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Immortality of Soul Order Schedule

Dec 31, 2009

    1. If this is off topic or in the wrong place please feel free to delete or move it! IOS has released an order schedule for early 2010! Copied from the order board:

      ***sale plan***

      This is sale schedule from January to March in 2010

      January - 70cm dolls sales

      February -interchangeable heads (ANOS,GIN,SEZZ,MEZZ) sales

      March -70cm dolls sales

      *This subject to change
    2. New January boy~~~


      I met him in IOS diary >w<
    3. i cant access ios website rite now~ my computr wont let me~ but is the new january boy available without body?
    4. The Osiris head could be ordered separately so it seems like that would be the case but nothing about it seems to have been posted yet so I don't know for sure.
    5. Could someone post the link to the IOS site? Or is there an agent present on DOA?
    6. I think that sure.
      because I met him again in IOS shop.
      His name is "DAL"
      and new pic he's very handsome. >////<

      Sample pic

      DAL.(body+head) - $530.00

      IOS will sale from January 9th through 25th.

      another pic please see in IOS site.
    7. The clothes set he's wearing is available too. ^^
    8. I'm looking forward to the Feb. sale~ Thinking of getting a Sezz~ Wonder if the IOS 70 body will fit perfectly for Sezz. Couldn't understand what they mean about the interchangeable head and 70 body on the order board.. Somebody help~~~~~~~
    9. There are pictures on the board, eatingsmile. The body is not interchangable because the neckhole isn't big enough and the body is too big for those heads. That's what IoS have said and provided pictures of, basically. It will fit, but the proportions are wrong, in other words.