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Impact of TIME Dollfie Article

Oct 15, 2004

    1. As some of you might know, in the July 26, 2004 issue of TIME there was a brief article on Dollfies. (If you don't know what I am talking about, you can view the article HERE). My question is how many people joined this community after viewing the article? Has anyone noticed an impact of the American Dollfie scene since its appearance? I was simply curious as to the effects of it-- maybe you've noticed more competition on E-bay or more sales if you sell Dollfie-sized clothes or items.

      I realize that Dollfies are getting more and more popular, so it's probably hard to distinguish whether the increase was because of the article, or simply because more and more people are learning about them from friends and via the internet.

    2. I personally haven't seen any thing grow (or noticed, it could have, but I'm usually pertty blind) becuase of that article. The most growth in fandom I've seen is at conventions where people can see the dolls in person and have their questions answered upfront. I myself along woith the other people that bring their dolls to the cons in Toronto have roped in atleast 15 people into the fandom. I'm pertty sure there will be more after AN too.

      Dolls attract more dolls I guess.
    3. I'd been aware of the BJD craze well before the Time article came out, but I don't give it too much credit for helping the fandom grow any. I'd definitly say it was the word-of-mouth factor. Rhian has drug both me, Yuki, and Lyn (?) into the hobby, and there's been many people commenting on me posting images of my dolls in my LJ who go "Oooh, I want one!!!"

      Not all of them will of course, but these dolls are exceptionally pretty and very appealing, so it's not too surprising to me that it infects the population this way. ^^
    4. I can't remember how I found this but it certainly wasn't through TIME! ^^
    5. I've been into BJDs since before that Time article. Honestly, I haven't seen anything grow. In fact, I think more people come here because of their own research or because they've just stumbled onto it. That's how it was with me. :)
    6. i found out from pictures i found while searching for yaoi. and been hooked since then.

      i had no ide athe article existed.

      but i hooke din one person by word of mouth
    7. I'm starting to think that more people that are aware of super dollfies have heard about them thru the various doll magazines, rather than the Time magazine article. When I brought my SD to the local doll show in Memphis, the people that knew what she was said they heard about SDs from the doll magazines or from seeing them online. They might have heard about them in another doll forum or stumbled upon the pictures on someone else's site when they were looking for something else.
    8. Well, I for one found out about BJDs through the Time article. I cut it out and laminated it as a bookmark. :D I saw the pictures of Kaede and Isao (though I thought he was a girl) and thought they sounded amazing. So then it was off to the internet to do some research and that led me to Aimee's site. It's been love ever since!

      I'm really thankful Time printed that article or I might not have found BJDs!
    9. Like Kai Nimura, I found out about it through my own bumbling and research online - although, amazingly enough, I wasn't searching for yaoi - I was actually looking for a photo of a bisque doll I saw in a doll museum...a JAPANESE bisque doll...hence my discovery of 1/6 Dollfies, and subsequently the rest of the BJD world.
    10. errr..never saw the TIME article. I blame Kai Nimura for my BJD obsessioon.
    11. Read the article long after I'd heard about SDs.

      Was intrigued and hoped the article would help BJDs catch on with others, though!
    12. I once saw a wallpaper with SD's (you know web/link surfing) :chibi , but I had no idea what it was and what they were.

      That was almost 2 years ago, and over a year ago, I really enrolled in the SD world, and still glad and very happy for this happening :grin:

      But seeing about this article, I'm not really sure if I like it or not, mostly not though.

      Just my 2 cents.

    13. Yeah, I know what you mean. It's kind of a strange article to begin with, and I wonder what brought it on in the first place. I think the biggest complaint is the fact that they have Isao down as a girl (the title is "Anime Girls")! Although, even if it had mentioned that Isao was a boy, I don't think any readers would have been convinced.

      Still, that's a pretty big step up for Super Dollfies in America because TIME is a huge magazine. I have a subscription and I know that if I hadn't been into Dollfies beforehand, I would definitely have been researching them online after reading the article.
    14. I knew of Dollfies and thought they were pretty neat, but never considered a BJD until Ayaka got hers... We've been spreading the obsession to our friends XD
    15. I can thank cassiel seeing her boys for the abuse of my pocketbook... :lol:

      I think, the target market of TIME does not match well with doll collecters, so there will be maybe increased interest "wtf is that???", but not by people who would find it worth it for to buy, you know? (I need to drop out of business marketing... XP) Like, what articles are TIME? Business, and serious things? Would a lot of doll collecters see it and buy, or do not a lot of doll collectors read it because the content is not matching of them?

      For any case, I think if you see them in person or on a well made site, then that's the best advertising. Volks and others is lucky many do this, free advertising you know? ^___^
    16. *wipes away a tear*

      my love for gay men is horrid... it's going to turn my boy dolls gay I swear..
    17. I never saw the time mag article, but was interested in BJDs before the article ever came out. I guess my interest stemmed from my love of Anime and Japanese culture and art...I'd been a fan of Aimee's art for a long long time..then I noticed the "dolls" link on her site and I was swept into the world of BJD's and now am proud mommy to 1 and two others on the way..hehe
    18. I discovered BJD before the TIME article. I was looking for yaoi pictures of Kakashi (from the manga Naruto) and stumble upon Daughter, a really beautiful BJD site. So I came to the BJD from another hobby. ^^

      I agree that a well made site is the best advertising ever too, since it's all thank to that site I started searching info on BJD.

      The TIME article may try to reach a large population but that doesn't mean it will raise the popularity of the BJD. I mean, how many people can actually afford to buy a 700$ doll?

      The answer is not a lot, especially if it's some bratty children who saw them and want the "lastest toy" available to be in the trend. In that aspect I agree that the TIME article may not have been the greatest thing to do. Beside the informations are neither completed nor exact. -_-
    19. I got into BJD thorough my friend who showed my the volks site and her FCS boy. I think Time could have done a better job on the pice tho...it wansnt very well put together. :oops:

    20. I found BJDs, SDs really, through a Gothic Lolita site. It was in the links section under "Dolls" I think. It was love at first site. :D