinking Sezz and Mezz cause that is all I have heard of. This is great news for those who missed their chance to buy Anos. >w< *trying to patiently wait for sezz re-release*
    8. *giggle fit* He's beautiful. O_____O
    9. it's good news!! IOS will re-release ANOS head again next year. I really excite XD (starting save money for him.)
      and now I decide to sale SEZZ head,too. I like him but he look like can't match with my character T w T"

      thanks OmitIdentity for news. > w <
    10. @ hyokito: You're very welcome! :)
    11. IoS has put a picture of the new 70cm boy head with faceup up on her diary!


      Just GORGEOUS! :o

      I ran the text thru a translator- she says she hasn't thought up a name for him yet. Also that she used an airbrush for the first time doing his faceup and it was difficult. The BEST part of the message though seems to be saying that she will release him on the 25th and the sale will run for 30 days. :D Someone else might want to double check that though!

      However, I'm still going to pocket my money for the Anos head I've been eyeing for some time now. ;)

      Thanks for the update!!! I can't wait to see more photos of the new boy!!! :aheartbea
    13. He's totally gorgeous. *sigh* Where is that money tree??
    14. He look's good :D
      Thank's for letting us know what she say ;)
    15. He is so pretty. *_*
    16. I.O.S has changed her website layout!!!

      Check it out!!!
      And not only that...
      THE NEW BODY'S OUT! :aheartbea

      :D I really want the body~!!! :whee: Don't think it's on sale just yet though.

      Just look at the detail of the veins int he arms... and the defined abs. :D
    17. That new boy is GORGEOUS. Darn... I really shouldn't be adding more dolls to my wishlist... D: &#9829;
    18. AUGH OMG GORGEOUS *dies*

      I neeeeed to know how much this guy is going to be before I can make my final decision on him. ;_; He is seriously awesome.
    19. Aww I don't like pink bodies, I love the old colour =[ I'm not too keen on the body though, the neck veins are too taunt and his legs are way too long for me xD. This makes me so glad I got my main boy home already. The new head does look bigger than the old heads. I'm looking forward to seeing his gallery sale photo though I think my money is saved this time *knocks wood* ^^.
    20. I'm new to these folks, their site is a little confusing for me. It appears everything is sold out? Is this common, or do they only open for periods of time like MigiDoll?