Immortality of Soul (Part VII)

Feb 27, 2018

    1. I totally agree with IOS boys being like potato chips xD .... I started out with one.. and the next thing i know... they're now the majority in my crew ._." Although i have recently stopped ordering from IOS because im not a big fan of their new 70s body .... Its more of a 65cm than 70 tbh >n<

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      Discussion thread for all IoS large dolls!

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      DoA Wiki: Immortality of Soul
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    2. I'm pretty sure I would probably have more boys if the artist hadn't slowly over the years started sculpting a more realistic look. I really liked IOS for their soft anime styled facial lines.

      With that said, I'm still pondering if I need Grazia and Infernale, though I'm not sure where they would live. Perhaps they could share a body with someone. :sweat
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    3. Oh I am so in love with IOS boys.. my first was an Osiris but now I am waiting for Sezz.. the obsession has begun for me. I hope to make all the cute guys from my favorite game, Hakuoki. I originally intended for Osiris to be my Saito but his grin and personality is more of an Okita. Now Sezz is going to be Saito. Ive started and cant stop >< haha
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    4. @Daiyanissa I'm a big Hakuoki fan too, congrats on your incoming Sezz! That's a character group that's a lot of fun to create.
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    5. @MacaronTea
      Thanks!! Who would you make Osiris into out of that group?
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    6. Looks like I'm getting a bonus this year so I think I'm finally getting an IOS boy! They're all gorgeous but I think I'm going to (at least start with) Chaos. Can't wait!
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    7. Hi! About two years my Masamune (Lacrimosa) was cospayed Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. And now its time to return my original character and put this outfit in box.
      Before this I want to show this cosplay to you (again) :)

      [​IMG]Sephiroth wing by Drakoshka, on Flickr
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    8. Wow, he looks so good, great cosplay!!!
    9. This year I will get a body for my Osiris head, but I won't dress him as Sebby from Black Butler, he will be more casual dressed, but I do have those demon eyes for him, now to just get him a black wig.......ugh. I am so behind completing him.
    10. @Daiyanissa Thats such a tough choice!

      @Drakoshka He looks so handsome! His costume is truly amazing.

      @derilan85 I too am trying to keep my Sebby in casual clothes and find it difficult somehow. He is currently dressed casual in all black except for his black and white scarf. A compromise I guess you could say. :sweat
    11. Yea when I look at his head, he gives me the side eye for not getting him a body already.
    12. ohhh new thread already XD

      @Scoops That sounds great!

      @Drakoshka He's gorgeous! Great cosplay:love

      I love Lacrimosa but he is too big for me :lol:
    13. @SteamWitch @MacaronTea Thanks! It took me about two years to do this costume. It was my first experience at sewing and 3d printing.

      Thanks! I thought Lacrimosa will be too big for me too, but now I prefer big boys (about 75cm). They are amazing!
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    14. @Drakoshka I felt like that too about big boys until one came home. Now my dolls all seem to be having a growth spurt as taller dolls are coming into the family. :sweat
    15. After I have my "G", I always tell myself that no more big boys because they're heavy, but then I end up ordering one more 60 cm. boy xD He's not IOS though
    16. Since this is a new thread I have to bless it with my Enzo lol :whee:


      He's ( K ) with the company face-up
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    17. @taykung I usually collect 60's, but then a 70 came into my life and I am really enjoying him. So now I'm pondering if I could handle the 80 because I've seen this body in person and it is just gorgeous.

      @Ranno Oooh, he is quiet handsome. <3
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    18. Oh! He is handsome! He looks much better than the company pictures!
    19. Hi there! New to this thread and feeling very tempted by all of these beautiful boys, even though I usually prefer MSD size...

      Does anyone have a Class 60 I? He is seriously cute.
    20. Would anyone have recommendations for protective accessories that would fit an IOS 1/3 doll (specifically Levi)? I'm new to the hobby, and I want to buy high-quality protection so I can keep him looking nice for a long time. I did a preliminary search but I'm having trouble finding stuff in the correct size, and I'd really appreciate your guidance.

      I'm looking for:

      -a full body stocking (or a shirt/pants stocking combo) to avoid staining from dark clothes
      -a head cap or something else so I can avoid sticker residue while getting his hair on
      -a hair brush

      If you use or know of any good sites selling these things for an IOS 1/3 scale doll, please direct me the right way!

      Thanks :)