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ImplDoll 2010 Colorurful Life line & *Dorisy* Discussion.

Aug 11, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Talk about our new fantasy Girl - Dorisy:D
    2. she is really cute :) i can't wait to see more
    3. My apologies if I missed it... but is she SD-sized or MSD-sized?

      Can't wait to see more pictures. :)
    4. She seems really lovely. I can't wait to see more of her arms and unique hand sculpts~~
    5. Another Winner from IMPL doll. Did the initial description say she had BLUE skin?
      I can't wait to find out how tall she is and what her legs and outfit look like.
    6. She has such lovely, delicate features! I love her nosey :) It will be great to see what the rest of her looks like. Webbed fingers for the win!
    7. I really like her, I hope that staff she is holding is part of the set.
    8. I love her!! I may be nabbing this one!! They released so many wonderful pics of her!
    9. Oh she is so different from the usual mermaids. I luv, luv the separated mer legs instead of the usual big thick fish tail. So many underwater posing options.......
    10. Wow she's so eye catching! I love her mermaid feet :D
    11. I really love this dolls face. I not in to the fish look. Hopefully they will have a human version for us unadventurous buyers.
    12. Wow! Impldoll is turning out some very creative dolls! I think she's really pretty!

      Love those webby hands! :aheartbea
    13. She isn't limited, yay! I am really excited by Impldoll's new Colorful Life. Now I really hope for a green skinned Dryad girl, non-limited in either MSD or SD size *crossing fingers*
    14. Oh my, I totally agree ladyroselle, I would love to see what Impldoll can come up with for a MSD sized doll in this set.

      I love those hands though, and the ears. She's definitely making me question whether or not I want a 63cm girl.
    15. It is so hard to find fantasy MSDs! While I am wishing I would love to see a more curvy body option from Impldoll too. I hope Dorisy's dress is available separately too, it is so cool.
    16. I am so happy she isn't LE. She is definitely going to join my collection.
    17. She would make a perfect Zora Princess Ruto from the Legend of Zelda. I may have to consider bringing my BBB Weylin Link plan to life...
    18. She's made it onto my list. I have a naga character who was going to be an Elfdoll sculpt, but I'm in love with the Dorisy sculpt! A little more fish than snake, but hey... the naga in WoW are fishy lol. :D I, too, am glad she isn't limited since I likely won't be able to buy her until after I get all my textbooks.
    19. Ack! I'm so excited!! I just ordered her today!!!! EE!!! :D
    20. I'm really sad that her staff is limited :( I was going to have to wait awhile to get her and now I am kind of put off.