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Update Immortality of Soul Order Dates

Jan 26, 2010

    1. IOS has now posted dates for the February sale of interchangeable heads as well as a sales plan for the Garsh head at a later time. All skintones are available and there is a discount for bulk orders of heads. See the website for more details. http://isis.dothome.co.kr/

      order, check
      for payment Feb 1~ 10 * each $130

      production Feb 11~ March 12
      shipping March13~ March 20

      GARSH‘s sale price - $160

      order Feb 11~ Feb 20 *This is differernt as ordered quantity

      check for Feb 21~ Feb 23

      production Feb 24~ March 20

      shipping March21~ March 31
      Pictures have been added of the March 70 doll.

    2. I can't find the notice about the interchangeable heads, only the garsh sale plan >.<!
    3. Yukari > I had hard times to find it too, its on the "order sheet, price, payment method" notice (red title).
      good news: all 3 colors (volks normal, volks white and IOS Pink) are available!
    4. with this, will the March sale of the 70cm doll still be continued? (checked a previous post here)
    5. Yup, that sale will continue as planned while the interchangeable heads are being produced. She should be putting pictures of the new 70 up sometime soon too.
    6. A friendly reminder: in accordance with DoA rules, buying, selling, including GOs, outside of the MarketPlace is not permitted. Thanks for understanding.