New Doll IMPDLOLL New Star Female Body<Muscle version>

Dec 4, 2016

    1. Hi ~ We just released our new Star female body<Muscle version>.^^

      Now we still provide free color mix services.You only need to send color samples to us or PANTONE color number.^^

      Discussion Thread

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    2. The images on the store page aren't loading for me; is this a website issue, or just me?

      ETA: never mind, it loaded finally. I think it's my internet being dodgy.
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    3. Will there still be different chest size options for this body?

      ETA - ignore that I've just looked on the link, but I'd like to know the neck size as it doesn't seem to be in the list of measurements.
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    4. Are you going to make muscle Idol female 70cm version as well? :) :D
    5. Actually, is the one coming February 2017 the Idol muscle female body or is this the body you promised to release? How it came so early and sudden..? :o ???
    6. The neck size is 10.5cm.^^we still offer chest size options for this body.

      This muscle body parts can fit Idol female body and star female body.we have options on sale page.^^

      We have speeded up the progress.^^
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    7. @SAKKness What is the difference of "anti UV" skin and the regular skin? Is there something clearly different in the formula and look ?

      Also, which option is for custom color skin order? :D (for physical resin sample I would send you)
    8. Would it be possible to purchase just the muscle torso part and upper arm and upper leg pieces? Would they all fit with the previous generation Star 64 body?
    9. The resin material is different.UV skin against ultraviolet radiation longer.^^you only need to send the color sample to us for color mix service.^^.
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    10. you can purchase the muscle fit with the previous generation Star 64 body.^^
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    11. Can we purchase this body with existing dolls? For example, if I want to buy Cecelia with this body, may I choose Star Female for her body and ask for the muscle version in the order notes? Thank you!!
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    12. Are her thigh parts also suitable for Idol body jointing and 70cm height or are you going to make own thigh/leg muscle parts for Idol muscle body? ^^
    13. are right.^^we also will add the body type options on sale page.^^

      We have made the muscle thigh/leg parts for Idol body.^^
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    14. Wow!
      @SAKKness Do you have a photo of muscle star and muscle idol bodies together, side by side? Like a comparison.

      or photos of the largest bust version of Idol muscle body?
    15. Thanks so much for the pictures with blushing! I was wondering!
    16. @SAKKness
      Do you have pictures of your Lydia head on the muscle body?